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  1. Re: Boxing Results: Gennady Golovkin gets TKO victory over Martin Murray

    My hero Freddie Roach (who of course trains Miguel Cotto) went all Pinnochio-nose on us saying "Golovkin? Who's that? I've never seen him fight." If Roach is going to continue to pimp for Cotto's...
  2. Re: Martin Murray: "It was a tough fight, it was not just his power but the pressure, he keeps coming"

    Wow, what sand this guy showed. A real warrior.
    He also reminded me that people who visited England have told me in many cases you need an interpreter. LOL
  3. Re: The Fight Game with Jim Lampley: Overtime September 2014

    Thought it was a good show. I wished to pass on Mayweather-Madaina 2 cause it was a setup for Floyd to re-do, and Chino to pick up a few; dollars that is. However, I had a big bet on Mickey Bey so......
  4. Re: Boxing Hot Topics: The Andre Ward vs. Goossen Tutor battle, Box Fan Expo

    How cud u forget to mention Bernard Hopkins vs Kovalev? :confused:
  5. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    I couldn't agree more. Genady would put Floyd in the hospital. When you realize GGG DID NOT BOX Stevens. He boxed when he knocked him down in the 2nd, but Sanchez reminded GGG "no free shots, stay...
  6. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    Shadow, you sound like the house niggah. Yes, there are lawyer's documents that certainly say that "we have the right of refusal." . Really, are you so white bread? Do u think Floyd Mayweather Jr....
  7. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    Very well said. Floyd may retire with a goose egg in the lost column and probably eclipse Marciano in doing so but there'll always be that asterisk next to his name that says "Ducked Pacquio and...
  8. Re: Andre Berto ready for Soto Karass, Oscar De La Hoya talks about Knockout Kings II

    Oscar looked like he was in pain
  9. Re: Abel Sanchez talks about Gennady Golovkin's win over Daniel Geale

    Im glad Abel mentioned GGG wasn't listening to him in the corner. THE SAME THING was evident in the Stevens fight. Abel said to GGG after round 4, "no free shots," meaning "stay busy, jab, throw...
  10. Re: Tom Loeffler says Gennady Golovkin brings new fans to boxing

    In the latter part of the interview, he talks about the Heavyweights. People keep mentioning how prepared Perez was. In my point of view, he clearly ran out of gas even before the end of the fight,...
  11. Re: Ray Mancini: "Golovkin is action packed; Canelo is an ordinary fighter; Mayweather is special..."

    Mancini should do more fight analysis. he's savvy, intelligent, well-spoken; and he mentioned the unmentionable that I have been considering since the Lara fight:
    Canelo is looking ORDINARY. He...
  12. Danny Garcia-Salka fight -comments by Peter Berg, Teddy Atlas, Samuel L Jackson

    Please leave comments..
  13. Re: Gennady Golovkin: "I'm a warrior, I like to fight, that's my style"

    In the Stevens fight Abel told Genady to stay busy, no free shots. GGG chose "street-fight" instead most of the rounds, and offered Stevens the opportunity to counter, but we know the result. What do...
  14. Re: Al makes a confession on #CaneloLara

    OBTW, re: SHOWTIME production values, how about another 5-10 seconds of the RING GIRL'S walk? You can voiceover the "corners' advice" while we make sure the girls are ambulating properly. The...
  15. Re: Al makes a confession on #CaneloLara

    You see, Al, just like ur parents told u, don't you feel better now that you've told the truth?
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    Re: Boxing Hangouts: #CaneloLara

    Hey Al, it's not that difficult to set your camera to HD mode, and step back so u don't look like a high school kid online with a cam for the first time. And Im a fan, I read your book... and liked...
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