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  1. Re: Call in, we got Shannon Briggs on the line!!

    That Briggs interview was tremendous and highly entertaining. I was listening on the road in the car with my wife. She is not as big a fight fan as me but she was even into that interview. Great job...
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    Re: Manny considering a move down?

    I thought a fight with Mikey Garcia was being built toward at a catchweight, say somewhere around 135-139, until Garcia sued Top Rank. I think this would have been a great fight. And I am still...
  3. Re: Still No Consensus on Rocky Marciano's Place in Boxing History

    I loved watching ESPN Classic when I was younger and they would replay old fights constantly. That's where I got to see many of Rocky Marciano's old fights.

    The man retired undefeated and that to...
  4. Re: Donaire versus Walters.... A feast for the fans.

    I love the Donaire-Walters fight. This is the true main event on this card and a fight that I am really looking forward to seeing.

    Walters is a real puncher with good skills and improving...
  5. Re: Badou Jack faces Jason Escalera this Saturday, August 30 in ShoBox: The New Generation

    TMT is throwing Jack right back in there tough following the one round KO loss earlier this year on Showtime. They must want to find out now if that was a fluke and if there man can in deed fight. We...
  6. Re: J'Leon Love faces Rogelio Medina Saturday, August 30 at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

    Medina is a tough fighter who likes to throw a lot of punches but is not a very particularly hard hitter. He is the kind of guy that can jump you if you are not focused or in shape. But is very crude...
  7. Re: Inside Maidana's Game Plan for Mayweather Rematch

    I don't see Mayweather getting a stoppage here but agree Maidana will start to fade and do so early. I see him going gangbusters in the first couple rounds, more so than the first fight, and the pace...
  8. Re: Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio will be on October 18 at the Stub Hub Center

    Its hard for me to envision Rubio with any kind of shot here. A punchers chance maybe but even that's a long shot.

    Rubio has trouble with anyone who has a bit of skill and uses movement. Kelly...
  9. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    One of the many reasons I like this fight so much is that there are so many varying opinions amongst those who know the sport as to who will win and how it will play it out in the ring. There are...
  10. Re: John Molina Jr. talks about his upcoming fight against Humberto Soto

    Of all the fights on this card, including Mayweather-Maidana II, this is the one I am most looking forward to believe it or not. And its not even part of the PPV broadcast but on Showtime as part of...
  11. There are some great fights coming in early September nobody is talking about

    We are closing in on a second relatively slow week in the sport. But September is around the corner and along with it some very excellent matchups. Forget Mayweather-Maidana and look south to some of...
  12. Re: Marcos Maidana: "Mayweather will run like he usually does"

    Its funny, Maidana seems to be trying to psychologically bait Mayweather into fighting his fight. Has Maidana not been paying any attention to the sport in the last decase or so? Floyd is a...
  13. Re: Sounds Like Rigo Could Be Joining Frank Warren Stable

    I read this story and have been trying to make sense of why Rigo would sign with Warren. I was telling myself there has to be some logical sense. But as of it I have not found any. A match between...
  14. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    After Hopkins schooled Pavlik in 2008, I swore for however longer he fought that I'd never pick against Hopkins again.

    Leading up to the Pavlik fight, Hopkins was coming off the loss to Calzaghe...
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    Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    Well, apparently Taylor has been granted a request to travel out of state for the October fight. So remarkably in spite of the events that have transpired there may be a fight against Soliman after...
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    Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    Yeah saw the news this morning. Very sad story and definitely no fight.
  17. Re: Leo Santa Cruz talks about his next title defense against Manuel Roman

    I am a huge fan of Santa Cruz. His style of non-stop activity is so fun to watch.

    But I am dieing to see him in a major step up fight and there are so many potential juicy matchups out there for...
  18. Re: The Comeback Went Off the Rails; Now, For Mike Jones, "We'll See What Happens"

    Its obviously going to be tough for Jones to come back from this. It is a major set back in once appeared to be a very promising career.

    I wonder too how much his heart was really in the sport. He...
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    Re: I give Pulev a chance against WK

    I've seen Pulev fight a few times and nothing I have seen to me indicates he has much a shot against Klitschko. In my opinion, his best shot would be hoping that Klitschko gets old suddenly overnight...
  20. Re: Adrien Broner Says He's Fighting Lamont Peterson

    Agreed, Peterson and Broner are not fighting each other. They are very tight with one another and have been so for quite some time.

    And definitely do see Garcia heading north to 147. Right now at...
  21. Re: Chavez Jr. Doesn't Want Crack At Champ Anthony Dirrell

    Chavez does seem to have zero interest in the moment at fighting. Well as a matter of fact, never seemed to have his heart in the sport at all. He has his daddy's name and natural talent he has been...
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    Re: Briggs is looking sharp.

    Was I impressed with what I saw? No. Phelps was a human punching bag and Briggs was just winging away to get the KO. As a matter of fact, before that final knockdown Briggs looked like he was...
  23. Re: THE STERN VIEW: Fightnight Reports From FS1 Cali Card

    Avila is someone to keep an eye on closely. He is getting better and better each time out. His record does not indicate that he is a power puncher but his power, through improved technique, has...
  24. Re: What They Didn't Tell You About Mike Tyson's Rape Conviction (VIDEO)

    I have always wondered if it was a mistake on King's end hiring a divorce attorney or strategic move by King.

    Remember, at this point in Tyson's boxing career he was fading somewhat. He had the...
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    Re: Mr Bute.............Meet Mr Roach?

    Bute is a shot fighter mentally. His confidence is gone. Froch ruined him and even when he has won since (Grachev fight) struggled much more than he should have.

    If you watch the Pascal fight,...
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