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    Re: Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust

    It was an SD not a UD. One of the results was 117-109. The only meaningful scorecard that night.
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    Re: GGG PPV 2015?

    Andre Dirrell?

    I say he gets flattened in about 8 or less, but the guy's making a return, and he wants big fights so he says...
  3. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

    Admittedly this would be better (/worse)
  4. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

  5. Re: Can Hopkins Do Unto Kovalev What He Did To Pavlik?

    Hopkins can play his games and pull his tricks; stall and spoil with those who are powerless to stop him, such as Shumenov.

    However against a young strong and hungry fighter, who wants to fight...
  6. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    Very tough to call as Golovkin has yet to face a real master boxer yet. Maybe post GGG-SOG fight we'd have a better idea of how that fantasy fight would go, but at the moment GGG is still too much of...
  7. Re: Marco Antonio Rubio: 'I'll test Golovkin, I'm coming for the win"

    I hope it does go far flacko- the more I see of GGG in action the better!

    However, I personally doubt it will.
  8. Re: Boxing Odds – Selby vs. Brunker in the IBF Featherweight Title Final Eliminator October 11

    Should be another win and impressive display for the impressive Selby. Go on my son!
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    Re: Crazy idea but this might work...

    The problem is that Rosado has serious hear and fighting spirit. The guy comes for a scrap, unlike Sevens. Should they stand toe to toe, I'd favour Rosado any day of the week.

    So much of boxing...
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    Re: Golovkin Rubio - Your picks?

    Simply another exhibition of GGG's phenomenal fighting ability.
  11. Re: The Curious Case of the Not Untalented Curtis Stevens

    He was simply outfought. Whether it's because of a mental barrier or not, he performed badly and N'dam very well.
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    Forum Winners- 15th-30th September

    It's been a quiet fortnight for boxing fans; fighters and scribes alike. There have only been a few fights, and none really featuring the stars of our sport. Discussion has primarily been dominated...
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    Sam Soliman vs Jermain Taylor Card

    On the undercard of what should already be an interesting and entertaining championship bout between two middleweight veterans- in the IBF world champion Sam Soliman, and the former WBC and WBO strap...
  14. Re: Prime Roy Jones vs. Prime Floyd Mayweather: Who Wins?

    Roy walks all over Floyd in every department, including entertainment. Not even close.
  15. Re: WOODS: People Don't Grasp How Big Algieri Could Get If He Upsets Pacquiao

    Algieri won his last fight- but he didn't beat Provodnikov, and he can't beat Pac.
  16. Re: A new star at Light Heavyweight ?…..check out Artur Beterbiev's demolition of Tavoris Cloud

    Interesting to hear Skibbz.

    What is it that fires your passion for the peoples of Central Eurasia? Are you interested in their fighters or the people as a whole?
  17. Re: Stiverne-Wilder Sign for December Title Clash

    I have an inclination to believe that Wilder can punch- at least he can hit cadavers as Radam says. But can he fight? We've yet to see.

    Unless he can pull something out that he's been hiding all...
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    Re: Roy Jones wins by KO....

    Who could forget that fight.

    First round, one punch, and he sat down.
  19. Re: The Next Kovalev?.........Quite Possibly!!!!

    Wow Shadow, if you're right then Hopkins is no man, but some sort of voodoo hex casting soul destroyer.

    He's just a fighter mate!

    Hahahaha that made me laugh Skibbz
  21. Re: Eubank Jr has untill 17.00 to sign the contract!

    Unfortunately for British boxing, the middleweight division, the fans, and the fighters themselves, this fight has now been all but called off unless something is made to happen very soon. Eubank Jr...
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    Re: Roy Jones wins by KO....

    I've not seen the fight yet, but I'm glad Roy's still knockin' em out, can't wait to see RJJr in action.
  23. Re: Mayweather Steps In Front Of Nevada Commssion, No Punishment Is Meted

    I'm with you D2. It's interesting to see what training methods are being employed- the emphasis given to certain parts of training in camp, and to have interviews with trainers, the fighter, maybe...
  24. Eubank Jr has untill 17.00 to sign the contract!

    It turns out Chris Eubank Jr has not yet signed the contract to fight Billy Joe Saunders yet, and Frank Warren has given a deadline of 17.00 GMT for him to do so.

    Saunders meanwhile, is now...
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    Re: The Axe Man of Montego Bay

    Unfortunately true Roast, it's a quiet few weeks.
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