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  1. Re: Eye on The Heavyweights – More From The Most Chaotic Division in Boxing

    Wheweeee! DB has the reflexes and speed of a 50 year old man.
  2. Re: Muhammad Ali and Life Lessons: Race Doesn't Matter

    Even if some people don't want to admit it, Ali transcended boxing. I remember reading Ali say that in the build up to the fight with Jerry Quarry how he played around with Jerry's son and became...
  3. Re: John Molina Upsets Ruslan Provodnikov at Turning Stone

    @Brownsugar LOL I guess different people like different things. I just had one man's opinion. @Radam G I agree Provodnikov lost his hunger to bite and Joel Diaz had a lot to do with it.
  4. Re: John Molina Upsets Ruslan Provodnikov at Turning Stone

    I hate watching such limited fighters. I should have watched HBO because it sounds like that fight was entertaining. I at least wish these guys had enough power to put the other one to sleep. I...
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    Re: Is Chris Eubank Jr. Up Next For GGG?

    I'm excited about this fight. Eubanks had the balls to stand up and demand this fight. Hopefully it will happen, that is the scariest part, the negoiations. I think Eubanks has confidence in...
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    Re: Haye vs. Briggs: WWE With Boxing Gloves

    Well said Radam. Yes economic training and stewardship of your money is vitally important. If you don't become bigger than the money mentally the problems with money persist. I saw the documentary...
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    Re: Haye vs. Briggs: WWE With Boxing Gloves

    I really would have liked to have seen Briggs fight one legitimate contender before being granted a big fight. This farce was only earned by his antics with no substance. This type of thing has...
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    Re: The Hayemaker Makes Hay of Arnold in London

    I am so sick and tired of certain aspects of boxing. Unfortunately those aspects constitute the major crux of what boxing has become. Boxing is not fan friendly. I understand the business side...
  9. Re: Canelo Drops WBC Middleweight Title, Golovkin Adds Belt Without a Punch

    Canelo says title be damned I will weight drain that sucker down if it is the last thing I do. That is why he says I will not be bossed around by fake deadlines. He doesn't want to have it dictated...
  10. Re: Canelo's Physicality Will Overwhelm Khan's Speed

    Okay fellows, there it is. Amir Khan fought very bravely but this fight turned out as we all thought it would. Why are these types of fights still being offered? When will the fans demand more? ...
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    Re: Is Amir Khan As Good As He Thinks He Is?

    Once again this fight is a fight hyped on what could happen not what's gonna happen. Don't believe just watch. Going to be a mismatch. He should be fighting Brook.
  12. Re: Kovalev Is A Beast With Two Legacy Fights In Front Of Him

    No doubt, if Kovalev can beat these two guys he is the Fighter of the Decade. My opinion is that he beats Stevenson, probably by knockout, and loses to Ward. Of course Ward has to not have lost...
  13. Re: Kovalev-Pascal II Will Be a Rerun with Coach Roach an Up-Close Spectator

    Okay, I'm happy to hear that Kovalev is a decent guy. People like him really do end up putting on the hurt because they over compensate for being nice. Such is life in boxing. I'm happy that Deep...
  14. Re: Kovalev-Pascal II Will Be a Rerun with Coach Roach an Up-Close Spectator

    I would love to see Pascal defeat Kovalev. I don't like the way Kovalev talks about destroying people's careers and taking their lives. He reminds me of who Americans thought the Russians were...
  15. Re: Admit it, You Liked Fury's Center Ring Ali Imitation Toward Wilder

    Mortcola, We are going to win you over yet. I'll bet on that before this thing is over. Sometimes these things have to marinate. OMG, did I just write that? (the marinate part)
  16. Re: Wilder Still Heavyweight Kingpin - Complete Results From The Barclays Center

    I am not saying that this is the most accomplished division in heavyweight boxing history. I'm not even saying it is the most accomplished division of boxing today. Far from it. But regardless I...
  17. Re: Fighting Bradley In Rubber Match May Not Be Wisest Choice For Pacquiao

    If Bradley can win this would tarnish Mayweather's win over Pacquaio even further. As far as Teddy's wrong picks I think some of that is because Teddy puts a plan together as far as what a fighter...
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    Re: Daniel Jacobs Knocks Out Peter Quillin

    Good win for Jacobs but these kind of fights prove absolutely nothing as far as I am concerned. Quillin got caught. It happens. Jacobs is damned lucky he was able to dispatch Quillin. He was on...
  19. Re: One Can't Fight (Fury) And One Didn't (Klitschko)

    Klitschko has an excellent right hand. No one can doubt it or question it. But the guy is afraid of his own shadow. His brother fought scared too BTW. Wlad was always frightened to cut loose for...
  20. Re: No Theatrics From Fury At Last Presser Before He Fights Klitschko

    It's time. Fury wins. I've had this feeling since this has been discussed.
  21. Re: Mexico Gets the Win; Canelo Scores UD12 Victory Over Cotto

    What up with Cotto running out of the ring and not giving an interview? Cotto seems like a nice man and I don't dislike him but I am so tired of his diva stuff since joining Roach. I wanted Roach to...
  22. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: How Many PPV Buys Will #CottoCanelo Do?

    I predict over a million buys and Canelo wins by middle to late rounds knock out.
  23. Re: HOLY HOLLY! Holm Run Showing From Ex Boxing Champ, Who Destroys Rousey

    Yeah lefty time was definitely happening. Believe or not, I believe Ronda Rousey is as good as advertised. She is all world when it comes to applying that arm bar. However you cannot try to beat...
  24. Re: HOLY HOLLY! Holm Run Showing From Ex Boxing Champ, Who Destroys Rousey

    Going in I honestly didn't like the fact that Holm was 34 years old but I knew her boxing chops were a big advantage for her. I didn't expect for her to win but I did expect for her to be...
  25. Re: Even a Big GGG Win in the Big Apple Can’t Prevent Golden Boy Syndrome

    GGG is not Mexican style IMO. He is more of a technician. He looked more Mayweather than Mexican. GGG doesn't have to fight Ward. It is unfortunate that his team said they would fight anyone up...
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