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  1. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Mayweather's Most Virtuoso Performance

    Nice article though I have a slightly different take on this. I also think this was a virtuoso performance by Floyd but moreso because this was the more mature Floyd who now realizes he cannot or...
  2. Re: Kovalev Shows Extreme Versatility Against Pascal

    Great comments by all. I couldn't agree more with mortcola though. BHop was getting through with those occasional right hands but just did not have the stamina to capitalize. Same with Pascal. No...
  3. Re: Kovalev Shows Extreme Versatility Against Pascal

    Good performance by Kovalev. Showed mettle and dexterity and appears to really believe in his ability to power through his opponents much like Golovkin. I need to see someone walk these guys back...
  4. Re: Thurman Cleared The Bar Of Expectation, Barely, Against Guerrero

    Quite True.......
  5. Re: Thurman Cleared The Bar Of Expectation, Barely, Against Guerrero

    Quite True.......
  6. Re: Thurman Cleared The Bar Of Expectation, Barely, Against Guerrero

    Franks analysis is spot on in my opinion. I hesitated initially making any assumptions mostly because "The Ghost" is a capable fighter who can box and brawl with the best of them. Guerrero is at best...
  7. Re: ROACH: "I Think Floyd Needs To Be Humbled, and Manny Is the One To Do It"

    Its probably too early to offer my predictions on how this fight will pan out but since I do not intend to spend too much ink on a subject that will be fiercely debated over the next 2 months I will...
  8. Re: Is a Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Still Relevant?

    I disagree with the writers implied jibe that Hagler/Leonard was not great. It certainly did not equal Hagler/Hearns nor Ward/Gatty in terms of brutality but great fights are all about the pre fight...
  9. Re: Technical Scrap Expected, Brawl Breaks Out, Crawford Gets W Over Gamboa

    Great fight ! I am not quite ready to declare Crawford a "great" fighter however. He showed calmness and poise in the first few rounds which is good for a young developing fighter but I saw him give...
  10. Re: Technical Scrap Expected, Brawl Breaks Out, Crawford Gets W Over Gamboa

    True but a rematch would most likely turn out the same however. Gamboa has a great heart but wilted under pressure. His gameplan went out of the window once he got hurt. He could have boxed Crawford...
  11. Re: Golovkin Is "99%" Sure He Could Beat Mayweather

    GGG loses to Floyd at any weight. Besides - his resume is no better than Canelos. Too much hype - a very good fighter no doubt but not yet great and at this level it takes a great fighter to beat...
  12. Re: CANELO WILL BEAT MAYWEATHER! Wylie's Mayweather-Canelo Lowdown, Part II

    Great analysis as usual by Wylie. I do agree that this could be Floyd's greatest challenge from what I now I see is a supremely confident young and talented Canelo. I think Floyd pulls it out of the...
  13. Re: Floyd Mayweather Will Reach His Limit Fighting Canelo Alvarez

    I like the fact that this article bucks the trend and picks Alvarez as the winner. Canelos a very good fighter and appears to do everything well. But, thats the point however. He does not look like a...
  14. Re: Carl Froch Wins UD Over Mikkel Kessler in London

    I though the fight got much closer in the final 3 rounds. Kessler certainly landed his share of power shots while Froch dominated mostly with the jab.
  15. Re: Carl Froch Wins UD Over Mikkel Kessler in London

    Great win by Froch. When Kessler let his hands go he reminded me of the fighter he used to be, smooth, powerful with great movement. I just think he lost some confidence and thinks too much now...
  16. Re: Canelo Alvarez too strong for Austin Trout

    Definitely not a unanimous victory for Canelo. A split decision maybe. Canelo looked surprisingly tired for a young fighter. If only Trout had more power.
  17. Re: SURLY SERGIO TO JUNIOR: "I Will Beat You Up"

    One of the best more intense face offs I have experienced in a long while. Sergio in this form reminds me of a young Marvin Hagler or the version of Hagler we saw right before the Hearns fight. He is...
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    Re: Dear Adrien Broner

    Wonderful article / letter ! Broner is a product of his environment i.e four children at 22. Not that I am judging hm because for all I know he could be a great father. He is also a great talent, I...
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    Re: Haye Stops Chisora In Round Five

    A better fight than I expected. I think we continue to underestimate David Hayes punching power which really was the equalizer in this fight. David Haye can punch with either hand and thats a fact....
  20. Re: THE BREAKDOWN: Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley

    A pretty good breakdown and a possible scenario. A lot depends on Manny legs. Will they give way or will they carry him through. If Mannys legs dont let him down then I see him stopping Bradley late...
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    Re: THE BREAKDOWN: Lucian Bute-Carl Froch

    I will go out a a limb and say Froch wins this battle of the Super Middles. Now, before y"all crucify me listen to this. I was very concerned the way Bute crumbled against Librado Andrade a few years...
  22. Re: Mayweather Had To Work Hard On Saturday

    I saw a different fight - similar to the way Ricky hatton was pushing Floyd a few years back although Cottos strategy was more intelligent which is not surprising since Cotto is a far more superior...
  23. Re: Mayweather Is Pushed By Cotto But Rises To The Event

    Very good analysis. Mayweather was pushed but as usual showed superior stamina and in my opinion was punching harder in the closing championship rounds. Cotto had a great strategy and in effect was...
  24. Re: I Like Roy Jones To Beat Floyd Mayweather

    Wow ! This is why I love this community. Great analysis from all who contributed. I think RJJ is wrong though. Toney was uncompetitive because he was not in the best of shape for that fight and the...
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    Re: Pacquiao Would Beat Mayweather

    I completely agree with this assesment. The antidote to Mayweather is a fighetr with the technical skills and speed of a Mentally focused Zab Judah and the puch power and volume of Manny.
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