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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

    Yeah, Roast, I was expecting a closer match than what turned out. Doesn't matter, I'm still a loyalmemember of the Genie Army. I'll be praying to the tennis Gods for Maria to beat Serena if they...
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    Re: Mayweather vs Cotto on May 2nd?

    Thanks buddy! You get to watch The Battle of the Babes (Sharapova vs Bouchard?)
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    Mayweather vs Cotto on May 2nd?

    Does this rumor Jim Lampley's been saying about Mayweather fighting Cotto May 2nd have any legs?
  4. Re: Media Poll Has 22 Press Picking Wilder, 20 Picking Stiverne

    I'm going with Stiverne here. He absorbed some big bombs vs Arreola that didn't appear to hurt him, so he'll likely take Wilder's punches better than Wilder takes Stiverne's. Stiverne by KO.
  5. Re: Wladimir Klitschko Would've Been A Title Threat In Any Era

    Woulda been fun to have Wlad in with the 90's HW's. I think guys like Bowe, Lewis, Mercer, and my boy, Holyfield woulda beat Wlad. Vs guys like Morrison and Ruddock woulda been a pick 'em fight. I...
  6. Re: HE'S A WLAAAD MAN: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Pulev in Round 5

    I'll have to look it up, my girl, Genie had a good year. Also good to see Ivanovic playing competitive tennis again.
  7. Re: HE'S A WLAAAD MAN: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Pulev in Round 5

    I was out looking for the other fellas that went MIA...finally gave up and got kinda lost on my way back.
  8. Re: HE'S A WLAAAD MAN: Wladimir Klitschko KOs Pulev in Round 5

    Sug, whatcha think about that new Chinese Goliath, Taishan? I think he may have some potential.
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    Re: Cotto vs Alvarez

    I'm pretty excited about this matchup. Two great fan friendly styles along with the Mexican /Puerto Rican rivalry. I'm leaning towards the younger bigger Canelo to win what should be an exciting...
  10. Re: Forum All-Stars Talk Crawford Star Turn, Gamboa's Probs

  11. Re: Robert Garcia Talks Chino Rematch With Floyd

    I'm pretty intrigued as to how the rematch may unfold as well. Could this play out just like the "Rocky" script? Maidana gave the champ all he could handle the first time around...can he pull off a...
  12. Re: BIG MAC'S PREDICTION PAGE: They Like Canelo Over Lara...What About YOU?

    No gift decision or robbery needed here...Canelo wins convincingly, landing the bigger shots and scoring a couple knockdowns along the way.
  13. Re: Can Alvarez Adjust And Handle A Really Good Boxer And Technician, in Lara?

    I agree with Skibbz's and oubobcat's assessments. Canelo will take a page from Angulo's gameplan and work the body to get Lara to drop his hands...after that, Lara will probably visit the canvas a...
  14. Re: Technical Scrap Expected, Brawl Breaks Out, Crawford Gets W Over Gamboa

    I agree with the Roast that Gamboa should avoid the 135 division. Great fight! Crawford is now on my must see list!
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    Re: 2000 Congrats To The Shadow

    Big Congrats, Shadow! Keep the quality posts coming! Just curious, before you found TSS, where were you spending your time? Fighthype, Bad Left Hook?
  16. Re: CAN YOU SAY REMATCH? Floyd Beats Maidana In Solid Tussle

    Fun fight! I'll have to record the replay next week to really watch without distractions. All I can really say is that it looked very close to me last night, and most of the people at the lil fight...
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    Re: Pacquiao-Bradley Numbers Revealed

    I'm going with The Commish and his prediction of a million buys as well. One of my buddies is heading out to watch the fight at his friends place, who isn't a die hard boxing guy ...so I'm thinking...
  18. Re: PREDICTION PAGE, TEAM TSS SPECIAL: Mayweather or Maidana

    Resistance is futile, your offense will be assimilated. Floyd's high IQ boxing brain will download Maidana's game after a couple rounds. Maidana will shoot outta the starting blocks hard for the...
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    Re: Thurman v. Diaz

    Bummer...this one was just starting to heat up.
  20. Re: Omar Figueroa Wins SD Over Jerry Belmontes

    Yeah, Omar looked way off his game tonight.
  21. Re: Matthysse Beats Molina In Fight of the Year Contender

    How can you not be romantic about boxing...great battle, that was some high drama in Molina's corner.
  22. Re: Floyd has never fought someone with Marcos Maidana's style.

    As much as I'd love to see Maidana repeat his performance against Broner and really challenge Floyd, I just don't see it happening. Maidana's offense will be assimilated by Mayweather in one...
  23. Re: Does Anyone Here Follow MMA With the Same Enthusiasm as Boxing ??

    I was a big MMA follower for several years. Not so much UFC, but the Japanese promotion, PRIDE FC. To me that was the better brand of MMA, and if PRIDE was still around I'd most likely still be...
  24. Re: Ultra-Vet Hopkins Too Savvy For Shumenov, Adds WBA 175 Belt To Collection

    Oh, between March Madness and the start of spring football I was spending my internet time on the Michigan sites. Yeah, it was Maria's birthday today. She looked nice in her German style dress today.
  25. Re: Ultra-Vet Hopkins Too Savvy For Shumenov, Adds WBA 175 Belt To Collection

    That was pretty much how I expected the fight to play out. Except for the judge who gave Shumenov seven rounds...unbelievable.
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