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    Re: TSS Forum(s) Contest Winners

    I caught the Storm announcement.

    It's a half a month at a time. Starts on the first of the month and concludes at 12:01 am EST on the 16th. The next one runs from 12:01 am the 16th until the...
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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

    Maybe your emotional outbursts are rattling him.

    On the rare occasion when I play basketball where I'm the best on the team, I play a completely different game as opposed to where I'm just a cog. ...
  3. Re: Bonds Poses With Pacman; Insert Own Caption

    I'm w/ ya, SC.
  4. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    Historically, the middleweight division has been the deepest in boxing. That can probably be attributed to the fact that the average size man fell within that weight range. (148-160 in fighting...
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    Re: Jay Z wins Quillin purse bid


    Considering you can't really put a top five together worth their salt, that might be considered a safe bet.
  6. Re: Goosen files 10 million dollar defamation suit against Ward

    Where I was going with this is nobody seems to ever mention Tutor. And that could be a mistake.
  7. Re: Goosen files 10 million dollar defamation suit against Ward

    No, not my inference.
  8. Re: Goosen files 10 million dollar defamation suit against Ward

    OK Men.

    When did Goossen-Tutor Promotions become just Goossen Promotions?

    And a better question still, why?
  9. Re: Goosen files 10 million dollar defamation suit against Ward

    Gents, it's G-O-O-S-S-E-N. Goossen.
  10. Re: Promoter Frank Maloney Stuns The Fight World

    1,000,000% Agree. Life's much too short. Everyone deserves to be happy.
  11. Re: Bam, Neno and Argentine Clinches TSS Aug. 5, 2014

    gibola, please contact us as you were a winner in a previous contest. Thanx.
  12. Re: Big Congrats To D2 For Rollin' Up In TSS's 1,000-Post Club

    Personally, I'm waiting for him to snap...forcing a comeback as Deep3, becoming the first person to chart three times under different yet similar names.
  13. Re: Danny Garcia says he had a lot of distractions for his last fight,this time he is focused & ready

    @amazing one. Yes, safe to say getting punched in the head is a great tool for regaining your focus.
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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

    Enjoying this thread. Thanks tRoast.

    I know I've mentioned it here before but I believe it warrants a second mention. The book 'Open' by Agassi is not only a great tennis book, but short list...
  15. Re: Stern View: Northern California Regional Report

  16. Re: Diego Chaves gets disqualified in strange referee decision, making Bandon Rios the winner

    Boy do we have work to do.
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    Re: Contest Winners for July 16-31

    When Bernie gets the mod slot, all my posts will be on women's boxing.

    I have what I believe will be a better solution for next year. Allow me to work through the kinks before I present it for...
  18. Re: July 16-31 Forum Contest Winners Posted Tomorrow.

    Now that this contest is in progress, some holes are evident. When this year comes to an end, we are going to have to rework the format. Any and all input will be gladly accepted. There should be...
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    Re: Can Golovkin Be a Superstar?

    Can this even be considered a question at this point? He's not only already a superstar, but boxing's next great monster.
  20. Re: Confirmed! Amayseng to sit in the Iron Throne and rule as Mod 8/1 through 8/15

    One of my favorites the Amazing One is.

    Just got back to Las Vegas and in a word: Hot.
  21. Re: Will the Official TSS PxP Ratings Change After Tonight?

    Great, great post.

    Also, Ward was a monster, but didn't he retire like, two, three years ago? We'll see him again at the Hall of Fame inductions in two more years. Well deserving as well.
  22. Re: Abel Sanchez talks about Gennady Golovkin's win over Daniel Geale

    Globally, there are some deeply knowledgeable guys who have the ability to build champions. But if you were to keep narrowing your list, you would eventually end up with a handful of guys that...
  23. Re: Have You Ever Watched a Fight That Produced a Controversial Decision and Wondered What all the Fuss Was About?

    I think all you need to know is that the legendary (not overused here) Gil Clancy told him to bike it. Would have been my exact sentiment. We know what late rounds Tito won, please share what the...
  24. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    I've read deep into this post by Storm and keep reading and re-reading that KT kept putting all his belts on the line although he didn't need to. Years ago if you lost a fight at the weight you're...
  25. Re: Don Chargin Hooks On With Golden Boy

    Certainly one of three or four names I would have considered. Should have announced it sooner. All in all a great choice.
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