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  1. Re: Englands most stacked card in a while.

    That's what I remember Cleverly for,... Non-stop-come-forward-volume-punching.
    Except Kovalev proved that everyone has limitations.

    Their first fight was nonstop action.

    I can't believe...
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    Re: The Chris Algieri show

    I had a slightly different perspective. And its simply an educated guess........Algieri was clearly trying to sell tickets with his absurd prefight comments and he may have been hoping Pacman would...
  3. Englands most stacked card in a while.

    I wish I could have spent my money on the Cleverly / Bellows card.

    The card featured Degale, Quigg, and Joshua,

    Those are four good names I would have loved to have seen in action.
  4. Re: Beating Algieri Served Pacquiao's Purpose But He Can't Beat Floyd

    Mayweather is still fighting public perception. His 14 year old son just called him a coward in the press and the baby's mama, Josie Harris is cashing in by writing a book about being abused during...
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    Re: Danny Garcia vs PAC

    Garcia walks around at 165.
    He has extreme difficulty trying to make 140,and can no longer safely make the weight.
    I think if they fight at a catch weight his amateur experience would allow him to...
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    Re: Props To Tim Lane And His Guy Algieri

    Just say no to "Survivalist Boxing",.... Lol.
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    Re: Having My Crow and Eating it, Too!

    Lol... Its just boxing and Algieri is merely a novice who got "N Too Deep".
    Algieri doesn't deserve my disparaging comments just for hyping the fight with his bodacious promises or wasting his...
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    Re: Loma beats Floyd at 140 right now

    By the 3rd round Lomo had his opponent conditioned and trained to follow him while absorbing abuse.... it was if the man was hypnotised....Lomo is very selective about using his power shots and is...
  9. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do The Experts Like, Pacquiao or Algieri?

    Absolutely... I'm working overtime and won't get off till midnight... But I'm recording the fights
    I wish your guy luck. What he lacks in experience he almost makes up for with determination....
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    Re: Really Roach....????

    Or is it a ploy being used to gain leverage in the Canelo negotiations?
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    Really Roach....????

    I recently read an article where Roach is explaining why he thinks Cotto would destroy GGG.
    Has Roach NOT been taking his meds?
    Is he trying to get Cotto Killed?
    Even Cotto knows better.
    Is this...
  12. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do The Experts Like, Pacquiao or Algieri?

    I'm with the TSS crew,..... Another stink-fest like the Provodnikov encounter will not be rewarded in China. Folks aren't buying tickets to see a track meet. The gap in boxing skills is too wide....
  13. Re: Bryant Jennngs Ready To Rock, Happy To Fight Stiverne OR Wilder

    I don't think there's any substitute for learning how to fight at an early age.
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    Re: A promotional storm brewing

    The simple fact of the matter is ......without Oscar or Schaeffer in his corner or Paq on the opposite side of the ring, ...Mayweather's event is going to fail miserably. He would need to have...
  15. Re: Chris Algieri Is Charismatic And Tough... But Is He A PPV Fighter?

    All fighters have something to say before a fight. I don't read a whole into it because its mainly to.hype the fight and/or send a message of confidence to their opponent. Trash talk shouldn't be...
  16. Re: Andrade Pulls Out of Dec. 13 Bout With Jermell Charlo

    Very apt analogy Shadow.
  17. Re: Andrade Pulls Out of Dec. 13 Bout With Jermell Charlo

    That's the point ....a contract was never signed but tickets were actually being sold and advertised with his face on the poster before negotiations were finalized.

    Ticket buyers were outraged. ...
  18. Re: Emanuel Steward Protege Tony Harrison Can Still Hear Manny's Call For KOs

    The bit about Jim Lampley was interesting.... Its easy to condence the whole essence of a person into one sterotypical sound bite. Bombastic self righteous Blowhard, Abuser, Savior of the Sport,, ...
  19. Re: Andrade Pulls Out of Dec. 13 Bout With Jermell Charlo

    3 and a half weeks ago, Andrade's story was exactly the same as it is today.

    He expressed some justifiable irritation when he woke up one morning to find out he was volunteered to defend his...

    I want to see this one too if only to learn if Lara has learned the meaning of the word "Urgency".
    just like in Algebra.... A negative X a negative = equals a positive
  21. Re: Will Algieri Throw a Gem...or Get Shelled?

    Thanks SP ...I can't wait to hear another one of your fight travelogues from the SouthWest..... Hopefully it will be soon.
  22. Re: Will Algieri Throw a Gem...or Get Shelled?

    I admit to having a laugh or two at the expense of the well heeled and meticulously groomed Chris Algieri. NewYork's Carnegie Hall version of the Cinderella Man presents a very warm and fuzzy...
  23. Re: Broner Likely Fighting in February, in Cinci

    I may catch this fight seeing that im right next door in the "Hallowed Home of the Buckeyes" the atmosphere is off the charts when Broner fights at home. And I guarantee you nobody will be...
  24. Re: Wladimir Klitschko Would've Been A Title Threat In Any Era

    Its funny Froggy... WK is considered the "softy" when compared to his seamingly more vicious brother.... but he's actually been more consistent and devastating than Vitality. Before its over he may...
  25. Re: Wladimir Klitschko Would've Been A Title Threat In Any Era

    WK can't be denied.... He did it the hard way... He earned it. Give credit where credit is due.
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