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  1. Re: An Open Letter to All State Athletic Commissions

    Great piece commish.

    As for the weight issues that we have been seeing a lot of and on a consistent basis, here is my suggestion.

    Make the fighters really think about it before signing that...
  2. Re: Fantasy Matchup: 2000 Floyd Mayweather vs. 2013 Guillermo Rigondeaux at 128 Pounds

    I think Mayweather takes this with relative ease.

    Rigondeaux, as we all know, is a masterful defensive fighter and counterpuncher. One thing he doesn't do in the ring though is take risks. Zero....
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    Re: Stevenson's next fight

    Wow, is Showtime really going to buy this? An appropriate way to end the year I guess after some of the junk they have force fed us this year.

    One glaring name on Sukhotsky's record is a wide...
  4. Re: Jose Benavidez Jr.: "I think I have what it takes to beat Herrera"

    This is going to be a good fight.

    I like Herrera here as I think he is just too awkward and skilled for the greener Benavidez. But Benavidez has talent and could certainly rise his game.

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    Re: you asked ...now you will see.

    To me, Murray is the kind of fighter that fights to his level of opposition.

    Against Martinez, he stepped up his game and looked like a real force in the Middleweight division. I thought he won...
  6. Re: Randy “El Matador” Caballero Faces Stuart Hall for World Title

    What an incredible fight this was. A lot of give and take action. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch at all.

    I had Caballero winning 116-111 but it seems a lot of people thought Hall won. In my...
  7. Re: Nicholas Walters wants to fight the best, he expects to be back to the ring early 2015

    I saw Arum talking about Walters-Lomachenko for later in 2015. I still prefer to see the fight next but do understand it needs to be built a little more. So can accept that as long as this doesn't...
  8. Re: Tim Bradley's trainer Joel Diaz knows they can't underestimate Diego Chaves

    If Bradley wants to make this an easy fight he can. If he stays disciplined, uses his speed and movement and keeps the fight at a distance he can score an easy victory.

    Remember, when Keith...
  9. Re: Media Poll: 12 Like Hopkins, 11 Like Kovalev

    I think 12 are wrong and 11 right.

    We are getting closer, I can't wait.

    But mark my words, Kovalev is no Pavlik or Cloud or Murat or Shumenov. I have a tremendous amount of respect for...
  10. Re: Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander will happen December 13

    I think a lot of people have been down on Alexander due to the Porter performance.

    In this sport, styles make fights. Porter fought a very determined and aggressive style against Alexander. He...
  11. Re: Matt Korobov-Andy Lee On Dec. 13 Bradley-Chaves Undercard in Vegas

    I have seen comments by people in the sport thinking just that. But I don't think it will be a snoozer. It won't be an all out slugfest but shouldn't be a bad fight.

    The reason why I don't think...
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    The Golovkin 2015 Blueprint

    Its been about a week since Gennady Golovkin easily dispatched Marco Antonio Rubio. Almost immediately, talk turned to the future for Golovkin who has openly stated he wants to fight four times in...
  13. Re: Mauricio Herrera "I'm willing to fight anybody. Danny better stop hiding"

    Garcia is never entering the ring again with Herrera. I think that is pretty obvious.

    If, and this is a big if, Herrera gets by Benevides then I think HBO pushes to make the Provodnikov rematch...
  14. Re: Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander will happen December 13

    First of all, I will believe that this fight comes off when the two are actually in the ring and the bell rings. We have competing HBO and Showtime cards on the same date in the same city. Something...
  15. Re: Golovkin-Rubio Numbers Are Out; 1,304,000 Watched Live

    These are phenomenal numbers indeed. Golovkin's star is very quickly rising.

    I also agree that big HBO numbers won't necessarily mean big PPV numbers just yet either. Golovkin is rising but not...
  16. Re: Timothy Bradley vs. Diego Chaves and Mauricio Herrera vs. Jose Benavidez, Dec. 13

    Honestly, I am much more interested in Herrera-Benavidez than Bradley-Chaves.

    Herrera-Benavides is very intriguing to me. Herrera is very skilled and quietly has had a major break out year. He...
  17. Re: Juan Manuel Marquez MAYBE Next For Robert Guerrero

    I don't think this fight is happening.

    Guerrero is with Haymon and Marquez with Top Rank. Unless one changes positions, this fight is not going to happen unfortunately.

    Its a great...
  18. Re: Steve Cunningham Stops XXL Natu Visinia on NBC Cable

    Cunningham looked good in my opinion against a much bigger man who turned out could fight some.

    I will second the Commish's statement about giving Cunningham a big fight. Lets take away what is...
  19. Re: The NEW & OFFICIAL TSS PxP Ratings Will Be Posted on Monday Morning

    1. Mayweather
    2. Golovkin
    3. Rigondeaux
    4. Pacquiao
    5. Ward
    6. Bradley
    7. Marquez
    8. Kovalev
    9. Roman Gonzalez
    10. Klitschko
  20. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    My opinion remains the same. GGG did exactly what I thought he would to Rubio except the end did not come with a body shot like I thought it would.

    I still say 1987 Leonard by decision. That is...
  21. Thread: GGG PPV 2015?

    by oubobcat

    Re: GGG PPV 2015?

    Golovkin is a super star and a fan friendly fighter. He has PPV star written all over him.

    His problem and the problem to get him to PPV, what big name is going to step in with him to launch his...
  22. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    That's a good question.

    My gut here says Leonard uses every inch of the ring to box and move for 12 rounds. He uses his speed to get in and out. He avoids exchanges. He fights much like he did...
  23. Re: Nicholas Walters defeats Nonito Donaire with a sixth round TKO

    Walters looked very good but also part of what made him look so good was Donaire's own performance.

    Donaire was looking for one shot. He was hoping to catch lightening in a bottle and almost did...
  24. Re: The Golovkin Is Released; GGG Stops Rubio in Round Two

    To say the least very disappointed in Rubio. He was there to collect one last paycheck and get out of the ring as soon as possible. I love how he argued when he had plenty of time to make it to his...
  25. Re: GGG is fighting again in February - who should he fight?

    The rumor circulating right now is Martin Murray unless Chavez Jr. steps up to the plate and takes the fight. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that however.

    Murray wouldn't be a bad test. He is a...
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