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  1. Re: Eddie Hern, says Kell Brook has star quality and will make an impact in the division

    Eddie was right. Kell gave "Showtime" a true boxing lesson.

    Brook is now an entrant in the Mayweather sweepstakes. In addition, he has the huge fight with Khan in the UK that would put easily...
  2. Re: Marcos Maidana acknowledges the challenge Floyd represents, but says he has faith in himself

    I am being bold in saying this but this fight will be nothing like the first. Floyd will win this one going away. Here's why:

    -Floyd will stay off the ropes.
    -Floyd will pot shot and get out...
  3. Re: Boxing Results: Kell Brook defeats Shawn Porter via majority decision

    I thought Porter would smoke him and boy was I wrong. Maybe I saw a bit of different fight from everyone else, but I did not think it was that close.

    Porter fought a dumb fight and Brook took...
  4. Re: Omar Figueroa retains title, and says he is considering moving up in weight

    I think before this guy takes another fight he needs to see a serious hand specialist. This is the 4th or 5th fight that he has said his hands were extremely swollen after the fight if not fractured...
  5. Re: WBC orders Danny Garcia vs Viktor Postol

    Postol is no slouch and I give him a decent shot against Danny. If Danny shows up with a Herrera type performance, he will leave the arena without his belt.
  6. Re: Anthony Dirrell got a Majority Decision win over Sakio Bika and with that became the new champion

    This was the most uncomfortable fight I have seen since the RJJ-Bhop II.

    I have never had sympathy for a ref, I did for Jack Reiss. At times he looked like he just wanted to go home.

    I also...
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    Re: TSS and TBC winners 8/1-8/15

    It shows that you read and were very through in your selections. Your moderating was top notch as well. sir.
  8. Re: Golovkin Vs Rubio Is Next, According To Rubio Tweet

    See alot of giving grief to GGG but I think we need to make an important distinction here. The distinction is between the fight we want and the best fight that's available.

    The best option...
  9. Re: Porter vs. Malignaggi: Round One

    Paulie fought a decent round in a style that if you can keep that pace could give Porter problems. He was able to get a good shot or two and only allowed himself to get caught on the ropes...
  10. Re: Anthony Dirrell: "I expect and easy fight, Sakio will do the same thing he always does"

    No way wlll this be an easy fight. Dirrell knew Bika's style the before the first fight and did not handle it well especially down the stretch.

    I think Bika also realizes at 35 that he is no...
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    Re: Who will join the Mod Squad?

    I nominate Commish...................Dude has been on fire lately.
  12. Re: Sakio Bika will be fighting Anthony Dirrell for a second time on August 16

    Dirrell better pack a lunch on this one. I think he is unquestionably more skilled than Bika. Dirrell also has a lot more tools at his disposal than Bika but to Radam's point above Bika can be a...
  13. Re: Shawn Porter is ready to defend his title against Britsh sensation Kell Brook

    Well put. I think if Brook has any real chance of beating Porter he would have to develop some more power between his last fight and now. I have looked at some tape of Brook and he does have some...
  14. Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    I agree but I can see the other side. Some people have families that back them no matter the risk or the cost. This would be especially true if he is the breadwinner in his family. Beautiful on...
  15. Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    If JT gets this fight, I am going to lose alot of respect for any commission or board that allows this fight to take place.
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    Re: Not long till Porter Brook

    Porter similar to Juan Urango? Storm you are tough. Real Tough. I respect it though.

    Porter in my eyes is much better than Urango. They are both hard charging punchers but the similarities in...
  17. Re: Sadam Ali is ready for the next level, on Aug. 9 he faces Jeremy Bryan at Barclays Center

    Ali is walking dangerously close to the career path of Gary Russell Jr. Sadam has fought pretty much 19 punching bags and a C fighter in Jeremy Bryan.

    As for fighting Lopez or Soto Karass, I...
  18. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    Welcome Denise!!! Always glad to see a new person with a great point of view.

    You speak of Garcia moving to 147 to play with the big boys and I am one who wishes he would..................but it...
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    Re: Tss broke the record!!!!

    I feel your sentiment to0 Grimm but if you really look around, there are only about 30-40 guys that post on the regular. There are even fewer with the courage to start a thread. I could be picky in...
  20. Re: You Won't Believe Who is Gonna' Be on My SiriusXM Show Today!!!

    I was tied up and missed it. Any way we could hear a replay? Or better yet, could you somehow post it to the site? I can just imagine the boxing IQ floating during this.
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    Re: What If Floyd................

    I agree with you totally but I think we are in the minority.
  22. Re: Did they name the officials for Mayweather vs Maidana 2 yet ?

    I just learned something new today. I never paid any attention to that. Thanks Commish.
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    What If Floyd................

    loses to Maidana?

    I am not one that thinks Chino will beat him this time either, but I was thinking about this when conversing with one of my friends. Supposing Chino beats Floyd, does anything...
  24. Re: Roy Jones Jr. vs Montell Griffin II - 17 Years Ago

    This is great and funny all at the same time.
  25. Re: Roy Jones Jr. vs Montell Griffin II - 17 Years Ago

    Roy used a small feint that Montell bit hard on which left him open for the hook. Feints are one of the most under utilized techniques in the sport and this proves how effective they can be.
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