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    Re: Klitschko – Fury: Mind Games, Round One

    bit late with the article, no?
  2. Re: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

    Simply, No.
    Jordan played against:
    Bird & the Celtics
    Magic & the Lakers
    Stockton/Malone & the Jazz
    etc etc
  3. Re: Can Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero Leap Over Andre Berto?

    i got 25/1 odds on a draw...
    it seems what one brings in athleticism and craft, the other matches with power and aggression.. The BLH staff picks had it 4-3 Berto. And i'm favouring Guerrero just...
  4. Re: Broner on Fight vs. Floyd: "Who Wants To Fight Their Big Brother?"

    Going on hype alone, you'd pick Broner... I had never heard much of DeMarco before his last fight.

    But DeMarco looks to have had so much more experience in big fights.
    I reckon Broner will be...
  5. Re: ESPN's Stephen A. Says Floyd Is "Ducking" Pacquiao

    Mark Cuban attacking Skip Bayless.. (Check it up on youtube)
    Hadn't much respect for him before i saw that.. That's how great a job he did for bringing Skip Bayless down to earth... ...for 5mins.. ...
  6. Re: ESPN's Stephen A. Says Floyd Is "Ducking" Pacquiao

    "Skip Bayless" as we know him is an idiot... So anyone who is willing to put his intelligence/wit on the line against him on a weekly basis professionally or unprofessionally is even more stupid......
  7. Re: Mayweather And Pacquiao Should Try Emulating Leonard And Duran..LOTIERZO

    With every failed set of negotiations, the idea of this fight sags more and more...
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    Re: Avila’s Pound for Pound List 2012

    Great Top 6.

    Haven't watched enough Martinez and Bradley to know whether they should be further up..
    I like the fact that Hopkins, Marquez are in top 4. Makes sense if you're rewarding...
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