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  1. Re: MIAMI MEETUP: Mayweather Talks To Pacquiao

    This means nothing.

    What is Floyd going to start grinding out numbers himself?

    It will not happen
  2. Re: Gyllenhaal’s "Southpaw" Hits Theaters This Summer

    Yep I'm waiting for that one as well
  3. Re: Gyllenhaal’s "Southpaw" Hits Theaters This Summer

    Fantastic movie. Check out Prisoners as well. Fantastic, although his performance was over shined by a great pace, plot and overall performances all around.
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    Absolutely look at Floyd, Pac, Ali, shoot even Frazier had the ability to get up and under into his opponents. Sweet Pea, DLH, even Cotto has good footwork.
    Pep, Duran, Sugar Ray. I could go all...
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    I concur.

    Rios will never be a top fighter due to his poor footwork and agility. Alls he can do is walk, he does not hop, skip, shuffle or step with agility. Elite fighters have the footwork...
  6. Re: Floyd Mayweather Sr. chats with Michael Woods on #KovalevPasca, Mayweather fighting Pacquiao & more

    Is the damage from boxing? I don't recall him taking beatings or being in wars in the ring.

    I am guessing it is the everlasting effects of a once druggie.
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    James will bring it the same way he always does which is the only way he knows. He is a straight savage and is coming for the kill.

    Sadly for him, Canelo will be sitting down on those 6 punch...
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    Re: Mayweather vs Cotto on May 2nd?

    I'm with you.

    If I was Manny I would sign Khan to fight May 2 to stick it to Floyd.

    Add Canelo and Kirkland to the PPV and you have a solid card.
  9. Re: Gyllenhaal’s "Southpaw" Hits Theaters This Summer

    He became a passionate fight fan, good for him.
    Looking forward to the movie, he has been outstanding in everything recently.
  10. Re: Wilder Could Do First Defense In His Backyard of 'Bama

    It would be nice to see him get a better trainer and try to incorporate some fundamentals that are lacking. If not he will have a short reign, sadly.
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    Re: Sergio Martinez Back To The Gym In March

    Good for him, do what you love as long as you can.

    I think a few tune up fights are in order, give the guy a chance to get the rust off.
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    Good point.

    Well Angulo, who is a POOR example seeing as he was like a walking zombie.

    James is a live dog for sure, but he just eats too many punches for me to see him getting through 4...
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    I would guess James has been offered a huge guarantee for showing up this time. James can care less about being celebrity or popular barely even being active the last two years. Money talks and it...
  14. Re: Contender or Prospect? Gilberto Ramirez Wins a Unanimous Decision Over Maxim Vlasov

    Unimpressed by Ramirez. He faded mid to late and showed no ability to adjust and take control.
  15. Re: Brandon Rios Makes Mike Alvarado Quit on His Stool After Three

    Alvarado showed up in that **** poor of shape knowing his own mother would be in the front row to see him beat to a pulp?


    I mentioned to my gf that he looked like a junkie when...
  16. Re: Pascal Wants Random Testing For PEDs, Buck Stops With Kovalev Promoter Duva, Though

    Pascal is going to get destroyed in this one.

    His stamina was a problem against a 46 year old Hopkins.

    Kovalev is a nonstop *** whooping machine and will grind Pascal into a stoppage.
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    Re: Canelo-Cotto Apparently Not Happening

    Kirkland is an exciting and violent fighter who would give anyone a tough test. However, he eats punches like they are good for him and Canelo has A LOT of firepower and lands in combinations. This...
  18. Re: Shotgun Taylor at it again.Arrested for shooting a gun(and qa drug charge)

    This is concerning. Taylor is a husband and father. Someone needs to step in asap before it's too late.
  19. Re: Jean Pascal is confident he can handle Sergey Kovalev

    It is not going to matter as Pascal is as limited mentally as he is physically.

    Kovalev is going to spark him out mid fight.

    Kovalev is a destroyer as Pascal is a "part of the round"...
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    Re: Canelo-Cotto Apparently Not Happening

    That would be Pac pulling a fast one on Floyd.

    He could say Floyd DUCKED the Pac fight so Cotto vs Pac for the mw title is now on.
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    Re: Cotto-Canelo A No Go

    Absolutely Deep.

    Think about Hopkins and Hagler, REAL fighters who defended their belts and now we have a catchweight champion on his way to put together a catch weight fight I am sure
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    Re: Canelo-Cotto Apparently Not Happening

    This is outright disturbing.

    Shadow how can you support a mw title fight at 152?
  23. Re: Wilder Weighs 219; Did The Bronze Bomber Over-Train?

    USA is a notoriously disgusting country when it comes to eating.
  24. Re: Wilder Weighs 219; Did The Bronze Bomber Over-Train?

    Light and athletic is his gift. He needs to stay within his strengths as he is not a fundamental fighter at the least.

    I still see BS's slickness giving him fits.
  25. Re: Will Quillin try and regain the belt he threw in the garbage?

    When a child is born a man does NOT stop going to work, he works HARDER.

    The baby is an excuse.

    And especially in this case where a fighter has the choice to adapt his workday and be more...
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