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  1. Re: “This Was Not a Precise Version of Wladimir Klitschko”

    Probably wasn't a great fight by heavyweight standards, but could not have stunk up the joint worse than Lennox Lewis' fight against David Tua. If I saw the chump on the street, I'd hit him up for...
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    Re: Rest in Peace, Ken Norton

    Gotta chance to meet Ken Norton in Arizona in the early nineties. He was good friends with a guy who owned a car dealership, and he stopped by there to meet fans and sign autographs. He seemed like a...
  3. Re: YES OR NO? Floyd Mayweather Is THE BEST EVER

    Floyd had the chance to prove to himself and everyone else that he was the best of his generation. By sidestepping difficult fighters in their prime- Pacquiao, Williams, Mosley, Tszyu, etc he damaged...
  4. Re: Somebody's 'OH' Must Go? Floyd Has More To Lose Than Canelo

    Like him or hate him, you gotta admit Floyd is good at what he does. And he is surrounded by a dysfunctional family that does look out for him, and they prepare him well. I find it ironic that Canelo...
  5. Re: Again Mayweather Leaves An Opening For His Critics

    Good article. Mayweather would have had his hands full with Mosley when he reigned as IBF lightweight champion. Shane was knocking out almost everyone he fought. A Mayweather fight with Paul...
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