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  1. Re: Source: Mayweather Will Fight Sept. 12 on PPV, No "Freebie" Fight

    Berto's slow feet, wide punches, porous defence, lack of head movement and diminished chin make him an appalling choice of opponent for Mayweather. He won't win a round or pose any threat and don't...
  2. Re: Underdog Gonzalez Upsets Pascal, On My Card, But Not the Judges'

    Holla! I'm sure I've seen pros warned hundreds of times to keep their heads up, certainly in the UK. Whittaker bent at the knees to get low he didn't bend at the waist and present the back of his...
  3. Re: Underdog Gonzalez Upsets Pascal, On My Card, But Not the Judges'

    Excellent 10-rounder I really enjoyed it. Gonzalez won in a competitive fight - bad (but not terrible) decision. Pascal used to be a sub-Roy Jones-type athletic marvel now he's reduced to...
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    Re: SOURCE: Mayweather Will Fight Berto on CBS

    I did warn the 'anybody but Khan' legions on TTS to be careful what you wish for. Instead of a guy who at least had the style and speed to bother PBF and win rounds, you've got a guy who simply can't...
  5. Re: Rocky Sequel "Creed" Drops This Fall; Check Out the Trailer

    If Creed is a welter and uses his father's fame and Rocky connections to get opponents to boil down to 144 in a series of 'catchweight' bouts - I'm out!
  6. Re: The Fifty Greatest Light-Heavyweights of All Time Part Five – Nos. 10-1

    Enjoyed reading that series - thank you.
  7. Re: Roy Jones Has A Better Case For "TBE" Than Floyd Mayweather

    As a Brit I love Eubank, Benn and Collins - all world class, proven warriors. I watched all the fights through that era. To say RJJ never fought them is a fact. To say he avoided them is ridiculous....
  8. Re: Roy Jones Has A Better Case For "TBE" Than Floyd Mayweather

    Agree with deep and froggy. No-one came close to beating RJJ when he was anything near his peak and that includes Hopkins and Toney. I couldn't care less that RJJ lost fights when he was basically...
  9. Re: Cotto Drops Hammers In Round Four, Blasts Out Geale in Brooklyn

    We could have Cotto making unlimited WBC middleweight defences at 155 if he chose? Why not? The WBC, HBO will legitimise it. Amir Khan could win a post-Floyd welterweight title and make all his...
  10. Re: Cotto Drops Hammers In Round Four, Blasts Out Geale in Brooklyn

    Agree with DaveB - I don't have a problem with non-title catchweight fights, I know the history, I enjoy them if they help make good fights, you sign the contract and take the money then you should...
  11. Re: Mayweather-Khan Would Be The Ultimate Con

    Khan picked entirely the wrong time to put in a poor performance against Algieri. That was the Khan who struggled with Julio Diaz and Mayweather beats that Khan without breaking sweat. However, the...
  12. Re: "Chunky" Invades America; DeGale Sees Rumble With Dirrell

    Let's see what happens if Dirrell hits and holds all night - a few weeks ago his brother got warned by the ref after 2 or 3 rounds and the fight changed and he lost his title. If the ref allows...
  13. Re: ANOTHER LUMP OF COLE: Texas Ref Steps In It Yet Again

    I watched the UK broadcast and I was absolutely outraged by the referee. Strangely the UK commentary team and studio analysts made little of it. I'm glad the US commentary team did and I'm glad this...
  14. Re: PBC on CBS: Figueroa Defeats Burns, McDonnell Earns Close Decision Over Kameda

    Burns easily outboxed Figueroa on the outside in round one. Figueroa had to do something different so from then on he recklessly ran in without a jab and put his head on Burns chest. Burns, quite...
  15. Re: RED HOT ACTION: Canelo Steamrolls Kirkland in PPV Worthy Scrap

    Pretty early on it was clear Kirkland wasn't going to win. I hate to say it but I think Canelo has fought two shot fighters in Kirkland and Angulo. Great matchmaking in a sense, fights that look...
  16. Re: Sugar Ray Robinson is Still #1: Ranking the Middleweight Greats

    Hopkins in an ATG beyond dispute and his career was amazingly consistent, but a peak, fit Toney was the better middleweight. I think Mike McCallum beats both Hopkins and GGG. SRR may well have been...
  17. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    Hi all - don't sleep on Fury or judge him on the Cunningham fight. Since that inglorious night (in which he was dreadful) he's been incredibly disciplined, much better conditioned, he's barely taken...
  18. Re: Badou Jack Upsets Anthony Dirrell; Jacobs KOs Truax

    Dirrell held excessively for 3 rounds, when the ref gave him a final warning the fight changed. If the ref didn't do that the quicker Dirrell pot-shots and holds and may well have retained his title....
  19. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    First Kellerman asks about a rematch of a one-sided beatdown (Kovalev-Pascal), then he asks a champion if he would take a rematch of a dull, one-sided 12 rounder (Wlad-Jennings). I know Al Haymen's...
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    Re: The P-B-C on NBC Needs Some L-U-C-K

    Don't need luck - need to make matches that will be entertaining for network TV, these don't necessarily involve elite fighters. Hayman needs to make it clear that if you win and bore everybody silly...
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    The reason Khan is ignoring Brook and hanging on for Mayweather is because he genuinely believes he can outbox PBF and go down in history as the man who took Floyd's '0'. Styles make fights. Khan...
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    Re: Kovalev Stops Pascal In Montreal Rumble

    I enjoyed the fight but don't join the rematch lobby. Pascal did his usual 'fight 30 seconds a round' routine, but was game as hell. He's unorthodox and hard to look good against, but Kovalev stayed...
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    Re: Thai Fighter Ruenroeng Beats Shiming in Macau

    Dull fight, correct decision. Shiming was dreadful, he sure coulda used a busy jab instead of standing outside doing nothing or walking/jumping forward into clinches with his head down. Ruenroeng won...
  24. Re: GOOD BOY WITH BAD INTENTIONS; Golovkin Beats Murray, TKO11

    Congratulations to Martin Murray for a brave effort and for conducting himself so well before, during and after the fight. Love Golovkin but I see a puncher with a bit of grit having a real shot at...
  25. Re: 25 Years On, Douglas Should've Given Tyson A Rematch

    Holyfield had earned his shot, he couldn't be shut out any longer, Douglas did the right thing and he was well paid for doing it. Fans at the time had no complaints about a Holyfield-Douglas fight....
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