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  1. Re: BORGES: Canelo Isn't As Risky For Floyd As Pacquiao Was

    Does anyone recommend a particular website to stream fights? Also, can you usually find real time streaming or do you have to watch a replay? Thanks, I am without cable for a while and am in dire...
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    Re: WHO DO YA LIKE? Bradley or Provodnikov?

    I'm with spinach chin as far as the result - Provodnikov won't be able to keep up with Bradley's "movement" - and by movement I mean jumping in head first, uloading three or four indistinguishable...
  3. Re: Golden Deal For Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero On May 4

    I think Trout will win handedly. He'll use his jab to stop Canelo in his tracks and make him pay for his periods of inactivity. Canelo won't be able to hang with the combination of reach, hand speed,...
  4. Re: SoCal Gym Hopping: Golovkin, Molina Brothers, More

    Obviously GGG is a must see fighter right now but I wouldn't assume he's going to take that next step as an elite champion. He definitely has enough power where you have to respect him as a potential...
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    No doubt Andrade is slick and has lightening...

    No doubt Andrade is slick and has lightening quick hands but I think he'll stuggle against the top middleweights. He has no pop and, it seems to me, he's missing a killer instinct - he's a boxer not...
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