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  1. Re: Cotto Makes The Rules Because He’s Liked And Can Get Away With It

    Too bad none of the alphabet soup governing bodies insist that the middleweight division is 160 pounds no more no less ! But money talks way to loud sometimes !
  2. Re: Rumor Mill Says Tim Bradley Vs. Brandon Rios In the Works

    Bradley, of course should be the favorite ! I say Bradley wins fairly easily or he wins a tough fight, it's all up to him !
  3. Re: Mayweather’s Main Appeal Now His Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

    I don't think most great businessmen [women] throw money around like he does ! I also am not sure sure he's the greatest businessperson to have ever stepped in the ring, he certainly made more boxing...
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    Re: Oleksander Usyk Rolls On

    Thanks that does explain why he doesn't fight a few of them !
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    Re: Oleksander Usyk Rolls On

    I agree, why has he not fought a top ten cruiseweight yet ?
  6. Re: Some Are Hoping Mightily Floyd Sticks To Promise To Retire After Berto Fight

    To paraphrase the late, Great Bert Sugar, if that fight was in my backyard, I would get up and close the curtains !
  7. Re: Pacquiao And Fans Better Get A Grip On Reality That Mayweather Won

    One hundred per cent correct, nobody ever expects Mayweather to make a fight exciting !
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    Re: David Lemieux Is No Puppet

    It is a great day for boxing and GGG is smart enough and honest enough to say he doesn't know who will win ! I think GGG should be the favorite [Tyson was the favorite against Douglas] but Lemieux...
  9. Re: Why Pay To See It When You Know Berto Has No Shot, None

    Nobody from The Sweet Science is going to pay for this, are they ?
  10. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Nice response Storm !
  11. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Hear hear !
  12. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Not too many people picking Lemieux here [nobody] I am biased since he is a fellow Canadian, and while I agree GGG should win, I think Lemieux is being underated here, he is more than just a live dog...
  13. Re: Duva Drinking Up Atmosphere in Russia, Cementing Deals For Kovalev's Next

    The sport could use twenty more Kathy Duva's !
  14. Re: Roach Thinks Floyd Will Fight On, Try To Stage #MayPac2 Himself

    I am a big Pacquiao fan and I went splits with 3 other people to watch the May 2, fight ! I won't pay a nickel to watch a rematch ! A rematch almost has to be a better fight, but the first fight was...
  15. Re: PBC in Toronto Sept. 11 on Spike TV: Stevenson vs. Karpency

    Nice to see Lennox Lewis involved maybe Ontario can get back in the boxing business like Quebec !
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    Re: Klitschko – Fury: Mind Games, Round One

    Mind games or no mind games, Mister Fury is going to be stopped by Mister Klitschko !
  17. Re: Danny Garcia Stops Malinaggi in a One-Sided PBC Affair


    What about Danny vs Lucas 2 ? I wouldn't bet on Garcia !
  18. Re: Rosie Perez and Al Bernstein To Host Nev. Boxing Hall of Fame Gala

    Two great MC's !
  19. Re: LOTIERZO: If You Buy Mayweather's Next Fight You're A Fool

    DITTO ! I wasted my money on his last fight, it won't happen again !
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    Re: Better UK 168er, Froch or Calzaghe?

    Both Hall of Famers, Calzaghe beats Froch !
  21. Re: Source: If Kovalev And Pascal Win, They Do Rematch

    Too bad Pascals countryman Adonis doesn't take up the challenge [I think he will at some point] what's the worst that can happen ? Baring something tragic, the worst that can happen is he gets KO'ed...
  22. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    Thanks for your answer Deep, the last time Canada wanted to get more strict with guns they tried to get all long guns registered, who owns long guns ? Hunters and farmers, not criminals, very stupid...
  23. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    I have

    I have great respect for your opinion as I do with amayseng's opinion on this subject as well as most subjects ! But don't you's think there are just too many guns in the States ? Does...
  24. Re: Source: Mayweather Will Fight Sept. 12 on PPV, No "Freebie" Fight

    That should be worth $9.99 to some people, not me !
  25. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    I live in Canada and find it hard to understand why everybody [or many Americans] thinks they need a firearm to feel safe ? If they really do feel they need a firearm, doesn't it make sense to have...
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