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  1. Re: Malignaggi: "I Would Beat Pacquiao Right Now, So Imagine What Floyd Does To Him?"

    paulie be looking at the ringlights if he got in with manny ,love ya as an announcer paulie but come on....
  2. Re: MANNY THE MAULER IS BACK: Pacquiao Dominates Algieri in Macau

    manny throttled algieri as expected ,so he landed a few rts ,other than that he was on the bike all night.his corner had to be hallucinating with those instructions
  3. Re: Pacquiao Needs To Shock and Amaze Versus Algieri

    that makes sense frank, once pacquiao is completely shot only then will floyd take the fight . thats his mo anyway
  4. Re: Father Time Taps Hopkins: Kovalev Shuts Out The Old Master

    the old man still could beat 99.9% of the guys out there ,he went the distance with a guy who ko'd everyone i mean thats pretty good for a 50 yr old lol
  5. Re: Hopkins Hoping To Avoid Bittersweet Taste of Stale Sugar

    you weren't alone Bernard on the hopkins ko over trinidad , i thought i was alone lol trinidad has always been a one trick pony,he just took the right fights at the right times.he had one style...
  6. Re: It Is The Very Worst Part of the Business of Boxing

    u can see before the punches were thrown that roman was having issues and it was probably from the previous punishment in the prior rds, he was very unsteady on his feet .to bad hindsight wasn't...
  7. Re: What We Know And Can Surmise About Hopkins And Kovalev

    good size up frankie, it was like watching the fight hahaha
    bill m
  8. Re: Algieri Getting Grilled: Inkstained Wretches Pepper Manny Foe

    pac will go through chris like s**t through a goose ... the "friendliness" will just make it easier for chris to lose
  9. Re: No Such Thing As Real Reality On 24/7 or All Access

    there are young people who idolize guys like him and are stupid enough to think its real ,he shouldn't be doing it, what the sense in it? more money ? give me a break ..it makes him look like an...
  10. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    i knew when they said Bayless as ref that he would allow the holding that floyd did through the whole fight which made it boring as hell for me, i actually went to bed around the 8th rd ... i...
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    Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    as the guy who picked and chose his "Name" opponents at the right times, when they were old ,past their prime or at a catch-weight and as the guy who dodged Pacquiao when the fight would have meant...
  12. Re: FLOYD: "In 18 Years I Haven't Brought My Best Out Yet"

    thats because he dosent fight them at their best and its sad ... for us , for him for boxing .the 0 will always have a footnote in my head
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    Re: Hopkins Shumenov Card Predictions

    hopkins gets better with age ffs ... played all night with shumenov
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    Re: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Is Bullet-Proof

    its so far past its fresh date that anyone whod think it be the fight of 5 yrs ago is hallucinating, right now it wouldnt mean a damn thing or prove anything... thx floyd for ruining what could of...
  15. Re: HOW HE DID IT: Video Analysis of Pacquiao's Win Over Bradley

    the man beat one of the best fighters in the world if not the best, considering his opposition, so that he did it easy really should be the story
  16. Re: Pacquiao & Bradley Have Everything Riding On Their Rematch

    i dont know where this "he aint the same fighter" Bs is from but thats ridiculous to say right now ..bradley is going out .either cold or tko but he isnt seeing 12 ...
  17. Re: Dulorme and Mayfield Get Feisty At Weigh-In

    that scap made it a fight i have to watch now ... oh boy.........
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    Re: Roach Talks Mayweather-Maidana

    thats why floyds fighting him freddy ffs man ... think ud know by now.. 0 threat
  19. Re: Froch-Groves II Will Pack Wembley, Settle The Score

    yea this is one ive been waiting for , carl got owned in the last one and got a gift... this can go any way ..its one of those
  20. Re: TOE TO TOE INDEED Canelo Comes Back With Fire and Fury, Stops Angulo

    i would have stopped it if he was MY guy going into the 10th, u could see it was a lost cause even though alfredo was trying to fight back. what sense did it make to go a few more hard shots ? ,not...

    i hate to tell him but the 3rd act is sh*t ....
  22. Re: Garcia Downs Burgos in Workmanlike Effort in NYC

    i know he could of stepped it up but i enjoy watching him work,u can see him thinking it out.love mikey!!
  23. Re: Alfredo “Perro” Angulo & Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Predict No Running

    we really dont know anything about Alvarez, he hasnt fought anyone aside from floyd and u saw how that went when he stepped up to the A league. Angulo is a real fighter and he has a good shoot at...
  24. Re: Pascal Owns Under-Confident Bute in Montreal Superfight

    the froch fight exposed him for what he was, a mediocre fighter.. i didnt waste my time watching this one knowing the out come already
  25. Re: Mayweather-Pacquiao In 2014 Is No Superfight, Unless You Were Born After 1980

    the title says it all frank !
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