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  1. Re: THE LOTIERZO LOWDOWN Why Maidana Will Be Easier For Mayweather This Time

    I have to agree with the author here as well, although there a couple things Maidana can do in the rematch to offset Mayweather. Step to the right to avoid the right counter and land his own overhand...
  2. It's for real, Pacquiao-Algieri set for November 22nd

    ESPN and Bleacher Report just confirmed that the scholarly pugilist from Long Island NY will be dancing with the Da Manny in Macau!
  3. Re: Roach Admits He'd Rather A Provodnikov-Algieri Rematch Than Pacquiao-Algieri

    And still the WBO Junior Welterweight Champion of the World! I hope I'm in Macau for this one.
  4. Re: Kovalev Conference Calls Features Confident Krusher

    I'd much rather Kovalev-Hopkins and Kovalev-Ward than Stevenson. Unless Kovalev and Stevenson agree to fight.
  5. Re: Floyd Takes Swipe At Oscar, Says He Thinks of GB As Richard Schaefers' Company

    Honestly Floyd's bs is getting old, he needs to show/add another layer before he bores everyone.
  6. Re: Roach Says Arum Told Him To Get Pacquiao Ready For Algieri

    A battle of east meets the east
  7. Re: My Take On Canelo, Lara and the Wide Scorecard

    Teddy Atlas was probably flipping out after he heard the score cards, too bad there wasn't a camera in front him lol!
  8. Re: Algieri Would LOVE To Fight Pacquiao...IF The Price Is Right

    They should settle on two million and call it a fight. Algieri-Broner would be interesting as well, I think Chris is too smart to let Broner's antics phase him and takes Broner to school.
  9. Re: My Take On Canelo, Lara and the Wide Scorecard

    Shadow, I like your advice for Lara but I think Levi Martinez had his card filled out before the fight started.
  10. Re: Alvarez vs. Lara: Either Way Cotto Wins

    Cotto is sitting pretty right now, unless Maravilla pulls "The Dark Knight Rises" (wishful thinking lol) he's a sure fire as Canelo's next opponent. I love how the author automatically assumed that...
  11. Re: Algieri Would LOVE To Fight Pacquiao...IF The Price Is Right

    Should be interesting
  12. Re: Ex Golden Boy-er Binkow Hired By Mayweather

    The xlyocaine brings up an interesting point, but money talks and he could get around it in NY.
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    Re: Just Amazing!

    "And still!"
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    Re: I am going with Lara

    I favor Lara in this one, but he's going to have to take Canelo to school or stop him. If it's close the judges are going to give it the man who brings in the money; Canelo.

    I don't know if Canelo...
  15. Re: Our Very Own PxP Ratings...a TSS Exclusive

    1. Mayweather
    2. Ward
    3. Rigondeaux
    4. Hopkins
    5. Pacquiao
    6. Klitschko
    7. Golovkin
    8. Bradley
    9. Marquez
  16. Re: Algieri Stuns Ruslan in Brooklyn, Gets Split Decision

    The fight was very close IMO, a Provodnikov decision would have been understandable and the actual decision is not a robbery. Joe DeGuardia was a little worried when Artie Pellulo (Ruslan's promoter)...
  17. Re: Michael Woods in-studio on SiriusXM today...Chris Algieri our guest

    Hey Commish,

    Didn't see that the info about the show until afterwards. I still plan on getting down there before I move!
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    Re: Algieri and Pacquiao

    Uncle Bobby did say that he likes Algieri as an opponent for Manny. I asked Freddy Roach what his thoughts were on a potential Pacquiao-Algieri clash after the post fight press conference. He does...
  19. Mayweather to Defend Welterweight and Junior Middleweight Titles

    Floyd is defending his WBA & WBC welterweight and junior middleweight titles. Or one of the sanctioning body belts in each respective division in September against an opponent to be determined.
  20. Re: Talking About: Is Sergio "Shot," and One More Farewell Fight

    Definitely! It seems Cotto has learned from his past mistakes, so he can still make the best of things!
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    Re: Provodnikov vs Algieri Predictions

    Algieri is a live dog in this one, he has the tools to beat Ruslan. The question that looms is whether or not he can sustain his winning strategy over twelve rounds.
  22. Re: Talking About: Is Sergio "Shot," and One More Farewell Fight

    You can't blame him, he was a late bloomer can't fault him for wanting the big fights, he was prize fighting. They all happened to be smaller guys, he offered weight concessions to Pacquiao (who was...
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    Re: Cotto - A Resurgence?

    Cotto takes revenge for his brother as well! Lol
  24. Re: Cotto Beats Martinez, Who Doesn't Come Out For Rd 10

    Cotto caught Martinez at the perfect time; when he slowed down.
  25. Re: Talking About: Is Sergio "Shot," and One More Farewell Fight

    That's debatable, because Manny, May, and Cotto were not lining up to face him while he was becoming a premium name, even when he offered the former two a 150 lb catchweight. And Money and Pacquiao...
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