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    Re: Oubobcat Is Stealth And Sneaky With It

    Thanks everyone...finally settling into Rochester, NY (well kind of, still surrounded by boxes after the move). I keep checking the boxing calendar and waiting for that next event in Verona. You know...
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    Re: Radam G...the Babe Ruth of TSS

    Congrats Radam, soon it will be the 10,000 mark
  3. Re: Rosado-Kirkland as Co-Feature to Hopkins-Kovalev

    I keep going back and forth myself as to who will win.

    I think Rosado will try to blitz Kirkland early and try to get him out of there like Ishida did and also like Angulo and Tapia almost did. If...
  4. Rosado-Kirkland as Co-Feature to Hopkins-Kovalev

    It appears that a fight between Gabriel Rosado and James Kirkland is being close to being finalized as the chief support to Hopkins-Kovalev on November 8th and will be televised by HBO.

    I, for...
  5. Thread: Forum Winners

    by oubobcat

    Re: Forum Winners

    Thanks Bsug, great job these past couple weeks and congrats to all the winners.
  6. Re: CONFIRMED: Danny Garcia Moving Up To 147, 140 Wide Open

    No surprise, this had been rumored for some time.

    As for Pac-Garcia, I don't see it happening. As much as I like the fight, Garcia is advised by Al Haymon and HBO has Pac under contract. HBO may...
  7. Re: Leo Santa Cruz defeated Miguel Roman via TKO in Rd.2 wants Rigondeaux next

    Personally, I'd love to see the fight. I do agree though that Rigo would prevail. And I am guessing someone else may be of that mind set and that is Al Haymon. So am I holding out hopes for this...
  8. Re: Amir Khan: "I wasn't impressed by Floyd, I want to fight him while he is on top"

    Khan has been clamoring for a Floyd fight for quite some time and desperately wants that payday. In recent years, he has been flat out ducking fights and very carefully selecting opponents in hopes...
  9. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    My issue with Bayless was him breaking the fighters too quick especially when Maidana had one hand free. If a fighter has a hand free they should be allowed to work. At times too, it seemed like...
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    Re: $35 Cover Charge at Sports Bars...

    I enjoyed it. There were only about 15 people and everyone was focused on the fights. Nobody causing any trouble, kind of like watching a movie.
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    Re: $35 Cover Charge at Sports Bars...

    There was one spot the cover charge at a bar was $10.

    I choose the theater and to plunk over the $25 bucks they were asking. I preferred the theater experience and not having to worry about...
  12. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    I thought Floyd fought very smart. Not a slugfest but a smart performance to get the W convincingly and move on.

    Shadow mentioned earlier he thought Floyd was going for the KO. Floyd fought smart...
  13. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    I first noticed Schaefer during the Angulo-De La Rosa fight. If you watch the telecast carefully, there were a lot of people coming over to greet him during the undercard. Its interesting that he not...
  14. Re: Boxing Results: James De La Rosa gets Unanimous Decision win over Alfredo Angulo

    Angulo looked like an absolutely shot fighter through eight rounds. De La Rosa was consistently in the middle round holding his hands low and Angulo could see the openings but couldn't get his shots...
  15. Re: Boxing results: Leo Santa Cruz retains title with TKO win over Roman

    It turned out to be almost a replay of Garcia-Salka...time for Santa Cruz to get in with someone who is not overmatched or over the hill.
  16. Re: Pay-Per-Pew: Miguel Vazquez and Mickey Bey Fight A Stinker

    Please, please no rematch. And we can only hope too the days of Miguel Vazquez fighting on tv are done. But he is advised by Al Haymon...I can see it now, Vazquez-Salka this fall on Showtime.

  17. Re: My prediction on the Floyd fight( the ppv breaks a record)

    I will say this. I was at a theater in Cleveland in May that was packed and sold out before the J'Leon Love was over. Tonight I was in Rochester at a theater with 15 people. Either Cleveland is a...
  18. Lets get everyone's predictions for Mayweather-Maidana

    The big rematch is upon us later tonight. So lets get everyone's predictions on this forum.


    I see Maidana coming out guns a blazing early throwing over a hundred punches in...
  19. Re: Leo Santa Cruz will try to please his fans by stopping Manuel Roman

    Santa Cruz needs to stop Roman and do so relatively early. Roman is a 6 to 8 round fighter and not bad on the club circuit. But in no way is he close to Santa Cruz's level. In addition, he has no...
  20. Re: My prediction on the Floyd fight( the ppv breaks a record)

    The PPV is going to be low. I myself am headed to a local theater to watch the card.

    I understand the revenue aspect and the argument behind that. But fewer buys mean fewer eyeballs on the sport....
  21. Re: Luis Ortiz emerges as new heavyweight powerhouse

    Ortiz looked good but there is a reason he looked good too. His opponent, Kayode, had a glossy record and a bit of a name from fighting so much on ShoBox earlier in his career. But remember Kayode...
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    Re: JuanMa Returns Tomorrow

    I agree, that was one scary knockout. Robert Garcia was Cuellar's trainer and when the KO happened went over to JuanMa to help out in any way he could (he was actually cutting the gloves off if you...
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    Re: Chino looks TRIM

    There has been a lot of rumblings out there about a much longer training camp this time around for Maidana. Its clear he believes with an extended camp without Ariza that he can increase his work...
  24. Re: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 : Final press conference

    He's not going for the KO. Not that I blame him but the talk of it is nonsense. He's going to survive the initial onslaught and fight his fight from there on out. He will pot shot and counterpunch...
  25. Re: Glen Tapia Fights Donatas Bondorovas Oct. 4 in AC

    I've seen Hart, lets say he's a work in progress. There is natural athletic ability and skill. But there is a lot of refining that needs to be done. A lot. What I have seen from him does not scream...
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