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  1. Re: Malignaggi Maybe Looking for Moral Victory

    I heard that this man owns major stock with El Pico Coffee!
  2. Re: This Could Be Last Call For Paul Malignaggi...Or His Best Pro Win

    Hows this man fair as the new face on Bustello cans!
  3. Re: Bryant Jennings Adds New Trainer To the Mix

    When the hell is Jennings gonna fight again? I heard some rumors that he may retire because he shot his loas with Wlad! Howbout a fight with Joseph Parker or Andy Ruiz! Were waiting....
  4. Re: Matthysse vs. Postol On For October 3, on HBO

    Who the heck are Mathysse's handlers? Postol? 53% Kayo ratio! Who the hell as he fought? The one marquee name on his resume is Chop Chop Corley! Should be a walk in the park for Lucas! Now, howsabout...
  5. Re: Quotes From Paulie and Danny at Gleason's

    The odds are phenoainally in favor of Jacobs to beat Mora! I concur, Saw him in his last fight on FNFs, he looked like poops! He got old before his time! As for Jacobs, they are still moving him at a...
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    Re: He's Still Don King

    What did he do with Cruiserweight Champ Guillermo Jones? (Mysteries we will never know about!)
  7. Re: Duva and Michel Dialoguing About Kovalev-Beterbiev

    RadamG.....Oh I guess its alright if you advocate for Homosexual Marriage and Transexuals! Its alright if you oodle with the thought of Female Pugilism, but someone cant indulge in good red blooded...
  8. Re: Duva and Michel Dialoguing About Kovalev-Beterbiev

    My idea of Nirvana woul be a photo of Kathy Duva with associated bra and panties with the day of the week on it! Picture that! Yowwwwwww!
  9. Re: Underdog Gonzalez Upsets Pascal, On My Card, But Not the Judges'

    I thought Pascal scored more effectively, despite Gonzalez being able to withstand the Howatzers Pascal was landing. Id like to see Gonzalez in there with Beterbiev! I thought Pascal was the winner...
  10. Re: Beibut Shunenov Wins cruiseweight Title with Victory over B.J Flores

    Terrible Fight, I thought I was watching Ballet!

    Pleas dont single out Stevenson like hes god! Ward, Fonfara, Beterbiev, also have the calling!
  12. Re: Klitschko-Fury Will Run On HBO Oct. 24

    Its evident! Please look at the body language between the two!
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    Re: "Southpaw" Packs A Punch

    Grandson of the fecal heap Rocky! More Caucasion Propergander! You wanna good realistic Boxing Movie? Body and Soul, John Garfield!
  14. Re: Catching Up With Terri “The Boss” Moss

    Radam youre an ***? Where in Blue Blazes do you ever see a woman depicted in the Bible as violent? Never a warrior! Almost all the time portrayed as a handmaiden! Youre not gonna change human nature,...
  15. Re: Catching Up With Terri “The Boss” Moss

    Please write a story on Why Sultan Ibragimov dissapeared off the face of the Earth after he fought Klitschko? Why was Guillermo Jones fight and money opportunities seriously curtailed after winning...
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    Re: The Keepers of the Fringe Sport

    Wheres Guglemo Jones? Please explain the nonsensical absence!
  17. Re: BJ Flores: "At 200 Lbs. I've Never Lost, I'm Not Going to Lose on Saturday Night"

    Why BJ, Why?
    With all the opportunities Mr Flores had in capturing the Cruiserweight title he sat on his laurels and let the titles go by! Case in point, Marco Huck, Krystov Wlodarcyzk, Guillermo...
  18. Re: Catching Up With Terri “The Boss” Moss

    Personally, I find it hard to believe that any woman worth her weight in salt follows combat sports! Its not in a woman's nature to be a physical predator, furthermore you dont ever hear about women...
  19. Re: Catching Up With Terri “The Boss” Moss

    Get this bleached blonde outta my face! She looks like the Woman that cleaned my bedpan the other night! Really Mr Woods, How many Women read and want to read a Boxing Blog! Out,! Get the Vaudeville...
  20. Re: Bernard Hopkins A Man for All Seasons at Golden Boy Promotions

    I dont lose to white boys!
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    Re: Andrade Irked At Team Mundine

    Are you kidding me? Anthony Mundine, That Friscoe is older than dirt! Doesnt say much for DeMetrius! Putem in with Danny Jacobs, les see what hes got!
  22. Re: THE HAUSER CHRONICLES: Ronda Rousey

    Pheww, Please chang that napkin girl!
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    Re: Abraham Scrambles Stieglitz 4

    King Arthur vs GGG, or DeGale! Rock on!
  24. Re: Rousey Knows Revenge Dish Best Served Cold; Explains Mayweather Barb

    I dont care what you friscos have to say, shes riding on the coatails of boxing and I as a fan resent it! I follow Boxing to watch guys like Floyd to fight not to hear about this Soap Opera panty ***...
  25. Re: Undercard Deets For Aug. 1 Barclays Show

    Nevermind Danny, Keep a Hot Pot of El Pico brewing for Paulie after the fight!
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