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    Re: Mayweather vs Cotto on May 2nd?

    Its going to happen. It has been inevitable in my opinion since Cotto won the title last year.

    It just makes too much sense. For Mayweather, its a chance at the Middleweight Championship against...
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    Re: Lucas Matthysse Re-Ups With Golden Boy

    The best thing for fight fans about this news...it does not involve Al Haymon. Reportedly as part of the agreement to sign with Golden Boy, Matthyssee will no longer be advised by Haymon.

    So this...
  3. Re: Contender or Prospect? Gilberto Ramirez Wins a Unanimous Decision Over Maxim Vlasov

    He is a work in progress. This was a good fight for him at this point in his career and a fight that he can learn a lot from.

    A couple things on his performance. This was by far the best opponent...
  4. Re: Brandon Rios Makes Mike Alvarado Quit on His Stool After Three

    It was a very disappointing effort by Alvarado. I thought at the very least he'd stand and trade with Rios and go out on his shield. Instead he offered nothing and just took the shots from Rios...
  5. Re: Don't Forget Top Rank is Streaming the Undercard Fights Tonight at 7:00 Eastern

    Gvozdyk looked very good and they have him on the fast track. He is very tall for a light heavyweight and very well schooled (trained by Robert Garcia). He showcased very good power and made a...
  6. Don't Forget Top Rank is Streaming the Undercard Fights Tonight at 7:00 Eastern

    There are some good prospects that Top Rank is showing on their undercard stream of tonight's Rios-Alvarado card. They stream all the undercard bouts on their website for their HBO and PPV shows.
  7. Re: BRYANT JENNINGS: "Beating Klitschko Would Make Me THE REAL Champ"

    Jennings is a very good athlete.

    Remember though he is a very later bloomer to the sport of boxing. He had very few amateur fights and basically was learning how to box as a professional. He has...
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    I can't wait for this one tonight. I do not see anyway that this is not an all out war.

    I actually think this will be better than the first two fights. Alvarado is a bit shopworn in my opinion and...
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    I like this fight if it actually comes off.

    Remember though a few years ago Kirkland agreed to fight Canelo on a Showtime PPV card but then a couple days later pulled out. He wanted much more...
  10. Re: Stiverne Trainer House Had No Clue Why Bermane Was So Off His Game

    I think we have to give credit where credit is due here and a big reason why Stiverne was off his game was Wilder.

    Stiverne fought very cautiously. He appeared throughout the fight to be...
  11. Re: Leo Santa Cruz beats Jesus Ruiz, wants Mares or Rigondeaux next

    I saw reports today that Santa Cruz stated he is fine with fighting Rigondeaux but wants a minimum of 3 million to do so.

    In this sport, there are a couple ways to get out of a fight. One of those...
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    Re: Next for Wilder

    I see the Fury fight happening down the road but not right away. Before that, I think Haymon will look to get Wilder some exposure on NBC and do so against a fighter the public (not just boxing fans)...
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    Re: Which one of today's QB's doesn't go...

    I am glad I am not in Vegas this week because I'd have taken an absolute bath.

    Somebody better get Russell Wilson a snickers bar because he is doing his best Johnny Manziel impersonation right...
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    Next for Wilder

    Deontay Wilder very impressively beat Bermaine Stiverne to capture the WBC heavyweight belt. Wilder is signed to Haymon and will almost certainly be showcased in his next fight on NBC. Haymon bought...
  15. Re: Wilder - Stiverne media scores, punchstats etc

    Same score for me, 115-113 for Wilder. I thought Stiverne won last two rounds to close the gap.
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    Re: LSc just got shoe shined

    Ruiz had more success in this fight than I anticipated. He was tough and tried to bring the fight to LSC. But as expected LSC was vastly better and eventually broke down Ruiz. I wouldn't mind seeing...
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    Re: Which one of today's QB's doesn't go...

    Clearly Brady and Rodgers are Hall of Fame locks.

    Wilson and Luck are still very young. That said, I think both get into the Hall when all is said and done as long as they stay healthy. They are...
  18. Re: Jab-Happy Wilder BOXES His Way To WBC Belt, Win Over Stiverne

    The Commish hit this fight on the nose.

    Wilder was a different fighter than I saw before. He fought very disciplined and tightened up his defense. He did not pull straight back as often as he did...
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    Re: Correct Winner. Really Wrong Score

    I scored the fight 115-113 for Wilder but can certainly see scores a little wider for him as well. I had Wilder comfortably in front after 10 and thought Stiverne won the last two rounds to close the...
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    Canelo-Cotto Apparently Not Happening

    Oscar De La Hoya was quoted today as saying Canelo-Cotto is off for May as they are unable to come to terms with Cotto and are moving on.

    With all the momentum in the sport, this is a bummer.
  21. Re: Heading to Verona Tomorrow for Friday Night Fights

    Monroe does not hit very hard. From where I was sitting, it really appeared to be more slapping than anything else. Some of his punches looked flashy but had zero behind them.

    I wonder one thing...
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    Re: Imam-Maldonado

    Its going to be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure Maldonado puts on him. If Imam does not get Maldonado out early, I see trouble for him late.
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    The fight between Amir Imam and Fidel Maldonado opens the Showtime telecast tonight. It is going to be a really good one and I am surprised is not getting a little more press.

    Imam is a very good...
  24. Re: Don King: The Last Roar of the Lion in Winter?

    Its funny, we heard this about king before the Hopkins-Cloud fight back two years ago. Cloud was supposed to be it and then he'd be gone.

    King is not going away. Even if Stiverne loses, King will...
  25. Re: Heading to Verona Tomorrow for Friday Night Fights

    Verona is a great venue for boxing and I had a blast at the fights. The crowd was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

    The card opened with a bout between light heavyweights Cameron Allen (5-17)...
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