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  1. Re: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Miguel Cotto ??

    Whys is JMM pursuing a fight with Cotto, I have a feeling Cotto will steam roll Marquez, too big too powerful. BTW, Marquez wants to use Cotto as a measuring stick, if he beats cotto. he will...
  2. Re: So Much For Roach Making a Difference with Pascal

    not picking on Roach, overall most trainers are vastly overrated, I could have trained Kovalev? I really wonder how much has John david Jackson taught Kovalev. Who are the original Russian trainer...
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    Re: Danny Garcia Moves Up The TBB Rankings

    Kids qoute

    " is Herrera's destiny to lose fights he really won."

    I like it kid!!, I will point it out to MH as a motivational factor. BTW for training purpose, we should be back in the Canelo...
  4. Re: Guerrero's Guns Aren't Big Enough To Hold Off Garcia

    looks to me like Danny has something to prove, we might see a trigger happy Danny's guns blazing,his confidence is back and feels like he needs to take chances, if he gets Guerrero hurt like soft...
  5. Re: Mauricio" El Maestro" Herrera vs Ruslan" Siberian Rocky' Provodnikov the rematch

    Provo vs MH being discussed west coast/ LA area. Crawford vs MH was offered last year following the benavidez stunt by top rank, In Omaha fight? MH vs crawford . Vegas wil be ideal.
  6. Mauricio" El Maestro" Herrera vs Ruslan" Siberian Rocky' Provodnikov the rematch

    We are looking for for the re-match MH vs Provodikov, just waiting on the final aproval from HBO, to be televised sometime in March or early April. The two fighters are willing, Banner promotion and...
  7. Re: Las Vegas Analysis: Neno Rodriguez, Vargas, Rios, and Canelo

    El Neno is for real! Mark my words.
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    Re: I Am Leaving, I Am Leaving...

    Thanks Mike! your work has been valuable in what TSS has turned out to be. Good luck
  9. Re: Canelo Alvarez Wins WBC Title, Bests Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas

    I have always said , cotto looks great vs inferior competion vs Gomez or a shot Martinez or drain geale etc. put in him with top competition he chokes every time
  10. Re: Saul “Neno” Rodriguez Blitzes Ivan Najera in Lightweight War in Vegas

    keep an eye on our local kid Saul Rodriguez, I really mean a kid, if you have the chance to meet him, he seems and looks harmless and very soft spoken. He was Mikey Garcia's chief sparring...
  11. Re: ATLAS NOT SHRUGGING Bradley Handles Rios Easily, Scotes Stoppage In 9th

    storm, sorry took so long to repond, i read a lot hear but sometime get caught up and dont post as much as id like. for the record we but Provo,closed decision,but i think we pulled it out. as to...
  12. Re: ATLAS NOT SHRUGGING Bradley Handles Rios Easily, Scotes Stoppage In 9th

    Storm, been begging Bradley to fight M Herrera, they have sparred Over 50 rounds. Bradley wife or ar um shoots down the ideal every time. Would be a nice pay day

    Good call B-Sug, just the way you called it the fight unfolded. Congrats to Postal, he is very effective fighter at the same time very unfriendly style of fighting! it gonna be very difficult for...
  14. Re: Quillin Blasts Out Zerafa on NBC/PBC Show in CT.

    Kid Chocolate opponent another unknown opponent that genius Haymon chose for his fighter because he maximizes his clients money and at low risk. Well the opponent got taken out on a stretcher? I...
  15. Re: Mosley-Mayorga Presser Erupts Into Bedlam in L.A.

    what a joke, Mayorga never touched her butt, the guy towards the back of Mayorga clapped his hands, and then Shane's girlfriend did her stunt. the guy in the back, next to Mayorga was part of the...
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    Re: With Saul Rodriguez, Looks Can Fool You

    this kid is deceiving without a doubt, very friendly and looks harmless. the longtime sparring partner for Mikey help him developed into a Gem. My opinion. He is ready NOW!! but Papa Garcia has...
  17. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Nice enjoy the fight! i don't see anybody giving Lemieux any chance to win, but he does have a early puncher chance, I sure wouldn't bet against GGG!!. I predict a very short fight ending inside of...
  18. Re: Unbeaten 'Kid Dinamita' Saul Rodriguez in Big Fight in Fallon

    Guy's look out for this kid!! his opponent is a pressure fighter? Saul is gonna pick him apart and knock him out.
  19. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    B-Sug, I gotta go with the proven fighter and disagree a bit, Postal is just not proven! he got way too much credit for knocking out another unproven fighter in Selcuk Aidin. Mathysee has fought...
  20. Re: Malignaggi Maybe Looking for Moral Victory

    No doubt Paulie will try to Mimic MH vs Danny, his heart will be there, his mind will be there, but his old body will give in to Danny Swift Garcia, i wouldn't be surprised if Paulie get knocked out...
  21. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Steps In Another PIle of Mess, Can't Make Weight For Texas Fight

    JC junior is full of distraction, his baby's Momma is the former daughter-in law of El Chapo, she also has a kid with the late drug lords son edgar. in essential he is the stepdad caregiver of El...
  22. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Steps In Another PIle of Mess, Can't Make Weight For Texas Fight

    you got that right top rank did good for JR! let see whom our boy Arreola is matched next is he doesn't look good, maybe butterbean out of retirement LOL.
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    Re: TSS Q-n-A: Hank Lundy

    B-Sug, totally agree except for Postal, I'm not all sold on postal, I believe Garcia would have exposed him with ease and knock him out. Postal looks very limited in my eyes and,best Outing have been...
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    Re: Hank Lundy calling Team Herrera Drunks

    "Buy me beer after I whip ur @***" MH words. LOL
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    Hank Lundy calling Team Herrera Drunks

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