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    Re: Andy Ruiz Beats Ex Champ Liakhovich

    I, too, like Ruiz. Like Tony Galento and Ron Stander, he's fun to watch. However, unlike them, he can really box, not just stand there and be a barroom brawler. However, realistically, he is going...
  2. Re: Broner vs. Taylor - 2014 Fight of the Year Candidate

    The Broner-Taylor fight doesn't even make my list.

    A "Fight of the Year" candidate should be an action-packed, two-sided contest, not a one-sided bout as was Broner-Taylor, with the outcome never...
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    Re: The Ten Point Total System

    First of all, DD, welcome to TSS' wonderful and wacky world of posters and pugilistic prognosticators.

    Secondly, thanks for listening to "At the Fights" on SiriusXM. On Monday (Dec. 22), we will...
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    Re: Update on Condition of Muhammad Ali

    Pneumonia is no match for Ali.

    Ali wins this one quickly!

    -Randy G.
  5. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    You just may be right, and how can I pick against my sidekick, Cooney.

    I can't.

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Andy Ruiz Beats Ex Champ Liakhovich

    The fight was a real yawner and an indicator that Ruiz, while talented, must a considerable amount of weight and train harder than ever if he is to be taken seriously. He constantly says things like...
  7. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    In reality, Esteban DeJesus shocked the boxing world in 1972, winning a 10-round decision against Roberto Duran in a non-title fight, just five months after Duran savaged and took the lightweight...
  8. Re: Adonis Oblierates Sukhotskiy, Proclaims Himself the Man at 175

    Suk looked like a frightened rabbit in there, looking for a place to hide from big bad Adonis Stevenson. It was just like the way Stevenson is running from "The Krusha from Russia." Only, Suk at...
  9. Re: DJ Mustard, Angie Martinez, Fabolous, Michael Buffer On The Jan. 9 ROC Show in NYC

    I'm thrilled Roc Nation is finally set to launch their boxing program.

    I'll be there late, as I get off the air at 8:00. Gonna' have Gentleman Gerry in tow.

    -Randy G.
  10. Broner is Not Close to 200 Pounds, as Rumors Have Stated

    In the last few days, I have seen it written in more than one place that Adrien "The Problem" Broner was seen recently and that he looked out-of-shape and over 200 pounds.

    That apparently is...
  11. Re: Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin Gunning For Hot '15, Mentions Danny Jacobs, Andy Lee, Cotto, Golovkin

    I am with you all the way on the belief that Quillin did not get cold feet as I have heard so many times in his giving up the WBO belt rather than face Kovolov.

    On the week he surrendered his...
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    Re: Good news for Mauricio Herrera

    Say Hallelujah. Say Amen!

    -Randy G.
  13. Re: Boxing Stars Talk Black Out Boxing in Las Vegas

    Peaceful demonstrations, talks and discussions are always the way to bring about change and reform, not by smashing in windows of your neighbor's businesses, burning buildings and overturning cars.
  14. Re: Mauricio Herrera vs. Jose Benavidez Jr: HBO World Championship Boxing Highlights

    How did Herrera not win this fight? I can't believe he got zoomed TWICE in a year!

    -Randy G.
  15. Re: Stiverne To Defend Vs. Wilder Jan. 17, in Vegas

    Wow! That's the round I was thinking.

    Except for the other corner.

    -Randy G.
  16. Re: DiBella Hires Eric Bentley As Director of Boxing Operations

    I thought Mr. Bentley was already working for DBE, but I guess that was a part time gig. Now it's not.

    Bentley knows his boxing. He knows the fighters, the managers, the matchmakers and all the...
  17. Re: Stiverne To Defend Vs. Wilder Jan. 17, in Vegas

    And I have a feeling that Wilder punches harder than Delilah.

    However, Delilah did have the opportunity to engage in some foreplay with Samson. Somehow, I don't see Stiverne & Wilder engaged in...
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    Re: And The Winners For The Forum Are:

    Thanks, Radam.

    Way to go, fellas.

    And now, one final time...

    Who will be leading us into 2015?

    -Randy G.
  19. Re: The Winners For The Boxing Channel Are:

    Nice job, Radam.

    Way to go, boys.

    Just one more to go.

    -Randy G.
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    Re: Charlo Twin Stops Bottai

    Bottai made Charlo look like the next coming of Julian Jackson.

    I think Charlo will stop K-9.

    -Randy G.
  21. Re: Keith Thurman Can't KO Toughie Bundu, Wins UD

    I was kind of surprised that Thurman didn't step on the gas and look for a first-round finish, but perhaps he was well aware of Bundu's toughness and pedigree and felt it would be best not to empty...
  22. Re: Stiverne To Defend Vs. Wilder Jan. 17, in Vegas

    Stiverne & Wilder were interviewed by Brian Kenny on Saturday night on Showtime. Wilder did the interview from his gym in Northport, Alabama, while Stiverne did the interview sitting next to Kenny...
  23. Re: Fighter of the year 2014 mauricio Herrera "Max

    I think we're all more bummed than Herrera.

    I hope he comes back stronger than ever.

    -Randy G.
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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast #5

    Lol! Yep...I was there.

    I was a year into my "Commissionership" and one of my NY officials--Luis Rivera--was selected to be one of the judges. In addition, Joe Cortez was the referee, and he...
  25. Re: Andy Lee Wins WBO Title, Bradley and Herrera Hurt By Judges

    Can't we have one weekend of boxing where the judges don't blow a call? Just one?

    -Randy G.
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