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    Re: Manny considering a move down?

    Pac at 140 would be solid. Keep Crawford away from him though, I like the kid and want to see him continue winning, Pac would ruin him in many ways.

    Pac would beat the ghetto out of Broner. ...
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    Re: J'Leon Love Gets Kayoed on "ShoBox"

    Love has always been terrible. He is sub par, by far.
  3. Re: Abel Sanchez expects Golovkin vs. Rubio to be a short night

    Agreed, but what is GGG to do?

    No one wants to be punched by him relentlessly until they are no longer able to stand.
  4. Re: Publicist Swanson Defends Mayweather: "Yes He Can Read"

    10 oz gloves, I called that a month ago.

    No surprise there.

    Is the ring 40 feet as well?
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    Re: What is Stevenson Thinking?

    I don't get it either, apparently Stevenson is lacking confidence.

    I think he smashes Pascal, but gets whooped by both KK and Bhop.
  6. Re: WBC Says WBA and IBF Will Now Use Instant Replay

    I think IR is a good idea between rounds for reviewing a suspect knockdown/trip or even a cut to see if it came from a headbutt or cut.

    These scenarios are crucial and can determine who is really...
  7. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    I agree BFF, I have said for months that KK has fantastic timing, spacing, he does not load up, his balance is always solid and he is consistent in going to the body and head mixing it up. His...
  8. Re: Maidana Hopes Mayweather Stands and Fights "Like A Man"

    body, body and more to the body for the first 4-6 rounds and never anywhere else.

    Slow down those legs, beat up that body and the head will be there late.

    Dont push your punches, dont load...
  9. Re: Marcos Maidana: "Mayweather will run like he usually does"

    Nothing wrong with what Chino is saying.

    All those other things are cliche' and boring. The nice thing about Chino is that he is genuine and real. Let him be him. Let him be outside the ring...
  10. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    Hopkins at 49 challenging the best lhw in the world besides himself, a killer at that. All respect to Hopkins.

    If Bhop's legs are good enough I can see him keeping SK at far enough distance to...
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    Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    Apparently the professional fighter, instead of just punching the guy out, shot an unarmed man multiple times and is facing 2 felonies....wow
  12. Re: Marcos Maidana: "Mayweather will run like he usually does"

    I have no problem with a boxer running to win a fight.

    Just don't ask me to pay 70$ to watch you do it.
  13. Re: Is the Mayweather-50 Cent Beef True, Or False, Sad Sign of the Times Or What?

    high school girl drama

  14. Re: Maidana Hopes Mayweather Stands and Fights "Like A Man"

    Do what Mick had Rocky doing and chase that chicken to get some speed!
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    Pulev throws the PEDS card at Wlad.....

    A recent article states Pulev questioning Wlads integrity as he has not been tested accordingly for PEDS. Pulev feels Wlad only being tested after the fight is a bit fishy.

    Vitali has a history...
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    Re: Mr Bute.............Meet Mr Roach?

    I would not say he is shot mentally and there is no coming back.

    Sometimes the mind can be so stubborn you can not overcome things on your own.

    Take for instance Chuck Knoblauch and his...
  17. Thread: JMM turns 41

    by amayseng

    Re: JMM turns 41

    JMM closer to 31 than 41 with his recent concoctions.
  18. Re: Pacquiao: "I'm Impressed By Algieri's Scientific Approach To Boxing"

    Im just hoping for a rios vs prov on the undercard, or a solid undercard for a good night of boxing. It seems like we are in a drought
  19. Re: Klitschko Hurt, Pulev Fight is Off, To Be Reset

    Stiverne out for "gluttony" haha

    Is it a bicep or a hamstring injury?
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    Re: Mr Bute.............Meet Mr Roach?

    Best decision Bute can make as he has looked like his killer instinct and confidence are gone.

    You got whooped by Froch, caught for not being disciplined in there, it happens, time to get over...
  21. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    Agreed with all of the above.

    It will be ashame with GGG, he will lack the proper competition to rate him at his potential. Sadly.

    And Cotto won't fight him, although that would be a great...
  22. Re: Mayweather Can Fight Who He Wants, When He Wants...Period!

    GGG is not the best in history of the mw division, though he has the tools to be an ATG, will he be one is the question. Hard to see anyone in recent era better than Hagler.
  23. Re: What They Didn't Tell You About Mike Tyson's Rape Conviction (VIDEO)

    I agree with the above. I researched that case to death back in the day. Tyson is innocent of it.

    How can you blame him for losing half his mind after being accused and found guilty of such a...
  24. Re: What do you guys think about 50 Cent mocking Mayweather's reading difficulties?

    I think they should both be embarrassed.

    Like a couple of high school girls on FB arguing and fighting.

    Move on already.
  25. Re: Alfredo Angulo moves up in weight and will face James De La Rosa Sept.13

    AA looked like a dead man walking against Canelo.

    Either he threw the fight or is absolutely shot.

    The guy threw nothing but arm punches with nothing on them, nothing.
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