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  1. I'm Having a Rough Week.
  2. Diminishing the Success of Others
  3. Jfk
  4. God/No God/God
  5. The Blacklist
  6. Somebody Help a Dude Out
  7. Help a Dude Out Again
  8. Why Not Ant Honey
  9. Not Worth a Hill of Beans or a Rat's @$$
  10. Wow! Living LARGE nowadays in Sin City
  11. Florida Has Gone "Zimmerman" -- I Mean "Stand Your Ground" Nutty
  12. Why Do So Many People Pretend Not to Yearn For Ethnic Wins
  13. Radam G Smacking on a Filipino Ube Ice Cream Honeypot Ants Burger
  14. So I'm walking on the beach today...
  15. The Fil-Am/Pinoys Represented In The Super Bowl
  16. WTF! Lil' Kim is Pregnant And Word is That Money May is The Big Poppa
  17. The Z-Man, The Teen Murderer Has Mad Luv For The Limelight
  18. Mimicking Roids-and-PEDs Hollering @ The Shadow
  19. Don't Roll The Dice, Get You Some Spice, And Seeds will Supply Your Needs
  20. Cannabis Oil Kills Cancer and cures many other ailments
  21. Eating contests
  22. Mileage
  23. The NY JETS theme song will be...
  24. Boxing, Chess, War, Power.
  25. Milling, are you tough enough to last 60 seconds?
  26. Best Fight City In The World
  27. Ready For Sin City
  28. I'm Not Going To Have That
  29. Racism in boxing: continued
  30. Prez Obama Admits To Be A PacFan
  31. APB Time. Radam, I need your help
  32. catch the rabbit
  33. How To Fire Up The Extremities of Your Bod
  34. Evgeny Gradovich, The Mexican Russian is headed to China
  35. El Dude is in it to win it...
  36. Amir Imas vs Yordenis Ugas was badass could this be a reflection of the Crawford vs Gamboa fight...
  37. Birmane Stiverne delivered a Nuclear KO on Chris Arreola
  38. Still Yearning For More HW Action well ESPN will be delivering your plate personally by El Dude.
  39. Radam G LAAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDD BACK, Sippin' on French Almond Water & Aloe Vera Juice
  40. For The Haters, Who Don't Know How Diverse We Pinoys Are.
  41. So Much Death In Manila That The Living Resides With The Death For Pay
  42. World Cup 2014
  43. The da Vinci 2014 World Cup Challenge 'Select the Winner & Enjoy a Dinner'
  44. OMFG! Whaddup With Stanks --I Mean Yanks -- Joining The Jihad of Terrorists?
  45. Holla At Eating Right For Yourself In American
  46. fat burners unite!!!!
  47. Skibbz Is Killing It, He's Straight Tearing It Up
  48. My Cousin "Big G" Knows How To Rehab Hardcore Prisoners In The P-Islands -- Dance Bytches
  49. Babe Ruth Turns Pro 100 Years Ago Today
  50. Losing All That Dough, No One Does Like An Athlete
  51. Talking Tennis With the Roast
  52. Frank Maloney Is Now Kellie -- No Hate
  53. What's Going On In The "Show Me" State?
  54. GGG vs Rubio
  55. Fatcow Cheap Web Hosting + Free Domain at $9 !!! (Limited Offer)
  56. Born to be...
  57. My Response to Amayseng and Brownsugar on the Psychology of Social Media S****
  58. A message from El Dude
  59. Independence Referendum
  60. WTF! WIGO? I Hear That A Muslim Wanabe Chopped Off A Dame's Head On The U.S. Mainland
  61. Please in Magic, Even If You First Assume Tragic
  62. It Is So Easy Breezy To Mind Sucker You
  63. Ebola
  64. KO Classics With the Roast
  65. Who killed Michael Jackson and why?
  66. The Unofficial "Official Standings"
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  72. Happy Thanksgiving to a Truly Great Group
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  77. Is The Big Apple Illing
  78. If You Could Own a Sports Franchise...
  79. Debate: The Black Race isn't equal to the White Race.
  80. I Saw Don Curry In Manila Last Night
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  83. Holla At Some Of The Mysterious Islands Of The Philippines
  84. They Got Down In France With The Three-Million-People March
  85. Miles Davis Biopic
  86. I loved your article post. Want more. Castillanos
  87. Patriots, Babee!
  88. Which one of today's QB's doesn't go...
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  96. Montrezl Harrell
  97. Kentucky Derby Prep Races
  98. I'm Putting This Thread Here Because of No need for Know-nothing Posers Wilding With Childish Behavior
  99. The 100+ Year BIG Lie, Only In Boksing Will The Peons Continue To Accept It
  100. Docuflicks Part 1 & 2 Of "Unforgivable of Blackness"
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  108. Those High On Drugs, Religion And Hate Can Be Sick
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