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  1. Re: Golovkin-Rubio Numbers Are Out; 1,304,000 Watched Live

    These are phenomenal numbers indeed. Golovkin's star is very quickly rising.

    I also agree that big HBO numbers won't necessarily mean big PPV numbers just yet either. Golovkin is rising but not...
  2. Re: Timothy Bradley vs. Diego Chaves and Mauricio Herrera vs. Jose Benavidez, Dec. 13

    Honestly, I am much more interested in Herrera-Benavidez than Bradley-Chaves.

    Herrera-Benavides is very intriguing to me. Herrera is very skilled and quietly has had a major break out year. He...
  3. Re: Juan Manuel Marquez MAYBE Next For Robert Guerrero

    I don't think this fight is happening.

    Guerrero is with Haymon and Marquez with Top Rank. Unless one changes positions, this fight is not going to happen unfortunately.

    Its a great...
  4. Re: Steve Cunningham Stops XXL Natu Visinia on NBC Cable

    Cunningham looked good in my opinion against a much bigger man who turned out could fight some.

    I will second the Commish's statement about giving Cunningham a big fight. Lets take away what is...
  5. Re: The NEW & OFFICIAL TSS PxP Ratings Will Be Posted on Monday Morning

    1. Mayweather
    2. Golovkin
    3. Rigondeaux
    4. Pacquiao
    5. Ward
    6. Bradley
    7. Marquez
    8. Kovalev
    9. Roman Gonzalez
    10. Klitschko
  6. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    My opinion remains the same. GGG did exactly what I thought he would to Rubio except the end did not come with a body shot like I thought it would.

    I still say 1987 Leonard by decision. That is...
  7. Thread: GGG PPV 2015?

    by oubobcat

    Re: GGG PPV 2015?

    Golovkin is a super star and a fan friendly fighter. He has PPV star written all over him.

    His problem and the problem to get him to PPV, what big name is going to step in with him to launch his...
  8. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    That's a good question.

    My gut here says Leonard uses every inch of the ring to box and move for 12 rounds. He uses his speed to get in and out. He avoids exchanges. He fights much like he did...
  9. Re: Nicholas Walters defeats Nonito Donaire with a sixth round TKO

    Walters looked very good but also part of what made him look so good was Donaire's own performance.

    Donaire was looking for one shot. He was hoping to catch lightening in a bottle and almost did...
  10. Re: The Golovkin Is Released; GGG Stops Rubio in Round Two

    To say the least very disappointed in Rubio. He was there to collect one last paycheck and get out of the ring as soon as possible. I love how he argued when he had plenty of time to make it to his...
  11. Re: GGG is fighting again in February - who should he fight?

    The rumor circulating right now is Martin Murray unless Chavez Jr. steps up to the plate and takes the fight. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that however.

    Murray wouldn't be a bad test. He is a...
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    Re: Notes and Nuggets From Thomas Hauser

    I generally do not defend ratings organizations. The WBC, IBF, WBA and WBO all have their share of questionable ratings and too many belts (interim, Silver, Super, regular, etc) with the sole...
  13. Re: Nicholas Walters will have the toughest challenge of his career so far against Nonito Donaire

    I think Walters is winning tonight by knockout. I really honestly think he just wants it more and that's what it will come down to in this fight.

    Donaire just has not looked the same in the ring...
  14. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    I think Leonard's speed, even in 1987, and ring smarts are too much for 2014 Golovkin. Leonard boxes circles around GGG for 12 rounds and wins 10 of the 12. If Leonard could beat Hagler, then he...
  15. Re: HBO Boxing News: Golovkin vs. Rubio Weigh-In

    I am always disappointed when a fighter misses weight and think that takes some of the starch out of the fight. In many cases, I think a lot of them do so to essentially buy an advantage (Salido,...
  16. Re: It's Junior Welter, Everything Else is Second

    I love Jr. Welterweight. But I actually think Featherweight is stronger and is the best division in the sport. And the future is very bright as well.

    One reason I like it a little more than Jr....
  17. Re: Check Out This Cunningham-Visinia Scouting Report

    I listened to that interview and came away very impressed with Visinia as both a person and a fighter. You could tell he was very focused on this fight and on this opportunity.

    He is very raw as...
  18. Re: Marco Antonio Rubio: 'I'll test Golovkin, I'm coming for the win"

    Watch a tape of Golovkin-Macklin and you will see how this fight will play out. Golovkin takes Rubio's aggressiveness away early and scores a knockout with a body shot in round three of another...
  19. Re: Nicholas Walters Wants To Be Superstar, Beating Donaire Would Be a Great Start

    I am really looking forward to this fight and much more so than the main event between Golovkin and Rubio. The more I think about Donaire-Walters the more I think this is a true pick em fight.
  20. Re: Arum wants Loma to fight the winner of Donaire -Walters

    I would certainly love to see that. And its very possible as well. HBO will have to pony up and I think especially if Donaire wins (and that is a big if) that HBO would jump at the chance to make...
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    Re: Emmanuel Augustus.......

    Very sad, I always enjoyed watching Augustus/Burton fight back. He was always in entertaining fights and often times took fights on short notice only to give the favored fighter all that they could...
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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast

    I like the new thread and the first ko is a classic.

    It was a little before my time but once I got hooked on the sport in the late 80's/early 90's had a chance to catch a rerun of it late one...
  23. Re: Molina is fighting K9 for a championship this weekend?

    This was more about how bad Molina looked than how good Bundradge looked.

    Molina could not get off in this fight. I have seen him fight many times before and always with much more activity. In...
  24. Re: Mauricio " El Maestro " Herrera vs Jose Benavidez 12 -13 -14

    Good fight and glad to see Top Rank and Golden Boy once again working together.

    Personally, I think Benevidez is a very good young fighter but will be in a bit over his head against Herrera....
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    Re: Adonis...Believe It When I See It

    I could see a Bute fight happening. He has looked shopworn since getting KO'd by Froch and Stevenson may see him as an easy target in a big fight that is easy to sell in Montreal.

    First though I...
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