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  1. 20 Years Ago Today.......Muhammad Ali Lights the Olympic Torch

    July 19, 1996, Atlanta, Georgia, an indelible moment in the history of sports and the history of television.

    It was amazing that those behind the scenes were able to keep it a secret. I'll bet...
  2. Max Kellerman's New Gig at ESPN Seemingly Bodes Well for Boxing

    Effective July 25, Max Kellerman joins Stephen A. Smith as the co-host of ESPN's two-hour morning talk show "First Take." Kellerman replaces Skip Bayless who left the network to join rival Fox Sports...
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    Re: Golovkin vs brook - september 10th - london

    Big news. Here at TSS we're on the story. We'll be posting stories from Phil Woolever and David Avila later this afternoon.

    Skibbz. I'm thinking that if ticket prices were fair you could attract...
  4. Re: Seven Active Boxers With a Combined 956 Losses: The Professional Losers Club

    I hate to use the word "tomato can" -- it's such a slur -- but the label certainly fits guys like Balogh (who apparently has retired) and Holly.

    Perhaps the greatest professional loser in U.S....
  5. Re: R.I.P. Jack Obermayer: The Man Was a Legend in His Own Right

    Obermayer's favorite venue was the storied Blue Horizon in Philadelphia. He liked it because of the ambience, because it was close to his home, and because it was situated close to one of his...
  6. Re: R.I.P. Jack Obermayer: The Man Was a Legend in His Own Right

    I never met "KO JO" but his name pops into my mind whenever I see the show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" on The Food Network.

    Obermayer was a Diners man; he weaved his favorite diners into many...
  7. R.I.P Jack Obermayer -- the hardest working scribe in the world of boxing

    Largely because I live out west and he lived back east, I never had the privilege of meeting Jack Obermayer who passed away Saturday morning, Jan. 25, reportedly from liver cancer, at his home in...
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    Re: Canelo's Rumored Opponent

    Thumbs up to Oubobat. He started this thread on May 24, one month before the match was officially announced. Go back and read his post. The fellow keeps on top of things, as do so many others that...
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    The Mares-Cuellar Fight Has Been Cancelled

    Abner Mares has been forced to pull out of his June 25 bout with Jesus Cuellar. The fight, which was to be the CBS televised appetizer to the Thurman-Porter showdown, was for Cuellar's WBA World...
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    Re: The Invisible Italian American boxers

    In the piece that we excerpted from his book, Rolando Vitale mentions one of my favorite old-time fighters: Frankie Conley.

    Conley beat Monte Attell to lay claim to the world bantamweight title....
  11. Muhammad Ali's Memorial Service. What Were Your Reactions?

    Just got finished watching the Muhammad Ali memorial service which started an hour later than advertised and was expected to run about two hours. It was obvious early on that it was going to drag on...
  12. Re: Muhammad Ali & The Ever Lasting Legacy Of “New-Age-Ali-Social-Zeitgeisism” - Final Thoughts On A Real Legend, Champion, and King.

    Very nice, Storm.

    I don't know who you are, but it's obvious to me that you live outside the United States, likely the U.K.

    In newspapers, the outpouring of words of tribute for Ali was even...
  13. Street Brawler Turned MMA Star Kimbo Slice (7-0 as a conventional boxer) Dead at age 42

    Kimbo Slice, a former strip club bouncer who attracted attention by videotaping street fights on "you tube," has reportedly died at age 42. Although unofficial, his death appears to have been caused...
  14. Re: Muhammad Ali (1942-2016): A Tribute to "The Greatest"

    On the story we published Friday Night -- "Muhammad Ali is in Grave Condition" -- regular contributor brownsugar replied with an interesting observation. He wrote: "I have a ton of his documentaries,...
  15. Re: BREAKING NEWS: Muhammad Ali is Reportedly in Very Grave Condition

    I'm moved by all the tributes I'm reading on the TSS forum. I have a response to brownsugar, but I'm going to post it under Bernard Fernandez's wonderful piece "Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the...
  16. Re: Pro Boxers in the Olympics – Boxing’s Latest Brouhaha

    Good observations. Regarding headgear, prior to 1984 it was not used in the Olympics. As Texas reporter Josh Rosenblatt notes, the decision to use headgear was prompted by the Duk Ku Kim tragedy....
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    Re: When Boxing fans become MBA’s

    Great piece KB. Thanks for writing it. Your reference to Harvard reminded me of Bert Sugar's observation that if the school ever offered a course in the proper way to launch a comeback, a documentary...
  18. Re: Baseball player Rougned Odor ..best right hand outside of a boxing ring

    Hey, let's give Jose Bautista credit for having a granite chin. Like Jake LaMotta, he's never been knocked down. (Oops, I guess LaMotta was knocked down once; never mind).
  19. Re: Cruiserweights Featured in IBF Title Eliminator on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday

    He literally -- yes, literally -- knocked the stuffing out of two heavy bags at Abel Sanchez's gym. I would have said that he was the best kept secret in the cruiserweight division, but he was a huge...
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    Re: Today in Brockton Boxing History

    I know the Brockton High School athletic teams were nicknamed the Boxers after Marciano. Do they still retain that nickname?? I wonder what the nickname was before it was changed to Boxers.
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    Re: If W. Klit pulls out of the fight against Fury

    I'm not sure they ever married, but WK has had a long off-and-on, mostly on, relationship with 26-year-old American actress Hayden Panettiere. They have a baby daughter born in 2014.

  22. Re: Floyd Mayweather: The McGregor Fight Is NOT A Rumor

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    Re: Briggs-Dimitrenko Makes No Sense, Unless?

    Here's what I find interesting. On paper, this is a competitive fight. I mean, would you really feel comfortable betting on Shannon Briggs? He's 44 years old, absorbed a terrible beating from Vitali...
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    Re: Poignancy at T-Mobile

    I was sitting just a few feet away from Tapia's corner and I missed Mora's gesture too. Keen observation, KB.
  25. Re: Showtime Signs Anthony Joshua: Another Score for England in the New World Order of Boxing

    "...disappeared like a Walmart employee who won the weekly Powerball." Great line, brownsugar.
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