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  1. Re: Peter Quillin has not signed his contract by the deadline

    Word is that Quilin's camp asked for an extension because he just became a father in late August and he did not want to leave his wife to go to the signing.
  2. Re: Kell Brook wants to prove himself agains major challenge

    If Kell Brook brings the Shawn Porter gameplan to a Thurman fight he wins and I think easily. Thurman while a good boxer has some holes in his defense. Soto Karass was able to touch him and he...
  3. Re: Abel Sanchez expects Golovkin vs. Rubio to be a short night

    Actually there isn't. Everyone of any credibility from 160 and 168 has either a scheduled fight within the next 3 months or is just recently coming off a bout. The only exception is really Kid...
  4. Re: Rios Challenges Cotto for December Clash at 152

    If this were the Cotto that fought Pac, without Freddie, or Pedro, or a real trainer for that matter I might say that Rios would not get throttled. However, this would just be a poor mans version of...
  5. Re: Inside Maidana's Game Plan for Mayweather Rematch

    The above was great Shadow. I have heard B-Hop talk about that before and it is a great listen.

    I don't think Maidana fades quite as early as you think but I do agree that he gets smoked in this...
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    Re: Can the Congressman Still Kayo?

    Radam, even if when I don't agree with you, your posts are absolutely classic. Your post made my head hurt, made me laugh, and put my tongue in a knot.

    I get you guys point of view but here is...
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    Re: Can the Congressman Still Kayo?


    You shall not venture on this journey alone. I think Algieri actually dances away with a SD.
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    Manny considering a move down?

    I caught wind recently that Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach are considering moving down to 140 and have even said that Pac Man can make 135 for his next fight.

    Manny was quoted saying that he...
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    Re: What is Stevenson Thinking?

    I can see that Commish. What still puzzles me though is why not Pascal? A 50 year old Hop is way more dangerous than Pascal in my opinion. I think as presently constituted, Hop beats Stevenson to...
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    What is Stevenson Thinking?

    First it was Hop.................Stevenson showed little interest even though Hop was willing and available for the fight which would have given him major pub and and a nice bank roll.

    Next it was...
  11. Re: Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio will be on October 18 at the Stub Hub Center

    I agree with you but timing is bad for GGG right now. I don't think he's ready for Ward yet so you can remove that option. Quilin said pretty much he is not interested right now. Everybody else ...
  12. Re: There are some great fights coming in early September nobody is talking about

    Gimmie Frampton-Martinez. Their first fight was extremely competitive until Frampton caught Kiko with a clean shot to the noggin in the last third of the fight(9th round?). It looked like Kiko was...
  13. Re: Marcos Maidana: "Mayweather will run like he usually does"

    I have always hated when fighters use the "stand like a man and fight" or "he is just going to run" argument. Pot shotting and dancing is a legitimate strategy. It not only emphasizes effective...
  14. Re: Mr Bute.............Meet Mr Roach?

    As much as I hate to admit it, I am leaning your way Mr. Bobcat. I like Bute but I think he may suffer from Roy Jones disease. Roach does work magic with offensively apt fighters, which Bute was,...
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    Re: I give Pulev a chance against WK

    I think Pulev has as good a chance of beating WK as anyone since Haye. Now does that say a whole lot, we will have to wait and see. I watched the clips above and actually found a little on his...
  16. Mr Bute.............Meet Mr Roach?

    Word on the street has it that Lucian Bute in an attempt to revive his career is attempting to hire none other than Freddie Roach for his training camp. Bute's camp has confirmed this.

    The way...
  17. Re: Eddie Hern, says Kell Brook has star quality and will make an impact in the division

    Call me crazy, but after seeing Brook fight Porter the way he did, I think he would handle Thurman relatively easy. I think Thurman is a better boxer than Porter but he does get hit and sometimes...
  18. Re: Hilarious Throwback Interview w/ Bob Arum: UFC a Bunch of Skinheads, Homosexuals

    MMA gyms are closing in droves and this is just the tip of their problems. They are running out of truly marketable stars, Dana White runs the sport acccording to his personal feelings, not what's...
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    Re: Trout is having a rough night!

    Trout walked a fine line of career destruction in this one. Good to see him dig deep and get the win though.

    He is far from ready for the big stage though. It looks like the losses he took from...
  20. Re: Alfredo Angulo moves up in weight and will face James De La Rosa Sept.13

    Very rhythmically put sir. That fight with Kirkland took something out of him and I think it was more than just the physicality. Kirkland stole some of his heart in that fight. He thought for sure...
  21. Maidana poses a real threat.................

    ..................to the landscape of boxing if he wins. True, we know how big of a deal it would be for Floyd to lose the 0. True, we know how big of a deal it would be in terms of an upset. True...
  22. Re: Eddie Hern, says Kell Brook has star quality and will make an impact in the division

    Eddie was right. Kell gave "Showtime" a true boxing lesson.

    Brook is now an entrant in the Mayweather sweepstakes. In addition, he has the huge fight with Khan in the UK that would put easily...
  23. Re: Marcos Maidana acknowledges the challenge Floyd represents, but says he has faith in himself

    I am being bold in saying this but this fight will be nothing like the first. Floyd will win this one going away. Here's why:

    -Floyd will stay off the ropes.
    -Floyd will pot shot and get out...
  24. Re: Boxing Results: Kell Brook defeats Shawn Porter via majority decision

    I thought Porter would smoke him and boy was I wrong. Maybe I saw a bit of different fight from everyone else, but I did not think it was that close.

    Porter fought a dumb fight and Brook took...
  25. Re: Omar Figueroa retains title, and says he is considering moving up in weight

    I think before this guy takes another fight he needs to see a serious hand specialist. This is the 4th or 5th fight that he has said his hands were extremely swollen after the fight if not fractured...
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