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  1. Re: Amir Imam Drops KO Bomb On Angulo; King Calls For Fight With Floyd

    Amir Imam is the truth. Very good pop, defensively responsible, and is a just a well schooled/skilled boxer. Skill wise he is right up there with Crawford in regards to the 140 pound division.
  2. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Steps In Another PIle of Mess, Can't Make Weight For Texas Fight

    There is nothing to develop. The kid wasn't taught the proper rudiments of boxing, thus he has a poor foundation. He is a human punching bag in the ring with poor footwork and head movement. He is...
  3. Re: Rousey Takes "ESPY," And Hard Shot At Mayweather

    Floyd continues to laugh all the way to the bank. Deep down Rousey probably wishes she could be a part of the "money team" and get to intimately know Floyd. She wasn't supremely confident when...
  4. Re: Collazo Cut, Can't Continue, Thurman Wins By TKO

    A lion is the most dangerous when they injured and Callazo knows that. If he would have opened up too much he might have got caught with stray bullet lol. Callazo is a slickster, not a finisher.
  5. Re: Willie Nelson TKOs Tony Harrison on PBC/ESPN TV Opener

    If Nelson didn't have head problems, he would be a serious threat at 154 or 160. He is 6'3 and athletic, but he doesn't utilize his range properly. He got out jabbed by Harrison, who was the...
  6. Re: Collazo Cut, Can't Continue, Thurman Wins By TKO

    Some folks on this form crack me up. Who has Brook defeated that is world class besides Porter? Depending on how you assess talent and skills, Thurman's cup is either half full or half empty. In...
  7. Re: Shots fired, Rigo vs Lomanchenko.

    Loma's handlers know what time it is. Rigo would put a technical beat down on my main man from the Ukraine!
  8. Re: Bradley An Ace, Till Late in 12th; Weird Ending Mars HBO Main Event

    TB fought one of the weaker individuals that he could have fought. Jessie Vargas should have 3 defeats on his record and has been the benefactor of at least two gift decisions. The real question in...
  9. Re: Slight Return: Andre Ward Crushes Paul Smith In the Ninth

    Smith was a walking punching bag and allowed Andre to get some rounds in. I think should campaign at 175 and fight one of the big dogs next year for a title, Kovalev or Stevenson.
  10. Re: Don't Underestimate N'Dam In His Clash With Lemieux

    What a fight! I got my prediction wrong and will gladly eat my crow. Congrats to David for resurrecting his career. I remember him losing to Rubio like it was yesterday. However, he still...
  11. Re: Don't Underestimate N'Dam In His Clash With Lemieux

    I am suprised that nobody has referenced the N'Dam's fight against Curtis Stevens, whom I believe is a stronger and harder hitter than David. I expect this fight to play out like that one. N'Dam is...
  12. Re: PBC on Spike: Erislandy Lara Dominates Delvin Rodriquez

  13. Re: PBC on Spike: Erislandy Lara Dominates Delvin Rodriquez

    I am with Southpaw flow, you guys need to give Lara a break. A boxer is defined by their temperament, which compliments their ability and skill. Lara is could stop more fighters if he had the...
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    Re: Predictions

    Khan blows out Chris in a one sided unanimous decision, possibly a late round TKO. The Fortuna vs. Vasquez fight is a toss up fight, but if I was betting money I would put it on Fortuna to win by...
  15. Re: Pernell Vs Floyd; a definitve comparison of skills

    Yes Brown Sugar, I wrote my post lol. I can write, but I rarely go in depth on here. I am a father of two young boys and a Regional Director of the organization that I work for, so time is usally...
  16. Re: What's next for Floyd and Manny?

    No, USA boxing rules illustrate that you must be at least 8 to box as an amateur. He is only 7, so he has to wait, which I don't mind because he still has a lot to work on mentally. Physically he...
  17. Re: Two Good Guys, Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley & Jessie Vargas

    Chris Algieri is going to be spanked like a toddler. Virgil Hunter has taken Khan to another level and has made him more of a disciplined fighter. Chris has never been in a fight with a fighter as...
  18. Re: What's next for Floyd and Manny?

    Floyd should fight Khan or a realitvely easy foe on network TV and get out of the game before he ends up like Pacino in "Carlito's Way." Manny should pay all of his debts off and get out of the game...
  19. Re: Pernell Vs Floyd; a definitve comparison of skills

    No problem, go right ahead.
  20. Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Best Ever? Hardly

    Storm is like that kid in the 1989 video game movie, "The Wizard." He is on another level! What other TSS poster writes dissertations on pugilism at the drop of a hat while multi-tasking? I see...
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    Re: The Heavyweight Bogeyman

    It does no good in my opinion to be a southpaw if you aren't going to fight in manner that gives you an advantage stylistically. Perez is very easy to hit and doesn't circle to his right. He isn't...
  22. Re: Pernell Vs Floyd; a definitve comparison of skills

    This is a common comparison/analysis by many. I will compare and contrast a few points while sitting in the urgent care waiting room.

    Let's get to it:

    Stance & Footwork: This is the obvious...
  23. Re: PICK ME! Lara Raises His Hand, Craves Golovkin Clash

    GGG may win this fight but would probaby look terrible doing so. It would go 12 rounds in my opinion and Lara would do well .
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    Re: Bullying In Boston

    Fighting with the lead hand low is detrimental to some fighters and Dirrell learned the hard way today. He fought a fight in which he lost due to his fundamental flaws. Consistent low lead hand...
  25. Re: Two Good Guys, Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley & Jessie Vargas

    There are a handful of guys in the game that KO or out class Pacquiao. The gig has been up for quite some time and he better stay away from the likes of fighters named Crawford, Thurman, Imam, etc. ...
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