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    Re: Considering the Life of Tony Ayala Jr.


    Is this really a good article? It seems to be all over the place- as if the writer felt he needed to put something out there to mark Tony Ayala’s passing but wasn’t sure what to say let alone...

    No one seems to take into consideration Chavez’ RIGHT to win the fight by KO even with a couple of seconds to go. Why not? He knew he was behind on points and needed the knockout and did everything...
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    Here's a video of tsAH hugging Vernon Forrest

    Back in 2002.

  4. Dundee

    I've always maintained Angelo Dundee didn't care about Muhammad Ali as much as he's been given credit for and this fight is one of the reasons. Granted, his decision to ignore Ali's calls to pull him...
  5. Re: Floyd Mayweather Picks May 3 Foe; Marcos Maidana Gets The Gig

    Maidana wins. Just remember who first told you.
  6. Re: Roach Says Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight "Closer Now Than Ever"

    I soo agree with this post.

    Mayweather-Pac will never happen and if people didn't keep asking about it guys like Roach would not be talking about it. He knows - like most people in the business -...
  7. Re: Wladimir Klitschko On The Verge Of Becoming Undisputed Heavyweight Champ

    Haven't finished reading the article but I noticed you mentioned Octavio Meyran as the ref in the first Lewis-McCall go round. Nope, he was the third man in Tokyo the night Mike Tyson was counted...
  8. Re: Roy Jones Fighting in Russia Dec. 21, NOT PA on Dec. 18

    I seriously doubt that. I know he owed the IRS millions a few years ago and get the feeling he's still very much in the red financially. I hope I'm wrong but over the years fighters who have...
  9. Re: If Hopkins Wants The Ultimate Challenge, Fight Kovalev Or Stevenson

    Kovalev would slap the s**t out of Hopkins. That's the reason I want to see the fight.

    But knowing Hops, assuming he takes the bout he'd find a "brave" way out of getting his butt kicked by...
  10. Re: Judah Declares He's Best In the Business, Pound For Pound

    How TF does Judah continue to get these big fights? It's a question I have continually asked myself for close to a decade now; I mean, this guy long established himself as a front-runner with a bad...
  11. Thread: alex ariza WOW

    by tlig

    Re: alex ariza WOW

    In the heat of the moment -- and given the animosity between these guys -- a lot can be said and done. I'm not condoning his actions and also not condoning Freddie calling the other guy a "Mexican...
  12. Re: Thomas Hearns Would Be A Star Of Incredible Magnitude Today

    I'm currently reading Ray Leonard's autobiography from last year (the recent ESPN documentary no Mas got me interested). I have never liked the man but I must say this is one very intriguing read, I...
  13. Re: Thomas Hearns Would Be A Star Of Incredible Magnitude Today

    Good gawd! Some of the posts on this thread had to have been made in jest. I've never seen anyone hype up Marvin Hagler or Ray Leonard in this manner yet each guy kicked his ***.
  14. Re: Thomas Hearns Would Be A Star Of Incredible Magnitude Today

    Am I the only one who thinks the Leonard-Hearns rematch was better than the first bout between those guys? I know it wasn't as important or anticipated and that both dudes had declined at that point...
  15. Re: Thomas Hearns Would Be A Star Of Incredible Magnitude Today

    Wow, Tommy's 55 already! Damn..everyone's getting really old.
  16. Re: The Tale of Gatti-Ward Has An Untold Rest of the Story

    I don't know about it being the best trilogy in boxing- I personally didn't enjoy it. Either way I was just trying to be funny and certainly respect both guys for their toughness. I know I'm nowhere...
  17. Re: The Tale of Gatti-Ward Has An Untold Rest of the Story

    HBO is doing Legendary Night episodes for club fights now?
  18. Re: Will Tim Bradley Be Fighting Marquez, Or Himself, Tonight?

    Poor Tim (I feel). His last couple of fights have taken a lot out of him and I get the feeling tonight's not going to be a picnic either. Dude is 30 going on forty.
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    Re: just call him "Easy Money"

    People need to realise that advancements in just about everything means people are much healthier and live longer these days. Healthcare, nutrition, living conditions, education etc have come on in...
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    Re: Bobby Gunn Waiting On Roy Jones

    This type of "news" doesn't warrant a place on a boxing website even on a slow news day.
  21. Re: RIP Tommy Morrison, Who Once Thought He Was Bulletproof

    Hi, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend but with due respect she could just as easily have been the one who passed the virus on to him as the other way around. There's no way of knowing. Tommy...
  22. Re: Is Deontay Wilder The Next George Foreman? Or The Next Mac Foster?

  23. Re: Lennox Lewis Slaps Mike Tyson Fans Down on Twitter

    Young didn't need 18 sanctioning bodies- just competent and brave judges. Dude had wins over Ron Lyle and George Foreman and unofficial wins over Earnie Shavers, Ken Norton and Muhammad Ali (who he...
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    Re: Source: Bradley-Marquez PED Tests Begin


    Seriously, if?
  25. Re: Lennox Lewis Slaps Mike Tyson Fans Down on Twitter

    The Tyson fan asking Lewis that question has to be naive. What answer was he expecting? Of course Lewis would say he would have won (and genuinely believe it too). Why is this an article?
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