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  1. Re: Boxing Odds – Togo vs. Juarez July 13 in Title Bout Rematch!

    Mariana Juarez is actually 5 feet, 4 inches in height. She should win the rematch though her reflexes are not the same. Too many hard fights. But she is one of three girls in Mexico that has made...
  2. Re: Riverside Ramblings: Chris Arreola and Manhunt

    Chris looked pretty good in the gym. He looks in pretty good shape for someone still a month away from a fight. If he keeps this going he will be 100 percent ready. I'll be visiting the gym every...
  3. Re: Avila's Fighter of the Year: Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero; Plus Other Best Performances


    Your comments and recommendations are always on mark. I'm sure whatever you suggest in your Best of 2012 will be valid.
    Happy New Year!
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    Re: Andre Berto Tests Positive For Steroid

    I spoke to Andre a month ago when he was in LA. the first thing I asked was to see the injury. He showed it to me. A bump about the size of a dime was on his left bicep. Doctors treat those kind of...
  5. Re: Avila's Best of Women and Men’s Boxing in 2012

    Radam you always have very wise suggestions. I compliment you. Those are all very good recommendations.
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