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  1. Re: Golovkin-Monroe: Swarmer vs. Boxer, Who Has The Advantage?

    Sometime last year when Golovkin was cruising through his opponents, the question was posed on here who, if anyone, could give him trouble.

    My answer was not Ward or Froch or Cotto...it was Willie...
  2. Re: DOWN GOES DAN Four Knocks and Out, Brook Gets W in England

    Brook looked sensational and showed no signs of any lingering injuries in the leg. Dan is a very solid fighter and was made to look like an also ran club fighter in the ring with Brook.

    I hope...
  3. Re: Provodnikov-Matthysse On For April 18, in NY, and on HBO

    Definitely, I am still sorting out my plans so will let you know the closer we get to the fight. I may stop up Friday in Verona for the weigh in (less than 2 hour drive from Rochester) if my schedule...
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    Re: Floyd's best punch

    He does throw a good jab to the body. Floyd when he wants throws a vicious left hook to the body. I think that's his best punch honestly but he does not throw as much as he used to as its a punch...
  5. Re: Can JCC Chavez Attract Fans in L.A. & Other Chatter

    I predict the Chavez fight gets postponed. Ticket sales are slow and remember Provodnikov-Matthyssee is taking place on the same night on HBO. Showtime and Haymon will push this fight back to the...
  6. Re: Sadam Ali-Francisco Santana On For April 25, on HBO

    This is a very good fight and glad to see HBO pick this one up.

    Ali has been getting better and better each fight. I picked Abregu in November and was very impressed with Ali systematically took...
  7. Re: Jo Jo Dan: "You Can Call Me 'Road Warrior'''

    Dan is a very live underdog in this fight. He is a very under appreciated fighter and being given almost no shot by anyone here. But he is aggressive, throws a lot of punches and almost always...
  8. Re: "Razor" Ruddock Coming Back, To Fight Assumptions and To Win A Title

    Unfortunately he's not though that statement is probably true. This comeback is not a smart idea and is not going to go well. One can only hope it will turn out to be a sluggish fight that he doesn't...
  9. Re: Provodnikov-Matthysse On For April 18, in NY, and on HBO

    I'll be there, made the drive through the snow to Turning Stone when tickets were put on sale.
  10. Re: Provodnikov-Matthysse On For April 18, in NY, and on HBO

    Sorry I did not see this earlier, yep no doubt I will be at Hall of Fame Weekend this year.
  11. Re: Quotes From Jhonny G, Vanes Ahead of Sho Show

    These are two very interesting fights that are flying under the radar big time.

    When I saw Charlo-Maritosyan made, my instant reaction was that this was a good step up for Charlo and a fight he...
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    Re: Mora Volunteers To Face Cotto

    Rumor has it that Arum is making K9 a very tempting offer to face Bradley. And thus Cotto is now working a deal with Heiland.

    From a matchmaking perspective, Heiland is a much tougher stylistic...
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    Re: The Pac vs Floyd betting line.

    I think -169 for Floyd is the bargain of the century. The public is betting heavy with their hearts here and is causing some serious value on Mayweather. It kind of reminds me of the line for...
  14. Re: Golovkin Will Face Willie Monroe May 16 in LA, on HBO

    After the Rubio fight, the question was posed which fighter out there would give Golovkin the toughest test? I stated at that time that it would be Willie Monroe. Why? His ultra slick southpaw style....
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    Re: February Recap

    Great write up DD. The month of February for the sport was certainly the calm before the storm.

    The best fight of the month was Cano-Abreu. And coming to think of it, Golden Boy has done a...
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    Weekend Predictions

    With a big boxing week ahead of this, I figured I'd start a thread to get everyone's predictions for the big fights this weekend.

    Zou Shiming vs. Amnat Ruenroeng

    I think this is going to be a...
  17. Re: Miguel Cotto Joins the Roc Family, Fighting June 6 in NYC, Foe TBD

    Cotto is a very smart businessman and no doubt this was a business move.

    True, he won't be fighting Haymon fighters in the future. But one fight that will always be out there is the Canelo fight...
  18. Re: What's Old is New Again: The Reanimation of Boxing on Television

    I am really hoping this ushers in a new era in the sport.

    Like him or hate him, I think we all need to pull for Haymon to succeed in this endeavor. Lets be honest, the current model of the sport...
  19. Re: Destiny Played Role Reversal With the Careers of David Reid & Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Reid went from future star to club fighter over the course of that fight.

    His fight fight was against a guy who had a record close to .500 and was supposed to ease Reid back into things. Reid lost...
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    Re: The Heavyweight We Need

    I am not sold on Tyson Fury one bit. His chin is weak and I think once he steps up to the "A" level of heavyweights he will get ko'd quick. The build up to the fight would be much more entertaining...
  21. Re: MOLINA: "I'm Undefeated Against Quick Guys Like Broner"

    Broner should definitely be on upset alert here. In his career, he has generally been put in the ring with fighters who do not have much pop. He walks these fighters down essentially not respecting...
  22. Re: Thurman Knows Guerrero Went 12 With Floyd, So The Bar Has Been Set

    I just checked the odds on this fight and Guerrero is currently sitting at +400 while Thurman is at -600. Granted, I favor Thurman in this fight but those odds seem out of whack unless somebody knows...
  23. Re: Pablo Cano, De La Hoya and Taishan Win At Fantasy Springs Casino

    Cano-Abreu was a pretty decent fight and I definitely want to see both on tv again. Since the start of the year, the Golden Boy series on Fox has produced some very good fights including a fight of...
  24. Re: Is Cotto Now Out In The Cold? Maybe, Maybe Not

    As far as Cotto being left in the cold, I don't think so. It appears that way today but keep in mind Cotto, much like Mayweather, is a very smart businessman. He will when all is said and done be in...
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    Re: Update on Andre Ward Ring Return

    We have been waiting a long time for Ward to return, that is for sure. Honestly, I thought something would be in the works now (meaning fight signed, sealed and delivered) for Ward's return after...
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