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  1. Re: Warning: These Fighters Will Win Titles in 2016

    And here he is.

  2. Re: Warning: These Fighters Will Win Titles in 2016

    Here´s one about to make his name known: Erik Skoglund, 24 (24-0-0). Despite his age, light heavyweight Skoglund joined the professional ranks almost six years ago, when he - at 18 - left Sweden for...
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    Re: The Tyson Fury Era begins

    I did not see this coming, but as history tells us - that's when it's in the making.

    Doubt it's a Tyson era that has begun - rather the era a'la Carnera-Baer-Braddock, until the next truly skilled...
  4. Re: Wladimir Klitschko To Fight Tyson Fury in October

    Jab-jab. Jab-jab. Jab-jab. Jab-jab. Jab. Jab-jab-jab. Jab. Ja--- oops - there's the right hand - smack! Over and out, in 2-3 rounds.

    For a well-schooled boxer bred on a diet of straight punching,...
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    The Terror of TSS

    I've been away for a while - away from TSS, that is. By no means was it intended. I just figured I'd wait 'til that tournament of 2014 was over and done with, as I disliked it from the moment the...
  6. Re: Why Wladimir Klitschko is Probably Much Better Than You Think

    Marciano deserves his praise. Currently, many seem to revaluate his standing among the greats - and even question if he belongs among them at all. I think he definitely does, without a doubt. Apart...
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    Re: Pulev throws the PEDS card at Wlad.....

    A childhood friend of mine became a bodybuilder, and as he grew more and more grotesque, so did his collection of bb-magazines. I used to read them. Every time a new monster emerged on the scene,...
  8. Thread: JMM turns 41

    by Grimm

    Re: JMM turns 41

    Definitely worth to be honoured.

    I think the Famous Fight Four - among others - showed the greatness of Dinamita. As Pacquiao turned out to be what many no longer thought he was - a formidable...
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    Re: Tss broke the record!!!!

    I understand the mechanics and dynamics of the internet - and thus the need for a certain number of users - but, other than that, is it really something to yearn for, in itself? I mean, really?
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    Re: Can Golovkin Be a Superstar?

    A superstar within the sport he already is - but being a superstar in the common sense of the word is someone that commands attention wherever he goes on the planet. So - no, probably not. No matter...
  11. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    One of your best ever, and great analogy.

    Thinking of Golovkin, I'm thinking of a pretty near perfect mixture of balance, technique and mental attributes. He has a way of executing technically...
  12. Re: Will the Official TSS PxP Ratings Change After Tonight?

    In all fairness, GGG hasn't met the equivalent of a Donaire, since the middleweight division has been pretty void of special talents for a number of years. Not saying he wouldn't win - he most likely...
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    Re: The ref ripped off Irish mike

    Perez: got some boxing in him, but stiff legs, bad footwork and bad coordination when moving/punching means he's already hit his ceiling.
  14. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    That's your libido messing with you - always thinking about girls in skirts chasing a ball on a court can do that to a man.
  15. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    @B-sug: I really don't wanna compare the two - they are/were both great fighters in their own right. However, no matter how tough Stevens may be, he cannot - qualitywise - be considered to be even...
  16. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    It could depend on which cubans you're meeting. Make no mistake; Tszyu was an awesome amateur in a time were amateur boxing was still a popular TV-sport with high ratings (at least in Europe), a...
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    Re: Favourite division

    Totally agree on Duran. If I ever was cornered in a bad street anywhere in the world by a bunch of hoodlums, and had to pick one boxer thru history to stand by my side - or rather, in front of me,...
  18. Re: When Should a Boxer be Forced to Retire - If Ever ??

    As always, interesting and educated points.

    Short comment on judo: it was my first combat sport, and the one that until this day has given me the worst blow to the head ever. I was thrown to the...
  19. Re: When Should a Boxer be Forced to Retire - If Ever ??

    At some point, some fighters get a brain with black holes like a swiss cheeze. Granting them a license is condemning them to some more and bigger black holes and, essentially, a future - not to...
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    Re: Do Violent Sports Attract Violent People?

    Being a serial poster and all, this is one of your best in my opinion - bingo.
  21. Re: The da Vinci 2014 World Cup Challenge 'Select the Winner & Enjoy a Dinner'

    Hehe - they was, and were a mere Mascherano toenail with 30 seconds left from losing to Holland in the semis.

    Germany has always been a huge force in world football, but in the good old days - say...
  22. Re: The da Vinci 2014 World Cup Challenge 'Select the Winner & Enjoy a Dinner'

    Congratulations, Skibbz.

    A finale is a finale. I have seldom seen a good one, objectively speaking. I do think Germany showed courage, though, in that they went out there and really tried to win.
  23. Re: What Is The Past History And Future of Women's Boxing?

    As the general level of skill among female boxers increase, so will the general interest - although it will take time, long time.

    In my opinion, young girls are often tougher than boys these days...
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    Re: Our Very Own PxP Ratings...a TSS Exclusive

    This almost begs for a thread on its own, but anyway, here's my all-time 10 - spiced with some relatively modern names.

    1. Sugar Ray Robinson
    2. Muhammad Ali
    3. Harry Greb
    4. Henry Armstrong...
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    Re: Our Very Own PxP Ratings...a TSS Exclusive

    The times they-are-a-weak, as witnessed by P4P; most of the names are due to lack of special fighters, rather than being special themselves. And the special ones don't make it easy; Mayweather and...
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