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    Matthew Franklin on my list of this ilk, no doubt. MSM an absolute beast.
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    Re: The Last Golden Age of the Heavyweights

    A fight that I wish had've happened was Holyfield - Tyson in 1991, pre-Indiana. Tyson pulled out due to a rib injury/pending legal issues. That would've been both of those guys in their relative...
  3. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

    Derrick 'Smoke' Gainer. Forget waterboarding, put Smoke on and we'd have found UBL a decade ago, and would find Mullah Omar tomorrow.
  4. Re: If The Klitschkos Are Era's Numbers One And Two, Who Is Number Three?

    Not a fan of Byrd's style either, but the guy had balls. He threw down twice with Wladimir and absorbed serious punishment (didn't run, fought him toe to toe). Also beat Vitali in an away game in...
  5. Re: If The Klitschkos Are Era's Numbers One And Two, Who Is Number Three?

    I want to believe in Wilder but I don't think he'll get past Stiverne.
  6. Re: If The Klitschkos Are Era's Numbers One And Two, Who Is Number Three?

    Ike Ibeabuchi. As a fan of the heavyweights, I'd love a parallel universe where this guy was in the mix with Lewis and the Klitschkos. I'm optimistic about the division post-Klitschko, even if it's...
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    Re: Stiverne-Wilder Sign for December Title Clash

    It's a compelling fight. I'll be tuned in.
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    Re: Boxing is BACK on national TV, NBC.

    Just a ho-hum Sunday.

  9. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT Mayweather Wins Foul Fest Against Maidana

    A Robert Curtis sighting is precious metal stuff! Worthy of a 'Toonoy.'
  10. Re: Pay-Per-Pew: Miguel Vazquez and Mickey Bey Fight A Stinker

    Didn't order the card, although almost caved in and did it at around 9:15 with a couple pops in me. The clincher was the putrid undercard, as well as college football diverting my attention. It was...
  11. Re: FYI, Thomas Hauser Is Not JUST a Boxing Writer

    '21 grams'
  12. Re: Mike Tyson: The Ghost of the Past Still Haunts the Catskill Thunder

    The shocking thing is that even Vince Fuller should have been able to win that case. He tried that case like Hagler fought Leonard in the early going, only worse. Nobody knows the facts better than...
  13. Re: Mike Tyson: The Ghost of the Past Still Haunts the Catskill Thunder


    Tyson is not a rapist. Had his trial transpired today, in this era, he'd have been acquitted resoundingly. 1992 was a different world. A different planet. No Court TV, no CNN, nada....
  14. Re: Still No Consensus on Rocky Marciano's Place in Boxing History

    I love how Eddie Futch said to Joe, during his vehement protest of the Manila stoppage, "No one will ever forget what you did here tonight." Powerful, powerful words, and he was right. That's exhibit...
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    Re: Briggs eats and trains like a champ

    Briggs is a joke. But more power to him, the boxing public has a short memory and is not wise (understatement), so perhaps this is sellable. Vitali hospitalized him for 2 weeks; Wladimir may kill...
  16. Re: Dang! This Sonny Liston Story Is The Most Bizarre Yet

    What's your opinion Randy? I never believed Liston took a dive. I think he got clipped on the jaw by a powerful, perfectly thrown shot that he never saw coming. But who knows. Would like to hear your...
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    Re: Chris Algieri and other college boys

    I believe Darrin Van Horn, who was bombed out by Iran Barkley in the early 90's, was a college graduate. Pretty sure he held an alphabet strap once upon a time.
  18. Re: Undersized Heavyweights Battle in Madison Square Garden

    Agreed. That late point was suspect, but neither captured the imagination. Perez' career ended last November against Mago. Jennings...not a splashy debut to the big time.
  19. Re: Will the Official TSS PxP Ratings Change After Tonight?

    Geale is alright, but not at a level opponent-wise to support a seismic shake-up in the P4P rankings, irrespective of how dominant GGG performs (on the flip side, GGG could slip with a mediocre...
  20. Re: One of the All-Time Greats is in Action Tonight and Nobody Gives a Hoot

    "Tarnished" only in where he would've been had he retired after Ruiz. His stock then was at its absolute zenith. But yes, scores of guys have held on too long, so RJJ is definitely not alone. But I'm...
  21. Re: One of the All-Time Greats is in Action Tonight and Nobody Gives a Hoot

    Sad RJJ is marching on, but we've read this script before. It'd be nice if the greats could do like Hagler, who in my opinion is exhibit A of how to retire. That said, had RJJ retired after Ruiz,...
  22. Re: Alexander Ustinov: What are his chances of winning on Saturday?

    Vitaliti Klitschko was a late substitute for Kirk Johnson more than a decade ago in a fight that was then viewed as a borderline ESPN level bout, but is now among the most historically significant...
  23. Re: It's for real, Pacquiao-Algieri set for November 22nd

    I'm on board with this. Nobody's selling this as 3/8/71; CA earned the shot, showed tremendous heart/courage/temerity last time out, possesses great charisma/likability, and has a truly compelling...
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    Re: Stiverne and Wilder Coming Closer To Clash

    Tye Fields' career ended on a Pacquiao undercard 4 or 5 years ago when he was bombed out in the first round by Monte Barrett (might not have been MP but think it was). I'm psyched for this one....
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    Re: Alvarez v Lara...a Couchside Report

    Canelo working the body well, been invested there all along.
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