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  1. Re: The Hauser Report: Ali, Lomachenko, and More

    martinez didn't seem to "have" it that nite ...always like he was fighting on time delay ...something like juanma in his last few fights...Lomo would have beaten him anyway but you think Roman was...
  2. Re: A Reflection On A First Encounter With The Greatest...

    Wow ....that's a jewel of a story and a great start to my day !! Thanks Frank
  3. Re: R.I.P. Muhammad Ali (January 17th, 1942 - June 3rd, 2016)

    https://youtu.be/HsDH9SXKZtI puts it all in perspective
  4. Re: R.I.P. Muhammad Ali (January 17th, 1942 - June 3rd, 2016)

    " I SHOOK UP THE WORLD " and peacefully at that RIP Champ
  5. Re: Povetkin’s Promoter Claims B-sample Is Clean, Threatens to Sue Wilder and Media

    ...it says "new sample " not "B" sample ...just saying ...
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    Re: Shane Mosley Comes Up Short in Arizona

    yeah i thought it was a decently close fight ...Shane has lost a step for sure but Duran had him in good shape ..he didn't embarrass himself..but it's time to hang em up
  7. Re: Sugar Shane Mosley and Roberto Duran’s Arizona Renaissance

    saw a few pics of the weigh in ...Mosley looks in decent shape ...and Duran looked deadly serious!! ...good to see Roberto fired up and looking in good shape also ..not gonna help Shane a bit in the...
  8. Re: Baseball player Rougned Odor ..best right hand outside of a boxing ring

    Yes have to give him credit ..that shot would have dropped a lot of guys..buckled his knees but didn't wobble him (Jays fan by the way)
  9. Baseball player Rougned Odor ..best right hand outside of a boxing ring

    Here's two clips of Texas Rangers Rougned Odor in brawls ...beautifully timed and accurate right hands...
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    Re: Briggs-Dimitrenko Makes No Sense, Unless?

    could be ...can't see Briggs going all in unless he's broke and no other way to keep his thing going
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    Re: Las Vegas Journal: Canelo's Way

    Thanks for sharing ...made me want to be there !!
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    Re: Canelo Alvarez a One-Punch Smash in Las Vegas

    khan's chin didn't betray him ..I was surprised when Canelo cracked him early on with a left hook and it didn't faze him ...in fact he wasn't wobbled at any time up till the time he hit the...
  13. Thread: BIG BAD BOB

    by teaser


    "that's the name of the game baby" ...love it !!
  14. Re: "GGG” KOs Wade; Chocolatito Wins Commanding Decision

    yup that was a hammering ...Wade is fortunate GGG wanted to get him out of there fast ...his face and ribs are gonna be sore enough as it is
  15. Re: MGM Grand Results - Pacquiao Outclasses Bradley in Trilogy Closer

    kinda felt sorry for Bradley with Teddy screaming at him and the "yes sirs"...but Tim couldn't do any more than what he was doing and Manny just made him pay for his mistakes ... I previously had...
  16. Re: Arthur Abraham Wants A Piece of History This Saturday

    yes now there's a fight i'd like to see ...Golovkin v Abraham ...
  17. Re: Charles Martin Could Be Mile Marker Number One On Anthony Joshua's Road To Stardom

    just checked out a Charles Martin fight ...hope he's improved 700% since then ...ouch !!
  18. Re: Kovalev Is A Beast With Two Legacy Fights In Front Of Him

    Ward /Kovalev ...yup if he can Krush Ward that would put him up there with the greats ...but yes i have the feeling Ward will somehow find the kryptonite to "Ward " off the krusher ...he's the one...
  19. Re: Fighting Roberto Duran “He Got Me in the Second”

    enjoyable read ...thanks from a Duran fan and thank you also for introducing me to Mr Obando ...bet he's got many more stories from his career in boxing ...all the best to him
  20. Re: Tyson Fury knows what the alphabet gangs do not: They don’t decide who the real champ is.

    The man who beat the man …well said and nuff said !!
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    Re: Daniel Jacobs Knocks Out Peter Quillin

    way to go Danny !! …love this guy and the courage he's shown in and out of the ring
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    Re: Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko

    I never thought i would see a fighter (let alone the size of Fury) fight like a cross between Carl Froch and "sweet pea" Pernell Whitaker… whatever it worked for him... Vlad had the opportunity to...
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    Re: FLYWEIGHTS FLURRY: Estrada Stops Marquez

    Tyson Marquez has more than just a little of Arturo Gatti"s fighting spirit ..after the second knock down via left to the body in the 7th (4th by the same punch) he jumps up and uses the pain to...
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    a lot of turkeys don't you think ?
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    throwing away money ? now here's someone Floyd could take example from …..P.K. Subban making $10 million donation in Montreal to the children's hospital...
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