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  1. Re: Mayweather Will Return And Here's The Most Likely Path

    At 154,,, I still think Floyd has as good chance as anyone, probably even better due to his defensive skills. I'm definitely not a Floyd fan, quite the opposite really, but at 154 or 155 I think it's...
  2. Re: Mayweather Will Return And Here's The Most Likely Path

    Mayweather can beat GGG but his chances get smaller each minute that passes. I see it like Ward vs SK,, 50-50 fight right now. GGG has size, strength and like Floyd,, supremely confident. Having said...
  3. Re: Amir Kahn vs. Canelo Alvarez Is Not a Mismatch

    1st thing I thought was mismatch. The more I think about it though, the less it seems like that. Kahn can at minimum, make him look bad for stretches of the fight with quick punches then grabbing or...
  4. Re: Pacquiao Is Whistling Past The Grave If He Thinks Mayweather Fights Him Again

    Wow. The May / Pac threads are really falling off in popularity. I think that says it all.

    Anyone who buys into it again is just a gluten for disappointment. Pac fans will be disappointed at...
  5. Re: Kovalev vs. Ward: The Fight I'm Most Looking Forward To In 2016

    Same here! I just hope it happens in 2016 and doesn't get left to "marinate" for 5 or 6 years or until nobody really cares anymore.
  6. Re: Its Time To Start The Debate - Fighter of the Year 2015?

    YA!! Storm keeps notes on you fools so watch what you say!! LMFAO!!!

    He might tell your mom you were saying mean things about Floyd on the "internets" and the "youtubes".

    Finally, remember 1...
  7. Re: Its Time To Start The Debate - Fighter of the Year 2015?

    I didn't say I would pick him,,,, just that I'm surprised nobody else has based on winning the "fight of the century" against Pac alone.

    Biggest upset is most definitely Tyson Fury at this point....
  8. Re: Its Time To Start The Debate - Fighter of the Year 2015?

    Nobody has mentioned Floyd either. Wins over Pac and Berto were solid, just underwhelming in regards to action.
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    I must have watched a different fight! I didn't see anything that would make me think JP has a snowballs chance in hell to win a rematch. I guess he could land a big one but I think Krusher lands his...
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    Re: Fury vs Briggs - St Patricks Day at MSG

    Briggs throws even less then Wlad! He would just weeze and pose for 11.9 rounds then try and land a haymaker. No thanks, that one would be all hype and build up but a complete dud of a fight IMO.
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    Re: Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko

    In regards to the actual fight, there was nothing to write about. I dont envy being a reporter for this one.

    "It’s easy to do anything in victory. It’s in defeat that a man reveals himself.”

    Amen! Everybody gets a taste of defeat at some point and that's when you find out what your really made of. Great...
  13. Re: Canelo Alvarez Wins WBC Title, Bests Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas

    Congrats to Canelo! Im bummed Cotto could not pull off a win here but that's how it goes. Hopefully Canelo and GGG get it going soon! They can now fight for the Canelo weight title instead of the...
  14. Re: IF Canelo Isn't Weak At The Weight, He Should Dismantle Cotto

    I hope your right Radam! Cotto is a favorite of mine and I'd love to see him have another great win.
  15. Re: Golovkin Trainer Sanchez Responds To Floyd's Fight Hype Remarks

    That's just Floyds method for publicity. It's rather "cookie cutter" and predictable at this point since we have seen it so many times. Now we have Ward tentatively trying it on for size and pretty...
  16. Re: Is Duva Worried That Ward Will Angle Away From Kovalev Fight?

    Summer 2016 is a good time frame. Ward is just getting back from a long layoff so that's not unreasonable IMO. Now if they let it marinate for 5-6 years thats just BS. No more of that crap please.
  17. Re: Atlas Helped Bradley Stay Focused During Rios Bout, And That's All

    Definitely! The last sentence especially! Guys like Bradley I respect. Some of these other clowns, not so much.
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    Re: Andre Ward Forced To Withdraw From 11/21

    Just my 2 cents but if he is bailing because he didn't like the pay,,, I doubt we will see much of Ward at the top level anytime soon. He will just sit on the sideline complaining that he is the A...
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    Re: Andre Ward Forced To Withdraw From 11/21

    Did he even have someone lined up to fight?? For someone who has been to the top level before he sure is taking "baby steps". I'm not saying the knee thing is bogus or anything,, I just would have...
  20. Re: Atlas Likes Canelo To Beat Cotto, Says Cottos' Last 3 Are A "Mirage"

    Been a Cotto fan for a long time so I gotta side with him. Hes got the confidence, the experience and the strap he won going for him. Cotto by decision in a great fan friendly fight.
  21. Re: LOTIERZO: Comparing Golovkin To Hagler and Monzon Is Premature...For Now

    Totally agreen Comparison to ATG's like that should be reserved for after retirement or after the "prime" of their carrer.
  22. Re: AVILA: Tim Bradley Deserves More Respect and Recognition

    I always wanted to see how he would do against Mayweather (as I'm sure he did as well!! LOL!) but I don't think he was ever even considered even a long shot choice for him.

    The guy can hustle...
  23. Re: AVILA: Tim Bradley Deserves More Respect and Recognition

    Agree 100%. Said it before that Bradley is very under rated. I always wondered why but sometimes that's just how it works. Always someone else making more noise and demanding attention but Tim is a...
  24. Re: Why It Matters If That Mayweather Rumor Is Truth

    Jeez dude. Get a life and stop typing the same **** over and over again. You come off as petty and foolish. Just move on, everyone else has.
  25. Re: Pacquiao On Tape Saying He's Negotiating Mayweather Rematch

    I can understand why Manny would want a rematch but I don't think either side realize how ripped off the general public feels from the first time. They can't if they are attempting a rematch so soon....
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