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  1. Need a NEW MOD, y'all, for Nov. 16! Who's up for it?? Email me Fightwrite@gmail.com

    Who deserves this honor? Who will best represent?
  2. Editor Mike here! Greetings, fabulous Forum folk! Welcome new MOD THE ROAST...

    ...starting Nov. 1, for the first half of da month. Roast, ready to rock n rumble?
  3. Re: There Are Decent People in Boxing, Doing Decent Things

    Randy, great, great stuff. Heart, wisdom, empathy, etc. Thx
  4. Re: Nominations, please, for the next MOD SQUAD leader, taking the baton TOMORROW!

    Nice noms. Who has the spare time to be a constant in here? Email me if that's you. Fightwrite@gmail.com. --Editor Mike
  5. Nominations, please, for the next MOD SQUAD leader, taking the baton TOMORROW!

    Email me at Fightwrite@gmail.com
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    Who will join the Mod Squad?

    What fearless member of the Forum Faithful wants to ride herd this second half of the month? Email Editor Mike at Fightwrite@gmail.com, please, if interested!
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    Re: Diego Chaves Out?

    HBO and Top Rank tell me Chaves will be present.
  8. I'm taking suggestions for next Mod, squad...Who should get the call for first half of August?

    Email me Fightwrite@gmail.com if you think you got the goods, friends.

    Editor Mike
  9. Re: Boston Bus Driver Shocks Former U.S. Olympian

    OUCH! Wow....Ouch for Estrada.
  10. Boxing Results: Gennady Golovkin defeats Daniel Geale by TKO

  11. Tureano Johnson Wins on "Friday Night Fights"

  12. Avila’s Pound for Pound List July 2014

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/P4P-BOXING-2014.jpg title="Avila’s Pound for Pound List July 2014"
    Seven months into 2014 most of the top prizefighters on my last...
  13. Gentle men, I am most proud to present ur next and current mod, the one, the ONLY...RADAM!

    Oh yeah...this gonna be good.

    Radam, you know the drill. Any questions, Editor Mike's super private email is Fightwrite@gmail.com.

    Take that baton and run with it...or chuck it through a big...
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    Re: The Sweet Science Forum Winners

    OU I think could work. Oui?
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    Re: The Sweet Science Forum Winners

    Radam, wanna crack at it???
  16. It is THAT time. Need a show of hands to volunteer to head up the Mod Squad. Who will lead us..

    ...fearlessly, but with TSS trademark humility and decency????

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    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Wonderland.jpg title="The Sweet Science - Boxing News""We’re all mad here."
    When the bell rang to begin the tenth round on June 7 at...
  18. Re: Guerrero Should Not Have Rust Issue Vs. Kamegai

    Day-um. That's a HEAVY DUTY workout. You best have some supple tendons and such for that work load, man!
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    Re: Sweet Science Forums Winners

    DINO, thx for staying on top of this!
  20. Re: The Wylie Dissection: Cotto Was Master of Ring Domain

    WOWWWWWWWW. That is committment!
  21. Who will join the Mod Squad? Need a volunteer to oversee Forums for second half of this month!

    Talk to me!
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    We got a Mod change-over coming!

    Results from second half of May should be coming soon, and new Mod should be up and running soon!

  23. NO CONTROVERSY Froch Drops and Stops Groves In 8th

    Carl Froch stayed patient, and let George Groves jab and jab some more, dictate the range, slide left and right...and then dropped a right hand hammer in round eighth at Wembley Arena in England. The...
  24. Re: It looks like I won't be in the tournament

    The crew, chiming in with wisdom. LIKE.
  25. Re: The Doc's Diagnosis..........................Stevenson-Fonfara

    Welcome, Grey.
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