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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    Directed at me or not, 100% true. I just saw he is lining up Lemeiux. "Management" at its best.

    Problem with "management" is that it gets dangerous. JuanMa was "managed", Victor Ortiz was...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    Again, I am not a Floyd guy but in defense of the Floyd defenders I will say this.

    Even the most ardent Floyd fanboy knows that Floyd is going to be selective about who and when he fights. They...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    Glad to see you Shadow. You always have good input but constantly vacation from the site. You take more days off than Santa Claus.

    Anyway, I am 100% with you on the GGG sentiments regarding...
  4. Re: Walters Over Weight, Has Two Hours To Get Down from 127.4

    He didn't make it. He could only make it down to 127.0.

    WBA is taking his strap.
  5. Re: Hopkins Gearing Up For One Last Battle With Father Time And, Oh Yeah, James DeGale

    And to boot add good fighters that he rumbled with: Glen Johnson, Bad Chad twice, Joppy, Winky, Calzaghe, and a great Roy.

    Best resume of anyone still fighting. Slight edge to him over Pac, with...
  6. Re: Will Amir Khan Trip, Crack His Head on the Pavement?

    100% Correct. As strange as it seems, if Khan loses he might be done as a relevant fighter not to mention even sniffing a Mayweather pay day. He has looked really good in his last four bouts but...
  7. Re: Potential Mayweather vs. Golovkin Is Only Legit If Contested At 160

    Although some may think your nuts, I can arrive at your logic. It is interesting and I might even pick Pac vs GGG. GGG is Pac's wheelhouse for the following reasons:

    Pac destroys stalking, come...
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    Re: GGG. Froch. Wembley Stadium.


    Things are shaping up well for us fans. If this pops off we could have Cotto, Thurman, GGG, Froch, Walters, Wilder, Povetkin, Kovalev, Khan, Algieri, Porter, Broner and Brook all before...
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    GGG. Froch. Wembley Stadium.

    Serious negotiations are already underway according to many news outlets.

    As most of us thought, GGG was going to have to leave 160 to get a real fight as this is being negotiated at 168.

  10. Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Best Ever? Hardly

    I agree they are inaccurate but not beyond the boundaries of reason. They are a reflection is what most people see and feel. Do the eyes lie on occasion and do emotions overtake you? Yes, it...
  11. Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Best Ever? Hardly

    I am not a Floyd fanboy at all, I watched it alone, with the sound off, and reviewed parts as the fight went on (boxing nerd, I know).

    I scored it 9-3 Floyd, could see it 10-2 or 8-4. No bias...
  12. Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    They always do. About very 15-20 years we get a massive fight. It is routine and dates back to the early 1900's. It is interesting too, how after everyone of those fights, you hear the...
  13. Re: BEADLEGATE: ESPN's Beadle, CNN's Nichols In Credential Flap

    I am going to sound like an insensitive tool here but it's truth.

    I really don't blame Floyd, or his team, or whomever for this. They both did ambush work on Floyd, especially Rachel Nichols. ...
  14. Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    Even when I disagree with someone's opinion, I try real hard not to disparage it or call them crazy because that is dismissive and you can often lose an opportunity to learn something.

    We once had...
  15. Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12


    Dude where you been? You missing like Manny's straight left.
  16. Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    Had it 8-4 and if Floyd had kept the fight off the ropes it may have been a clean sweep. Pretty much what I expected. No rematch needed.
  17. Re: The Hauser Report: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings

    Ouch Buzz.....Tell'em how you really feel.

    I don't think Wlad is an all-time great either but he is a good fighter that came along in a bad era. The clinching is not artistically pleasing but it...
  18. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    As the resident contrarian of this site, let me take my rightful place again.

    I really didn't have a problem with Wlad's performance. He did what it took to win and won handily in my opinion. ...
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    Re: Ticket prices are astronomical

    Oubobcat, I hope no one ever exposes you to the real side of alot of charities that cover several walks of life. You would be surprised at how much of it never sees the need that it is supposedly...
  20. Re: Leo Santa Cruz's Opponent for May 2nd

    Does it really though? Metrics show that people by in large don't watch undercards. I am of the opinion that a good undercard can draw more people to a fight but I don't think a bad one detracts...
  21. Re: Don't Let April 25 Klitschko-Jennings Get Lost in #MayPac Shuffle!

    That pic alone scares me. It looks like a pic of a heavyweight and a blown up super middle.

    This one will probably end up like Wlad's fight against Fast Eddie Chambers. Eddie had some skill,...
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    Re: War ruslan

    I am curious how did you have it?

    The reason I ask is because I have run into this weird thing when I am scoring fights. If there is no knockdown there is something about the difference between...
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    Re: Geale-Cotto in the Works?


    I know I am a douchebag for saying this, but yeah I do. For two reasons:

    I would want them to understand that number one, when you win titles in four weight classes, are one of the...
  24. Re: Amir Khan to face former World Champion Chirs Algieri on PBC Spike TV card

    I think the beauty of this fight is we really don't know what either fighter is.

    C-Al is a guy who beat a good but limited fighter in Ruslan but got smoked by a great fighter in Manny

    Khan is a...
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    Re: Geale-Cotto in the Works?

    That always makes me laugh.............
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