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  1. Re: Uruguayan Boxing Mourns The Passing of Dogomar Martinez

    I enjoyed writing the piece, so thanks for the good words. It was more of a touch-up and clean up with some editorial adds, byut the news came across at Zona de Boxeo, the Spanish language site. I...
  2. Re: Literary Notes: Battling Nelson vs. Ad Wolgast

    An incredible moment in history. A fight that turned into a fight on instinct, where neither man would escape without leaving a part of themselves there in the desert.
  3. Re: Late Breaking Story: Gunfire at weigh-in forces cancellation of big Dublin boxing show

    Brook was stabbed in Spain.
  4. Re: Late Breaking Story: Gunfire at weigh-in forces cancellation of big Dublin boxing show

    One of the reports I read on this stated that the gunmen actually told some bystanders to move out of the way. Pros for sure.
  5. Re: Late Breaking Story: Gunfire at weigh-in forces cancellation of big Dublin boxing show

    "In fact Kavanagh might have family in the underworld."

    You are not kidding. His father, Gerard Kavanagh, shot and killed in a gangland shooting back in 2014.
  6. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th

    I think this fight doesn't get to 700,000 PPV buys.
  7. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th

    He keeps counting on and talking about his speed, Khan does. He wont be so fast at 155, lol.
  8. Re: WBC Women’s Convention Full Swing in Tijuana

    I thought long and hard about it, and Im not sure Ive gotten to see enough fights to pick the Fight of the year, or know the all the trainers,etc todo a proper job yet. The ingformation is starting...
  9. Re: WBC Women’s Convention Full Swing in Tijuana

    It isnt for everybody, and I dont think they wil lever match the men, just like the WNBA though, there are women practicing the craft at a professional and high level and that must be respected.
  10. Re: Fighting Roberto Duran “He Got Me in the Second”

    Thanks for the kind words. Obando is really a great guy, Ive enjoyed meeting him. Im going to share more stuff from him on the Spanish sites, it will be more appropriate.

    He did share some gold...
  11. Re: Wilder Still Heavyweight Kingpin - Complete Results From The Barclays Center

    Oh believe me Im more upset over the alphabet soups than anyone. I meant more Kingpin of "Brooklyn", and of the American Heavyweight scene. I agree, Im not sure that was a world championship level...
  12. Re: O2 Arena Quick Results Form London - Haye Blitzes de Mori

    He certainly looked big, a full blown Heavyweight. It has been like more than 5 years as Heavy. But with all due respect to de Mori, Ive been kidding in my head that they signed Tony Jeter's...
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    Re: The Phony Boxer Phenomenon

    Man, people are disturbed. I agree it takes a special kind of infirmity to pose as a 'fighter', but the number of people who also claim to be relatives falsely or event to know one. It is amazing. ...
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    Re: Deontay Wilder: Champion of Nowhere

    Lets hope Szpilka gets a chance to touch up Wilder's chin, test it a bit.
  15. Re: Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Tour NY, LA

    LOL this match is a 50/50 split I bet. Not 50/50 Pacman and Bradley, more likely 50/50 between Big Bad Bobbie A. and the 50 for the two fighters to chop up. Has anyone told Bobbie he cant take it...
  16. Re: Ray Flores Talks Wilder Szpilka With Mike Mollo

    A little echo on the audio, but overall a nice catch of an interview. Ray did a real good job asking him about the shoving match, lol it just happened yesterday! And good thing Mollo saw it. I...
  17. Re: PBC on Fox Sports 1 Results - Flores Decisions Briones

    KK I fixed it!
  18. Re: What If Artur Szpilka Beats Deontay Wilder?

    The UFC is going to lose a title fight because the challenger just blew hot. It opens up so many questions. Yoel Romero's fight happened at the MGM Grand in Vegas, and it was the USADA that got...
  19. Re: China's Shiming Zou Returns To Action Jan 30

    Yeah they lose the speed and precision first, fighters that count on that dont last into their 40s in any weight.
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    Re: Premier Boxing Champions 2016 Filling Out

    I agree, but the thing is that "pugs gotta work". They only show the feature fights, the shows are long, but to develop fighters that is really needed.
  21. Re: What If Artur Szpilka Beats Deontay Wilder?

    The PED is a large mess. What the PBC said, and the claims they made, were empty rhetoric, but you cant really blame them. The fact is that the jusidisction of that in the USA is with the Boxing...
  22. Re: Rest in Peace Howard Davis Jr (February 14, 1956 - December 30, 2015)

    Hmmm. It certainly is an idea worth pursuing. Can you send me an e-mail for The Shadow? I also know some people around Howard from the ATT groups. I had it down to do a news piece to air on...
  23. Re: Female Boxing’s Best Pound for Pound 2015

    BC you might need a therapeutic massage of your brain as well
  24. Re: Stacked Japanese Cards Includes Late FOTY Contender

    I love the heart of the Japanese fighters
  25. Re: 2015 Fighter of the Year ? Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez

    It was definitely a year with a lot of candidates, what we need is a break out. Kovalev in 2016, if he gets the PAscal, Kovalev and Ward trifeca done and wins all three, will be odds on favorite.
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