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  1. Re: Mayweather’s Main Appeal Now His Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

    Just remember, he's made so much money that money itself has become almost immaterial to him. He can buy a car for $5mm, and just treat it like a potted plant. That's why when he wins $600k or...
  2. Re: Mayweather’s Main Appeal Now His Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

    Floyd is a legendary businessman, right up there with Soros and Trump. What's more remarkable is that he's done it without endorsements, a brilliant decision in its own right, because it's not...
  3. Re: Some Are Hoping Mightily Floyd Sticks To Promise To Retire After Berto Fight

    I'm in the minority. I don't believe for a second this is Floyd's last hurrah. He may sideline it for a while, as he did in 2007/2008 when he 'retired' before, but with these cartoonish paydays...

    This fight is a disgrace. There's not much more to say. He'd be better off feigning injury and waiting on the sidelines for the Klitschko/Fury outcome than bothering with this. Bottom line, he must...
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    Re: David Lemieux Deserves Ample Credit NOW

    I agree wholeheartedly. I'm a fan of Lemieux now, 100%. He could've easily opted for an easier opponent, then another, and maybe another, then gone to Golovkin. But he's testing his athletic mettle...
  6. Re: GGG calls out Floyd at 154, when asked about it Floyd responds GGG is "ok" and the he "can't make 160"..?

    I also would not like to see Golovkin go to 154. He'd potentially lose something overall in his career, even in a one and done there.

    But for Floyd, you do it.

    For months I've advocated that...
  7. Re: Mayweather vs Berto PPVto have laughable $74.99 price tag

    $75 is a draconian price point for this. Out of principle, I won't pay for it. This is a match that was being considered for free network TV, and now it's garnering one of the highest PPV price tags...
  8. Re: Mayweather vs Berto PPVto have laughable $74.99 price tag

    A fight that a blink ago was being discussed as a complimentary freebie type deal, is being peddled instead at $75 a pop. This is off the charts incompetence.
  9. Re: LOTIERZO: If You Buy Mayweather's Next Fight You're A Fool


    Leonard's stoppage-from-behind against Hearns was an epic highwire act. Leonard was much more offensive-minded than Floyd, as you point out perfectly. Floyd's great. And he can't be faulted...
  10. Re: The Lion Killing Dentist Story Prompts A Lion Tale From George Foreman

    Not a fan of this dentist. The world was better with Cecil the Lion in it. What he did wasn't even a skillful hunt.
  11. Re: RETURN OF THE GOLOVKIN: Triple G in MSG BIG ROOM Oct. 17

    If it's thrilling, and Golovkin is rarely/never boring, boxing wins. This will be a high intensity scrap, I think. Good call, as always Randy.

    As an aside, always nice to read the comments of a...
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    Re: "Southpaw" Packs A Punch

    Haha, it might have been the awful ones that had her crying! Good line.

    I'm going to stay open minded, but my expectations are very, very low. I'll see it when it runs on HBO or Showtime or...
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    Re: "Southpaw" Packs A Punch

    He must have employed Hagler's first 2 rounds tactic versus Leonard in the poster. Recreating boxing scenes in a way that looks even remotely realistic, is possibly the toughest thing to do in film....
  14. Re: RETURN OF THE GOLOVKIN: Triple G in MSG BIG ROOM Oct. 17

    David Lemieux goes up so many notches in my book for taking this assignment. Golovkin was at the point of having to do a Foreman versus 5 guys in Toronto, or move to 175 for anything worthwhile....
  15. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    I have a concealed carry permit. But I am in favor of background checks for all, and people with criminal backgrounds (felonies) and a history mental illness should be banned from purchasing...
  16. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be...
  17. Re: RETURN OF THE GOLOVKIN: Triple G in MSG BIG ROOM Oct. 17

    Major kudos and credit to David Lemieux for taking the fight. You can count on one hand the number of people willing to glove up with Golovkin, so this deserves a serious round of applause. When...
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    Re: Klitschko-Fury Will Run On HBO Oct. 24

    That's epic OU. A KO 1 is no joke of a prediction! Even though Haye was more skilled than Fury, he arrived that night with such intense fear that it completely decapitated him. I don't think Fury's...
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    There's a definite double standard with regard to domestic abuse here in the U.S. as well. I didn't bother reading the whole article, so I'm not privy to the drug running bit, but did read of her...
  20. Re: Rousey Knows Revenge Dish Best Served Cold; Explains Mayweather Barb

    I'm with you on MMA. I'll watch their big events with the masses, but that's about it (Jon Jones is the guy I've seen the most, and he's highly skilled and brings excitement, but is also on the shelf...
  21. Re: Triple G's Hunt For Greatness and Signature Fight Continues

    In his next fight, Golovkin should deliberately look very, very bad. When he gets hit, pretend he's on queer street, take a knee or two, then turn it on late and get the KO. He needs to make himself...
  22. Re: Rousey Takes "ESPY," And Hard Shot At Mayweather

    I'm a Golovkin guy through and through, but have no problem with this. GGG man, all business in the ring.
  23. Re: Floyd's Free Network Fight Is A Setup for #50

    I agree with everything but the above. Honestly, Floyd couldn't care less about the fans seeing him in a so-called bad light. I think on the rung of importance in his life, this is at the very bottom...
  24. Re: Kovalev Must Be Pretty Good Because I'm Not Sure Ward Beats Him

    Yes. I'd be surprised to see SK go to cruiser though, because the division is so stale economically. Holyfield-Quai 1, Toney-Jirov. Not much else in the last 30 years. Agree though man.
  25. Re: Kovalev Must Be Pretty Good Because I'm Not Sure Ward Beats Him

    Right on. 'Official' is the key word. I think with the 172 return, Ward seems on the way to 175. Ward-Kovalev is a great, GREAT fight. Both HBO guys, it makes incredible sense right now.
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