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    Re: You all need to see this...

    One of the many mysteries that make the "theater of the unexpected", that much more "unexpected"
  2. Re: Shawn Porter talks about his second title defense against Kell Brook

    Porter is a lil different in that he doesn't talk too much smack. He doesn't ever seem to downplay or try to belittle his opponents or their records. Which seems smart and logical but it's the...
  3. Re: Todd DuBoef talks #RiosChaves, #KovalevCaparello and #VargasNovikov

    This fight can live up to the FOTY hype and it all depends on the fight Chaves chooses to fight, IMO. He has the overall greater skill and can control the ebb and flow of this fight. He can use his...
  4. Re: Andre Ward "My lawsuit is not stopping me from fighting, my promoter hasn't made any offers yet"

    Andre Ward does need to get in the ring asap. Kovalev, Froch in the UK, something! My hometown is about an hour or so south of Oakland and he is most kids fave fighter out there. Pretty soon he's...
  5. Re: Glen Tapia will face Salim Larbi in the undercard of #GolovkingGeale

    I was really looking forward to the Boyd/Tapia bout. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise to face someone a lil "softer", he has came off a vicious TKO that was a cold KO at the end of the combo at the...
  6. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    I thought El dudes first post was the GOAT. But I haven't been around long enough to make these type a calls.
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    Re: Al makes a confession on #CaneloLara

    Haha. The twitterverse is irking Mr Al B... You can't make everybody happy. Let the haters hate
  8. Re: Robert Garcia: "We're not worried about Mayweather's power or speed, we will have a better plan"

    Well said bro. Maidana is not the most accurate puncher so I rather see him with more weight behind his punches. Of course it could be a stealthy quick punch that catches Floyd but why play the...
  9. Re: Gennady Golovkin: "I'm a warrior, I like to fight, that's my style"

    If GGG passes this test he will finally not be as avoided, IMO. He is headlining MSG(main arena this time) He can bring in bigger named guys and now the excuses are not justified. Not overlooking...
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    Re: Lil Floyd and the Everlast MX Gloves

    Haha really? I see his hands not holding up for more than 5 seconds! Fist fights are crazy on your hands and Floyd has always had hand issues. Maidana would go down from a flash knockdown and bite...
  11. Re: Floyd Mayweather: "Maidana is a very dirty fighter"

    yeah those things happen in the heat of the action but Maidana is not usually a "sportsman" in the ring. I know there's no exact way to be, but we know it when we see it. Maidana throws knees, swings...
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    Re: Lil Floyd and the Everlast MX Gloves

    Mind games and tactical advantage. This could give Maidana some extra confidence because it shows that $$May cares. I would like to see Maidana wear his gloves of preference but it's probably not...
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    Re: I was right aboult Wilder vs Stiverne

    100% agree. Corn flakes don't taste as good once you've seen or had frosted flakes. Wilder vs Stiverne is too tempting for networks. And My posts are for all to respond to Bsuge! I like the bait and...
  14. Re: Robert Garcia: "We're not worried about Mayweather's power or speed, we will have a better plan"

    That extra weight that Garcia wants Maidana to keep off come fight night may come into play. MM and RG have both said they aren't worried about Mayweathers power but Maidana has been hurt in plenty...
  15. Re: Do Violent Sports Attract Violent People?

    Great points from all. Hard to say for everybody but boxing has the ability to make you less violent depending on you demeanor,IMO. If you are very impatient getting your butt whooped and the...
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    Re: I was right aboult Wilder vs Stiverne

    Do you think the injury is legit because their options are fight Wilder or have to vacate? Maybe King is trying to milk it to the last drop and hope TIME will bring a scenario, any scenario, where...
  17. Re: Floyd Mayweather: "Maidana is a very dirty fighter"

    First fight in a long time( that I can remember) that someone had nastier(dirty) tricks and moves than $$May. They were more blatant and less coordinated, but bothersome for Floyd and effective for...
  18. Re: Marcos Maidana: "For me Mayweather is just another fighter, I'm not intimidated by him"

    Sifting through all the B.S that is hype for this fight, Maidana is as true as toast on this one. In May he fought like a wild lion who had been caged too long for its own good. Maidanas attitude and...
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    Re: Boyd Melson: An Atypical Fighter

    I just read that Kirkland Vs Boyd is off due to Boyd hurting his shoulder. I was looking forward to this fight! Hopefully Golovkin vs Geale steal the show with an entertaining main event.
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    Re: DING! DING! And The Winners Are:

    Congrats to all! Thank you Radam for doin' yo thang as mod. It's my first time placing. Who's the big jefe I E-mail to cut the check?
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    Re: Ding! Ding! Holla At The Winners

    Congrats to the winners!
  22. Re: Marcos Maidana says he will make adjustments for his second fight against Mayweather

    Do you think not having Ariza will be a significant factor come fight night? Even with Ariza, Maidana has slowed down late in fights against Broner and $May. With Broner, he caught his second or 3rd...
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    Re: Road to Golovkin/Geale

    I will be paying extra attention to how GGG cuts the ring off! Geale has a lot of guile with his footwork and will be a tactical test for GGG. I did not know Geale has never been stopped as a pro! So...
  24. Re: Most Sequels are Disappointing, but I'm Back for another go.

    The Don King story Arnek put up when he was mod was one of my favorites. More of those!! and What sport in your opinion is more "crooked", Boxing or horse racing?
  25. Re: NEWS ON: Andrade-Canelo, 200th ShoBox, Next Friday Night Fights

    I don't think this fight gets made soon.Team Canelo knows that guys with footwork will give Canelo problems. And this guy is not really too known, I dont see it going down between Cinnamon and Boo...
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