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  1. Re: A Few Fights Falling Under the Radar This Week

    Looks like Chisora has pulled out with some sort of hand injury.
  2. Re: Do Boxers Still Soak Their Skin in Brine ?

    Vito soaked his skin in brine? That just about sinks it for brine doing any good for preventing cuts or toughening up the skin. Vito was the most busted up fighter this side of Mustafa Hamsho the...
  3. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    Talking nonsense is part of my job here Billy D, so I'll handle that part. What do you have to say to the Commish in reply to his reply after my reply to your reply?
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    Re: SPOILER-----Rigo fight

    This is still being dissected? Time to move on Boys....
  5. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    Wow, Billy D comes out guns blazing with perhaps the strongest first post in the history of TSS. Commish? How do you respond to these charges?
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    Re: SPOILER-----Rigo fight

    Well, I have finally seen the fight, I have to agree with the peeps who have said protect yourself at all times. Dude came strolling back toward Rigo a little too casual. And paid the price.
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    Re: SPOILER-----Rigo fight

    I thought this fight was tonight. G dammit!
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    Re: The Forgotten Arturo Gatti Fight

    Thanks for digging up this gem Oubobcat, never seen this fight before. RIP Arturo, gone way too soon.
  9. Re: Marcos Maidana: "For me Mayweather is just another fighter, I'm not intimidated by him"

    Hell yes, If Maidana is smart he will get dirtier, maul and brawl balls to the wall. If Canelo had fought rough and tough, broke a few rules, he might have won. Instead he played it safe, stood on...
  10. Re: Floyd Mayweather: "Maidana is a very dirty fighter"

    This is the way to beat a cutie pie like Floyd. You gotta rough him up. Hit him low. Throw him down. The Ref takes a point away? So what. You gotta get dirty with a guy like Floyd who is holding all...
  11. Re: It's for real, Pacquiao-Algieri set for November 22nd

    Tough for me to decipher what you are actually talking about RG but what I am saying is that the feared punching power of Da Manny has dropped way off whatever the weight. I mean, you are the guy who...
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    Re: Ding! Ding! Holla At The Winners

    Clap clap clap!
  13. Re: It's for real, Pacquiao-Algieri set for November 22nd

    Cue Radam telling you how great Da Manny is and how he will KO da C-Al with ease even though Pac hasn't KOed anyone for years...
  14. Re: Roach Says Arum Told Him To Get Pacquiao Ready For Algieri

    If this fight is on it is not a good choice by Arum. Algieri's style could be tough on the aged Pacman. Manny can look good against a fighter who will stand still or come forward but the long armed...
  15. Re: Stiverne and Wilder Coming Closer To Clash

    I look forward to this fight. A heavyweight fight not involving a K bro that is compelling, that either fighter could win. I don't know if we have the next big thing in Wilder or we have the next...
  16. Re: Roach Admits He'd Rather A Provodnikov-Algieri Rematch Than Pacquiao-Algieri

    I'd rather see the rematch than a
    Manny fight too.
  17. Re: Boxing Results: Juan Manuel Lopez stopped by Francisco Vargas

    Oubobcat, you should know by now better than to disagree with the all knowing Radam G. RG is in da know and fans like you and me just don't know.
    Seriously this was the only fight I saw from this...
  18. Re: What Is The Past History And Future of Women's Boxing?

    Oh yeah, welcome back Bernie.
  19. Re: What Is The Past History And Future of Women's Boxing?

    We've been talking about women's boxing here for as long as I can remember. It just never goes anywhere. That breakout fight between Christy Martin and Dedra Gogarty was almost 20 years ago. Nothing...
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    Surprised that Da Manny is ahead of Rigo. If they were both the same size and fought a 12 rounder, Pac would not win a round and probably get stopped late.
  21. Re: Algieri Would LOVE To Fight Pacquiao...IF The Price Is Right

    I don't want to see this fight RG. Algieri will move like Denny Tarrio and try to survive. Maybe you are right but I'd rather see Da Manny in with Matthysse or Garcia or Khan. Give Macau some...
  22. Re: Catching Mayweather: Will it Be Canelo or Lara or Someone Else?

    Canelo is not the answer. If he doesn't lose outright against Lara tomorrow night he will most likely struggle or look bad. He will then say he had trouble making the weight and head up to 160 for...
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    Re: Babe Ruth Turns Pro 100 Years Ago Today

    Babe was the GOAT. His pitching gets overlooked with all the homeruns, hotdogs, and whores.
  24. Re: Algieri Would LOVE To Fight Pacquiao...IF The Price Is Right

    Is there any public demand for a Pac-Algieri fight? Does anyone outside of the hard core boxing fans know who Algieri is? I don't think so. Nobody wants to see Chris run, I mean box and stick jabs...
  25. Re: COMMISSIONERíS CORNER: Talking Judges For Canelo-Lara, Toledo's Majesty, More

    I've got to get my hands on Springs book. I'm a big fan. Where does one buy an actual book nowadays? Maybe Springs can send me a copy.
    Dino, cut Springs a check for the price of one book. Its the...
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