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  1. Re: Russell Jr Stops Gonzalez In Round Four

    G-Russ did not win the fight because he is a tsAH fighter. He won because Jhonny Gonzalez had nothing to offset that amazing speed and couldn't keep his chin off the end of G-Russ' shots.

  2. Re: HAZZARD LIGHTER: NJ Commish Is Mellower During Comeback Stint

    Just who is it he can't stand?

    -Randy G.
  3. Re: The Roast's Cruises Pass Getting 7,000 Views/Hits On His Post About Tennis

    Amazing! Great stuff.

    -Randy G.
  4. Re: Shawn Porter beats Erick Bone in a 5th round knockout

    Shawn Porter is a powerful, hard-hitting welterweight. I'd love to see him get a rematch with Kell Brook.

    -Randy G.
  5. Re: Hyland Impresses on DiBella Card; O'Sullivan and Rosinsky Get Ws

    I met Spike O'Sullivan last week, when he came to the SiriusXM studios in Manhattan with his promoter, Ken Casey, a singer a bass guitarist for the "Dropkick Murphys." During our talk, O'Sullivan...
  6. Re: Golovkin Will Face Willie Monroe May 16 in LA, on HBO

    It wasn't Europe. Me & the Missus were on a cruise to the Grand Turks, something we booked last Summer. We had a super time, especially getting away from the ice and snow in New York.

    I look...
  7. Re: Kovalev Stops Pascal In Montreal Rumble

    After an afternoon of phone calls, I understand that preliminary talks have already been held in relation to their being a rematch.

    I don't think there are many of us who would not want to see...
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    Re: What do you guys think?

    This is ridiculousness & conspiracy theory at its highest. Nobody is planning to have Pacquiao test positive, then banned for four years. Keith Thurman will not be stepping in for Pacquiao.

  9. Re: Kovalev Stops Pascal In Montreal Rumble

    At first, we the viewer did not get to see Pascal stumble from his corner towards the neutral corner opposite from Kovalev, where he then took two right hands which had him floundering. It wasn't...
  10. Re: Give Us A Rematch, Says Team Pascal To Kovalev

    This one deserves a rematch.

    It had drama all the way.

    As for the stoppage, I thought it was a good one. Not until the replay did we see Jean Pascal stumble towards the neutral corner opposite...
  11. Re: Chilemba Downs Out of It Lepikhin; Glazkov Gets Decision Over Cunningham

    Lepikhin's father should be banned from boxing. It's obvious he doesn't love his son. How could he? What father would ever allow his kid to take the absolute thrashing that Vasily did? It was...
  12. Re: Andre Berto KOs Josesito “Riverside Rocky” Lopez; Chris Arreola Wins

    Interesting card...fun opening in boxing's TV resurgence.

    What is up with Arreola? He looks like he hit the refrigerator more than he hit the heavy bag. He ate tons of punches (he ate tons of...
  13. Re: Golovkin Will Face Willie Monroe May 16 in LA, on HBO

    I've got Willie Monroe coming on my show on Monday. I will try to post either a link to the interview or highlighted excerpts.

    I am very curious as to what made Monroe take this fight.
  14. Re: Broner Beats Molina On First PBC on NBC Show

    Yes, Molina did seem surprised by Broner's speed. WTF? Did he even know who Broner was? Did he ever watch him before?

    Molina's performance was pitiful. He either had no clue what to do or no...
  15. Re: Miguel Cotto Joins the Roc Family, Fighting June 6 in NYC, Foe TBD

    Knowing Arum, he'll probably say something like, "Ahh, the guy is at the end of his career, anyway. He turned down everybody we put in front of him. Good luck to Roc Nation in trying to move him."...
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    Re: The Heavyweight We Need

    Off his workmanlike and thorough beatdown of Dereck Chisora, Tyson Fury may just be the man. But first, I would like to see him take on one of two guys:

    1. Wladimir Klitschko

    2. Deontay...
  17. Re: ROACH: "I Think Floyd Needs To Be Humbled, and Manny Is the One To Do It"

    Exactly, tR. Exactly.

    I can just hear Michael Buffer now. The first card goes to Mayweather. The second goes to Pacquiao. Then we get, "...and judge Dave Moretti scores it 115-113, to the...
  18. Re: An Algorithm For A Real Time Boxing Prediction Machine, Or Perhaps Just Something Meaningless To Just Address The Elusiveness Of Performances Within Boxing; Too Hard – Tell Me Why?

    WTF do I know about vectors and scalars?

    The last math course (I was always lousy in math except for counting money!) I took was in college, and that was about three light years ago. Since...
  19. Re: BWAA Dinner is April 24, in NYC; TIX INFO HERE

    Then, two days later is the annual luncheon and induction ceremony for the New York Hall of Fame. In-between is the Wladimir Klitschko-Bryant Jennings fight.

    Expensive weekend.

    As you say, Kid...
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    Re: The Heavyweight We Need

    My eyes have seen Leon Spinks, with just a handful of fights, outhustle and outpoint the Greatest. I've seen a huge underdog named Buster Douglas beat the previously unbeaten and though-to-be...
  21. Re: Counting Down To Boxing Back on PRIMETIME!

    I believe that both the Keith Thurman-Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner-John Molina fights will have enough action for even the most hard-to-please fight fans.

    While I believe that Thurman and...
  22. Re: Pac to continue playing basketball leading up to Mayweather fight????

    It's not rumors. There are stories online that Pacquiao intends to keep playing basketball. One Filipino player, from the U.S., was released from his team for making disparaging remarks about...
  23. Re: THE FERNANDEZ FILES: Two Ships Passing in the Night

    One great writer praising another.

    Love it!

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Mayweather vs Pacquiao - The Last Mile

    Loved it.

    Gonna' head out on vacation now with my wife on one arm and a black iced coffee in the other hand.

    -Randy G.
  25. Re: Martin Murray: "It was a tough fight, it was not just his power but the pressure, he keeps coming"

    I was impressed with Murray's fighting heart and spirit. He kept getting hit, then motioning GGG to keep bringing it, which he did.

    If anything, Murray learned a lot about himself from this...
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