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  1. Re: BRYANT JENNINGS: "Beating Klitschko Would Make Me THE REAL Champ"

    Bingo. WK is leaving his comfort zone, so maybe he'll be a little less at ease in NY. But like you said, he's 'seasoned' to the point that leaving the cozy confines of Germany will likely be...
  2. Re: BRYANT JENNINGS: "Beating Klitschko Would Make Me THE REAL Champ"

    Jennings will get creamed. He's a guy whose been facing AA pitching, and now faces Clayton Kershaw. Short night. But it should be electric in the Garden and a fun fight that perpetuates the...
  3. Re: BRYANT JENNINGS: "Beating Klitschko Would Make Me THE REAL Champ"

    Yes, it would. Wilder's belt is tantamount to owning the WBO title in the early 90's.
  4. Re: Pascal Wants Random Testing For PEDs, Buck Stops With Kovalev Promoter Duva, Though

    I give Pascal no chance. This is an over/under fight entirely.
  5. Re: Shotgun Taylor at it again.Arrested for shooting a gun(and qa drug charge)

    Thank goodness Taylor is no marksman, otherwise he'd be facing Aaron Hernandez type charges. He's got Ike Ibeabuchi type dementia and should be in jail or the nuthouse, but definitely not in the...
  6. Re: Klitschko To Fight Jennings at MSG April 25, and on HBO

    I agree. Jennings will need Houdini like magic though as Klitschko's not Stiverne. But it's a road game for him so perhaps he'll be less at ease and susceptible to a Jennings bomb connection. We'll...
  7. Re: Give Credit to Team Wilder for Being Patient

    First off, congratulations to Deontay Wilder. It wasn't Holmes - Norton, but it was an entertaining enough scrap with good electricity where he was able to adapt and put to rest any doubts about his...
  8. Re: Wilder Weighs 219; Did The Bronze Bomber Over-Train?

    Exactly. A scoffed guy that had serious firepower was the late Corrie Sanders. Southpaw with blistering speed and straight shots. He landed, goodnight.
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    Re: WILDER: "I'm Going To Hurt Stiverne"

    You're right, it was Kirk Johnson. Vitali Klitschko was set to fight on the undercard, so when KJ backed out due to injury, the show went on with Vitali as his replacement. I think he stepped in...
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    Re: WILDER: "I'm Going To Hurt Stiverne"

    Damn Commish! You're at Defcon 1 for this one. I was more amped for Lewis - Tyson, and even Lewis - Klitschko (the last great, and meaningful, heavyweight championship fight; occurred on regular HBO,...
  11. Re: Two Klitschkos and the Invisible Heavyweight Division

    I think you hit the nail on the head - cashing out. A guaranteed, and sizable, payday against Klitschko in NY (if the deal can be consummated) is tough to reject, and if he pulls off a miracle, he's...
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    Re: A Rock and a Hard Place

    Boxing back on network television is great for the sport. If these cards can be a tenth of what existed in the mid-80's to early 90's, the CBS shows with Gil Clancy and Tim Ryan, the ABC shows with...
  13. Re: Two Klitschkos and the Invisible Heavyweight Division

    Wladimir lost to Puritty by 11th round TKO, not a first round blowout. He was just a couple of years into his pro career and ran out of gas. Ross Puritty was actually a pretty decent fighter and had...
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    Re: Heavy-Hitting Trash Talk From Deontay Wilder

    I hope I'm wrong. But after what, 6 or 7 years of endless speculation, with the HBO and Showtime barrier, purse split issues, drug testing, the date uncertain, promotional snags, and more, I just...
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    Re: Heavy-Hitting Trash Talk From Deontay Wilder

    Gun to my head I'm taking Stiverne. The heavyweight division would detonate a bit with a Wilder win though. Boxing is healthier when the heavyweights matter, and we may be on the precipice of that...
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    Re: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Time Is Nearing

    The only thing my money is on is this fight NOT and NEVER happening.
  17. Re: Congratulations To The 2014 TSS Reader of the Year

    Nicely done and congratulations Randy. You're a credit to the sport you so clearly love and have devoted your life to. I must say, seeing you on YouTube on old fight clips, interviewing fighters...
  18. Re: Pacquiao-Mayweather "NOT happening" on May 2, says Oscar de la Hoya on SiriusXM

    Agreed. It seems that popular opinion/media speculation has suddenly shifted from this never happening to a likelihood that it will happen. I'm in the minority though. I still believe the fight will...

    Very sad news. Hannah Storm and Rich Eisen were in tears reporting it this morning. He made quite an impact, as demonstrated by the tremendous outpouring of grief and mourning, and fought a brave and...
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    Re: Why Deonaty Wilder Will Beat Bermane Stiverne

    Excellent comparison. I'm inclined to liken Wilder more to Michael Grant than any of the all time greats. I'm not convinced his power is Foreman-esque, either. He can crack, as can most heavyweights,...
  21. Re: Usual Behaviors Of A Pug Just After Getting Humiliated Or Kayoed

    I remember on HBO in the 80's, Marlon Starling got knocked out by Tomas Molinares by a shot that was just after the bell, and in the interview didn't remember being knocked down, let alone knocked...
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    Re: What are you watching tonight

    Good corner stoppage. Ramirez was brave but completely outgunned, and was on his way to absorbing another boatload of clean shots and getting knocked out. Mares looked good tonight.
  23. Re: Source: Mayweather, Haymon and Espinoza Given Ultimatums by Moonves

    Damn, prescient. Sadly.

    I don't know squat about this guy, so the characterization that he had it 'all' was a stretch, but figuring he's young and signed to a deal is a hell of a start....
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    Re: What Are Your Favorite Boxing Tied-in Songs

    Very True. He was faded at that juncture, having lost a series of fights and on a skid (as an aside, the movie 'The Hurricane' went even further and implied he was robbed against Giardello; think JG...
  25. Re: Source: Mayweather, Haymon and Espinoza Given Ultimatums by Moonves

    Great posts all around. I think Floyd shakes this off pretty easily, and think his stint in the joint was far more traumatic than this (pure non-insider speculation here obviously). Radam's post -...
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