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    Re: ROACH: "We Aim To Beat Floyd Every Round"

    I got banned for calling out the editor on posting completely non-boxing-related anti-gun/pro Democrat articles! Regardless of one's position, it's hardly the forum for it, is it?!
  2. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Why Bother Asking Star Fighters For Their Pick

    Could you pick a less-objective source than Malignaggi to predict a Pacquiao fight? (Hint: No. No you couldn't).

    If Pac knocks Floyd out, where does that leave Paulie and his "theories"? Also,...
  3. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    That was actually a fairly convincing analysis. I'm kind of depressed now. Or tempered. Let's say tempered. Anyone know when tickets might be available? I spoke with the MGM and they're not saying!
  4. Re: THE LOTIERZO LOWDOWN Why Cotto Should Fight Mayweather Next

    Nothing interests me about watching Mayweather dodge Pacquiao so he can rematch a guy Manny beat the brakes off of 6 years ago! All due respect to Miguel but this fight leaves me cold.
  5. Re: Jab-Happy Wilder BOXES His Way To WBC Belt, Win Over Stiverne

    It's not cool to accuse fighters of being on "The Roids" without any substantive evidence. Mayweather is juicing! Andre Ward is juicing! Cotto is juicing! See? Not cool.
  6. Re: Congratulations To The 2014 TSS Reader of the Year

    Dafuq I keep getting overlooked for this? Sutin' rotten in Denmark!
  7. Re: Mayweather Being Unbeaten Isn't As Meaningful As "Money" Thinks It is

    Do you actually have no shame?

    As in, none?

    Joe Calzaghe is white. He retired 46-0. Is he a billionaire? No. Next!
  8. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    Floyd's right; and a lot of it emanates from his "own self"!
  9. Re: Malignaggi Likes Khan To Beat Mayweather AND Pacquiao

    Funny because in this video, circa 2009, he says that if Pacquiao beats Cotto he'd be the best ever...which Manny duly did.

  10. Re: Malignaggi: "I Would Beat Pacquiao Right Now, So Imagine What Floyd Does To Him?"

    It would be great to never see, or hear from, this utter CLOWN again!
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    Re: Why Pacquiao Can Beat Mayweather

    Listen...it ain't happening anyway so don't sweat it!
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    Re: Why Pacquiao Can Beat Mayweather

    I believe Manny will find a home for his left and take Floyd OUT!

    I think Floyd sees that too!

    If this fight doesn't happen I will NEVER get over it.
  13. Re: Beating Algieri Served Pacquiao's Purpose But He Can't Beat Floyd

    Actually you could make an argument for De La Hoya...but not that version.
  14. Re: Beating Algieri Served Pacquiao's Purpose But He Can't Beat Floyd

    I really don't agree that Floyd is a lock vs. Manny. The fact he won't fight him tells us that much. Remember; Pac is the best fighter Floyd will EVER have faced (and vice versa, obviously).
  15. Re: MALIGNAGGI: "Pacquiao-Algieri Is A Tough Fight To Call"

    Malignaggi has a lot to say about Pacquiao...I think he's pretty lucky he never had to fight him.

    He was a fan...a BIG fan:


    ...saying here if Manny...
  16. Re: Pacquiao: "I Could Easily Fight At 140 My Next Fight"

    Pacquiao could probably make lightweight. That's why his streaks are so historic. A great fighter!
  17. Re: Espinoza on Mayweather-Pacquiao Negotiations, Arum Reacts

    I am sure Espinoza can be trusted to provide an impartial view on this matter.
  18. Re: Hopkins Declines Revisiting His "Race" Comments

    I say this: who gives a mother@#!*?

    I am so very, VERY bored of hearing about racism. I don't CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B-Hop is just stirring the pot, probably with a gleam in his eye.
  19. Re: Will Hopkins-Kovalev Be A Repeat Of Holmes-Mercer?

    I hate to say it, but this is going to be a bridge too far for Bernard. Won't diminish his top 10 ATG status though, to my mind.
  20. Re: Why We Can't Stop Watching Floyd Mayweather

    Gotta be honest, I can't wait to stop watching the guy. It's BORING. The fights, the stuff that surrounds it. Boring. Great defensive fighter yadda yadda...but won't fight the right guys, never says...
  21. Re: PREDICTION: Mayweather Will Fight Pacquiao, Probably in 2016

    I wouldn't say considering May-Pac a superfight is a joke, Frank. Presumably you're referring to a degradation in their skill levels (Note: I ain't sayin' skill-set. Not for all the tea in China am I...
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather and Ray Rice

    Mayweather: "I will never do business with Bob Arum again in [my] life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s fighter"...so when Floyd said he was open to the fight, did he mean still only on the condition Pac...
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather and Ray Rice

    Mayweather was saying he'd never work with Arum a matter of a few weeks ago! What has changed in the interim? Specifically?
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather and Ray Rice

    Maywather's inconsistency is infuriating; why is he now open to that fight, whereas he had previously categrically stated that he'd never work with Arum? What has changed between then and now? And...
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    Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    Who's stewing? Just not indulging in revisionist history is all. I'll keep my money in my pocket this weekend also. Rather than putting it in Floyd's.
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