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    Re: The Pac vs Floyd betting line.

    Guys, please be aware we are sometimes talking about two different lines. One is two way wagering that has no draw line. If fight ends in a draw, all monies are refunded. Three way line features a...
  2. Re: An Algorithm For A Real Time Boxing Prediction Machine, Or Perhaps Just Something Meaningless To Just Address The Elusiveness Of Performances Within Boxing; Too Hard – Tell Me Why?

    Simple enough. Don't see much of a problem with our readership and their big brains wrapping their minds around this. From my part of the world the term snap refers to the attempt of landing the...
  3. Re: Sam Simon: A Remembrance June 6, 1955 – March 8, 2015

    I never heard a bad word about the man. RIP Big Guy.

    ...and Thomas, what didn't you particularly like?
  4. Re: Destiny Played Role Reversal With the Careers of David Reid & Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    I will tell you about yet another major talent out of the Philadelphia area, a writing monster named Bernard Fernandez. Remember the name, most certainly Hall of Fame worthy.

    @stormcentre. ...
  5. Re: Is Cotto Now Out In The Cold? Maybe, Maybe Not

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    Re: Mayweather -300

    From your keyboard clacking to God's ears...now two dollars.
  7. Re: Pac to continue playing basketball leading up to Mayweather fight????

    It would be a really, really bad idea...
  8. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    C'mon G, join us for dinner...
  9. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Will be a pleasure. And it's Vegas, we have great options.
  10. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

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    Re: Mayweather -300

    I now see Mayweather -225, Pac +190.
  12. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Hey tough guy, watch the language.
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    Mayweather -300

    Mayweather opens a 3-1 favorite. I make the line Mayweather -190 (1.9-1)
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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

    That's my tROAST! We will win. We will!

    I was so hoping for this post to be the one where you broke through the ceiling, but I guess that still lies ahead. We know you have a champion's heart...
  15. Re: Is Kosei Tanaka the World’s Brightest Prospect?

    I'm a 1000% tired of reading about the same dozen or so fighters everyday. Manny bought a snow cone, Floyd (seen pictured in a hammock), Amir, who wishes to fight both of them...

    There was a time...
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    Re: Could today be the day?

    Mich4C, please tell us how you really feel! :)

    Fight's not happening May 2nd. Of this year anyway.
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather Can’t Win

    I think the Money/Pac fight is starting to become that restaurant you heard great things about on the other side of town. And on the occasions you drive by it you say, "I've heard nothing but good...
  18. Re: Give It Up To Skibbz, He Has Joined The TSS 2,000-Post Club

    Kid does great work.
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    Re: #MayPac Nearing Home Stretch?

    @storm. I see what you did there. Love that.
    @sugar. Great read.
    @Commish & TSS Universe. I heard the same thing as well. I'll wait for the announcement however.
  20. Re: Is it time for Bernard Hopkins to hang his gloves?

  21. Re: Floyd to Manny: "We Have To Make This Fight Happen"

    When they didn't interrupt the Super Bowl to make "THE" announcement I thought to myself, well, it won't be happening this May either. And I'm going to stick with that.
  22. Re: Springs Toledo’s “The Ringside Belle,” Part 1

    W4W...God, I wish I thought of that!

    How 'bout Literary P4P (Paragraph for Paragraph)
  23. Re: Springs Toledo’s “The Ringside Belle,” Part 1

    The gap between the greatest boxing writer in the world and the next guy down is widening...
  24. Re: Pesky Press Corners HBO's Hershman on #MayPac

    I don't agree. God is definitely a fight fan. God loves humans with moxie. And Who in the universe would know more about the A+ side, hmmm?
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    Re: A New Spamming Genius CharlesMap

    Ray Leonard and Ray Robinson before him. Maybe it was the nickname?
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