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  1. Re: Mayweather beats Pacquiao, Post Fight Presser, Floyd says he will relinquish his belts Monday

    fight of the century my hiney, not even close to ali/frazer and they didnt have social media
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    Re: Mayweather – Pacquiao : Today

    fight of the century ? LMFAO !! apparently they werent around when ali / frazer were... this paled in comparison with mayweather running and holding all night , pac following
  3. Re: Floyd Mayweather beats Pacquiao and is the Unified Undisputed Welterweight Champion

    the fight was a joke, floyd ran like a rabbit and held on like manny was his GF terrible fight , pacquiao hurt him a few times mayweather nothing . i had more even rounds that it was ridiculous.....
  4. Re: WEIGH-IN REPORT: Manny Grinning Like He Knows a Secret

    lol Random G your absolutely right, dont mess with grinning asians hahaha
  5. Re: Shot Fired, Mike Tyson At Floyd Mayweather

    gee, u think mike like floyd ? hahahaha
  6. Re: Death of Hall of Famer Gene Fullmer Lost in Media Frenzy of May-Pac Week

    "smooth as sandpaper and flashy as a lead pipe " lmfao !!! thats writing right there Bernard .. i met Gene a million times at the BHOF in Canastota, he was a fixture there every year .. God...
  7. Re: Bruce Buffer gives his prediction for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    let me tell u something bruce , ali frazer 1 would knock this out of the water if there was social media back then ..there was more pop than this fight and there wasnt any .. i was around i know
  8. Re: Get Ready To Win Another TOY Award, Manny Tells Freddie, Because KO Is Coming!

    Saturday will be June 20th 1980 Montreal all over again .... floyd will be exposed by a former flyweight haha
  9. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    it was a decent fight thanks to jennings. Vladimir holds way to much ,more than Ali did. im glad the ref got on him. he had to fight and thats what won him the fight. if he didnt get warned god...
  10. Re: Pacman Media Day Bash in L.A. A 14 Year Anniversary

    Amen !
  11. Re: Results From DiBella/ESPN/Mohegan Card

    i agree, harrison needs to step it up now, he's not getting anything out of this type of fight

    good luck to both men for licking their toughest battle already..
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    Re: Rest in Peace, Stan Hochman

    RIP Stan ...
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    Re: Waiting For the Workout...

    yes my friends ,the Money talk just bores me,it has over the years become the main focal point instead of the fight. the substance that has ruined the sport ,created mega titles,it has made it so the...

    Congrats Springs ! all u guys, thank you for your writings...
  16. Re: BKB 2 Rosado Keeps Title By Majority Draw; Layla McCarter Kos Prazak

    Go Layla !
  17. Re: THE OPTIMISTIC TAKE: Al Haymon Has the Crystal Ball

    u dont need HBO/SHO or PPV nothing ... they stream all the matches no matter what channel they are on for free..just and example here : ...
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    Re: WBC Champ Adonis Meets a REAL FIGHTER

    now see ,that makes me respect you,doing something like that makes a difference in that kids life. i will be rooting 4 you now
  19. Re: HAZZARD LIGHTER: NJ Commish Is Mellower During Comeback Stint

    hahahaha Randy G.....funny
  20. Re: HAZZARD LIGHTER: NJ Commish Is Mellower During Comeback Stint

    i loved Larry as a ref, he was one of the best at the time... good on him !
  21. Re: What Would The Nevada Commission Do If Floyd or Manny Tested Positive?

    this will be no Ali / Frazer thats for sure...floyds as exciting as gout ,especially after 5 yrs of going down the slope ..
  22. Re: Give Us A Rematch, Says Team Pascal To Kovalev

    i agree amayseng, he'll go quicker the second time around. Kovalev is a smart guy .he has Pascals number now ,he'll steam roll em in the rematch.not worth it for the hard core fans
  23. Re: Thai Fighter Ruenroeng Beats Shiming in Macau

    he never was any good and having freddy in the corner wasnt going to change that .even $ cant buy you skill,plus fighting a thai fighter?? shiming should of brought a bat,they are born in the ring
  24. Re: Roach Talks About Sparring Plans, Hopes For the Ref, More

    if it could be anyone id take smoger or a frank cappucino type, then youd know that aside from wacking each other in the balls they would be aloud to fight inside and out, without these refs who...
  25. Re: THE FERNANDEZ FILES: Two Ships Passing in the Night

    this was the last fight i watched with my dad before he passed away. Roberto really got in shape for this one,they thought Iran was going to knock him out leading up to it. it could of went either...
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