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  1. Re: Mexico Gets the Win; Canelo Scores UD12 Victory Over Cotto

    One fight that wouldn't surprise me to be made is Cotto-Bradley.

    Bradley is clearly looking for a big fight and if he doesn't get Pac there are not a lot of options for him. Cotto and Canelo would...
  2. Re: Mexico Gets the Win; Canelo Scores UD12 Victory Over Cotto

    Miura-Vargas was one of the best fights seen in the last 10 years. I will say that I was surprised at how Vargas dug deep down to pull that out. Miura had been in tough fights before and I thought...
  3. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: How Many PPV Buys Will #CottoCanelo Do?

    I went to the theater to watch. As always with these fights, its not necessarily the PPV buys but the total revenue which we will probably never know.

    My guess is that the fight did better than...
  4. Re: Mexico Gets the Win; Canelo Scores UD12 Victory Over Cotto

    I actually thought the scoring was on the money. I had it 118-110. There were some close rounds in that but I thought Canelo's power carried those rounds. The two rounds I gave Cotto were 2 and 11.
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    Re: Readers Predictions for Cotto vs Alvarez

    Very confident in Miura. At +140, he is an absolute steal.

    Miura has one loss and one draw in the last seven years. The loss was to Takashi Uchiyama who is probably the top guy at the moment at...
  6. Re: Seems Like No Cotto-Canelo Winner For GGG, So...

    Regarding the future, it does not seem likely that Golovkin will be facing wither Cotto or Canelo anytime soon. I think Cotto has absolutely zero intentions of ever fighting Golovkin. I could see...
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    Re: Readers Predictions for Cotto vs Alvarez

    I agree the odds are bad. There is no way regardless of who you think will win that this should be 3-1 in any direction.

    The odds are actually much worse in my opinion for Miura-Vargas. Miura is...
  8. Re: Erislandy Lara Talks Training Camp, Zaveck Matchup and More

    This is a pointless fight. I'd rather see a rematch with Ishe Smith for Lara than this fight (not that I really want to see that again). Zaveck is tough but slow and comes forward in a plodding...
  9. Re: Saul “Neno” Rodriguez Blitzes Ivan Najera in Lightweight War in Vegas

    Rodriguez looked sensational last night. He destroyed a very good fighter in Najera. What impressed me the most was that quick left hook from Rodriguez. Its the kind of left hook that I remember...
  10. Re: Abraham- Murray : Final Euro-Bureau Odds

    Today is a day for boxing fans to make some money.

    Murray should easily out box Abraham. Abraham is not active and trouble against anyone with any kind of lateral movement. Plus whenever he has...
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    Re: Readers Predictions for Cotto vs Alvarez

    I see Cotto using movement early and having success in the first few rounds. Its no secret that Canelo has issues with fighters that use movement and Freddie Roach will have Cotto moving in and out...
  12. Re: Might We See Broner vs. Theophane...Then Broner Vs. Mayweather?

    It makes a ton of sense as Theophane is a typical Broner opponent. Theophane is not nearly as quick or as athletic as Broner and can't punch. Generally when Theophane has stepped up he last lost. The...
  13. Re: Bryant Jennings vs. Luis Ortiz Fight Tickets on Sale Today

    I hope to be at this event in December. This is a good job by the several promoters involved in putting together a high quality card of competitive fights. I am looking forward to all four fights...
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    Re: Barthelemy To Face Shafikov on SPIKE

    I agree, excellent matchup here and one of those cases that a sanctioning body actually comes thru with a fight we normally wouldn't see due to politics.

    This is a really tough fight to call but I...
  15. Re: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Drian Francisco on HBO PPV Undercard of Cotto vs. Canelo

    This fight really belongs off the PPV and the Cabellero fight on the PPV. Yes its good to see Rigo back but this is a mismatch. Friancisco is a come forward fighter with limited skills who Rigo will...
  16. Re: Edwin Rodriguez gets TKO victory over Michael Seals in R3

    That was one heck of a fight. It was really supposed to be a showcase for Rodriguez but didn't work out that way in the ring. Rodriguez came out reckless thinking he could take Seals out early and...
  17. Re: Diego De La Hoya Wins WBC Youth title in L.A.

    I think De La Hoya is a very solid prospect. The guy he beat on Friday was no push over and De La Hoya handled him with relative ease.

    De La Hoya does not have the power of his uncle but he has...
  18. Re: Unbeaten Bryan Wins Heavyweight Slugfest Against Rossy On ShoBox

    Bryan-Rossy was an absolute shootout for the first three rounds. There were some vicious exchanges and both were gunning for the ko early. Rossy more or less punched himself out after the 4th and was...
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    Re: Why Choice Of Berto For Mayweather Is OK

    Love the Ricardo Lopez reference. In my opinion, he is the TBE of this generation of fighters.
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    Re: Team Provodnikov Wants Rios

    I would love to see this fight happen but it doesn't sound like at the moment Arum and Top Rank are too interested in seeing it.

    The reason is simple and it is that they know Provodnikov gives a...
  21. Re: An Interesting Example Of How To Manipulate Rules, A Bout & An Incompetent Referee.

    While we are on the topic of bad officiating in this sport, does anyone know if New Jersey has addressed the issue with the Tony Perez scorecard a few weeks ago? As a reminder, in the fight between...
  22. Re: Meet Alex Miskirtchian, Fighting Tuesday in BROOKLYN

    I saw the Gradovich-Miskirtchian fight. Miskirtchian is tough and rugged but lacks the skills to compete with the fighters in the top 15. Gradovich out classed him and won every minute of the fight...
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    Re: effortless KO punchers.

    In boxing's current landscape, the most effortless ko punchers are Kovalev and Golovkin. Wladimir Klitschko also throws some effortless power shots when not engaged in a clinch (remember the Pulev...
  24. Re: Terence Crawford Fighting Dierry Jean Oct. 24

    No gentleman's bet here, we are on the same page.

    Jean solid but made to order for Crawford. Crawford is going to look like a star in this one.

    I'd rather see a rematch with Firtha.
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