“Tattoo” Brings a New Radio Vibe from the Golden Boy Headquarters

A new Los Angeles-based radio show hit the digital air waves last week heralded by Tattoo and the crew that includes Jessica Rosales and DJ Ray. It’s sponsored by Golden Boy Radio and streamed via the Dash Radio app.

Long has L.A. been the media capitol of the world with its hold on the movie industry, television, radio, music companies and all struggling to grab an audience in this digital age of constantly evolving tastes.

Make room for a new brand.

On the first two weeks of the show called “Golden Boy Radio,” guests Oscar De La Hoya, Ice Cube and NBA star Al Harrington sat in during the live broadcasts and spoke candidly about whatever was asked.

De La Hoya announced on the first day a challenge to MMA star Conor McGregor that set the sports world afire with comments still raging on.

Music-wise its primarily hip hop with a touch of Latin and other cutting edge tunes provided by DJ Ray, another veteran of the radio business.

When asked to describe the show’s concept Tattoo was very explicit: “It’s not a podcast,” he said. “It’s live.”

“As far as radio programming and the concept I try to make it entertaining and everything with a punch. It’s always going to go back to boxing,” said Tattoo, whose real name is David Gonzalez. “Whatever is the hot topic of the day it’s going to be an entertaining show, but with a punch. But we got to come back to boxing. It is Golden Boy Boxing.”

Chicano L.A.

 The show was the brainchild of Tattoo, who before working with Golden Boy Promotions as am emcee and host, had worked in the radio industry with Big Boy at Power 106, then on his own at various radio outlets. Listeners around Southern California are very familiar with the East L.A. born radio personality.

Tattoo wants the world to know about his L.A. roots, in particular his Mexican-American or Chicano roots. The word Chicano was popular during the 1960s to describe those born in the U.S. of Latino roots. It’s still used today to describe that segment of the population.

Though the greater Los Angeles area is home to more than 5 million Mexican-Americans, Tattoo believes no radio outlet has ever dedicated itself to that huge segment of the population. Instead they target first generation Latinos from other countries that are not the majority and only speak Spanish.

“We’re Mexican-American, bilingual, the majority of us are left out,” explained Tattoo about how the media world excludes the Chicano population in its focus. “It’s never two Latinos from L.A. that have it down. Nobody is living in these penthouses. We’re just like them, speak like them.”

Tattoo believes he has a finger on the pulse of all Los Angeles residents and not just their musical tastes or sports preferences, but their interests in politics and social dilemmas too.

A segment of the show called “The Weigh-In with Jess” and led by Jessica Rosales, deals with hot button topics such as President Donald Trump’s indirect debates with LaVar Ball.

Another day dealt with the marijuana debate and its many uses outside of recreational smoking.

NBA star Al Harrington spoke of his grandmother suffering for decades with diabetes and glaucoma and how marijuana was used for medicinal purposes and helped alleviate her maladies.

In another broadcast Ice Cube chatted about his professional basketball league called Big3, a three-on-three basketball league that begins again next June and features former NBA stars. He also talked about boxing and other topics of the day with the radio crew.

No subject is out of bounds says Rosales.

“My segment is more about controversial subjects in sports and the world. Even that it is called ‘the Weigh-In’ is a double meaning,” said Rosales who was raised in Palmdale, Calif. and also works as a sports journalist covering the L.A. Dodgers, pro boxing and other sports. “It’s almost like water cooler talk. You don’t have to have extensive knowledge on the subject but have enough information to talk about it.”

Although the Golden Boy Radio show is sponsored by the boxing promotion giant, the goal is not to exclude other boxing promoters or fighters when it comes to prizefighting.

“I don’t want to be biased. If Triple G (Gennady Golovkin) beats Canelo (Saul Alvarez) in my mind then I’m going to say it,” says Tattoo. “For example, my boy (Vyacheslav) Shabranskyy fights (Sergey) Kovalev but I’m not going to say he’s going to whip the Krusher.”

Rosales said she received word from the main sponsor that objectivity was a must.

“Oscar said you have to be real,” Rosales said of what De La Hoya told the crew.

Dash Radio App

The reality is that De La Hoya and Tattoo worked on the project for more than two years and with the help of DJ Skee it finally saw its debut on Monday, November 13.

“DJ Skee, is the founder of Dash. Before Dash Radio he was the platform for IHeart radio and he was a great help to us in launching this radio show,” said Tattoo. “And of course Oscar De La Hoya helped us get this off the ground.”

Every weekday people around the world can load the Dash Radio free app on their phone and listen to the program from 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time to 10 a.m. Pacific Time. According to Tattoo and the crew, the show represents a taste of L.A. and beyond for the 21st century.

The music is a mixture of fresh and classic hip hop plus other music provided by DJ Ray, a veteran of radio for over 20 years. His music is a staple of Los Angeles airwaves and can also be heard on Golden Boy boxing cards. DJ Ray and Tattoo have a long history of working together and both are from the Los Angeles area.

Tattoo is loyal to his friends and vice versa. It drips from every pore.

“My ultimate goal is for the show to go on for a very long time. And for people to know that boxing is cool. If you see Chris Brown at the fights it’s because he loves boxing. It’s a radio show where we’re going to talk boxing, give important information and it’s all about entertainment. A lot of fighters and entertainers never had this cool platform to be themselves. Mark Wahlberg, Mark Cuban all love boxing and they’re going to be on this show,” said Tattoo of his goals for the show.

One more thing, says Tattoo, is the cool factor.

“At the end of the day anything I think is cool is going to be on the show. I’m a pretty cool guy. You are only going to get cooler,” he said “If you listen to the show for the next 30 days you are going to be cooler.”

Despite hundreds of radio shows blanketing the digital airwaves, can this show bust through?

New Style

 Tattoo was raised in nearby City Terrace, a hilly section of East L.A. that was formerly a Jewish and Japanese enclave until the 1950s. He has experienced the changes in the L.A. area landscape and its various forms.

Today the downtown area of L.A. is experiencing an explosion of condominiums and chic coffee houses in the center of the tall gleaming buildings. Millennials are venturing into urban dwellings and they bring a different taste.

Though Tattoo and his crew know the whims and likes of this new wave of Los Angeles dwellers, the beauty of the live radio broadcast streamed on Dash radio is that anybody around the world can dial in.

Rosales, the only female regularly on the show, has an outsider’s viewpoint of the radio show. All of her experience has previously been with television. She has known Tattoo and DJ Ray for several years and knows their personalities.

“This is Tattoo’s element, this is what both are born to do,” said Rosales referring to DJ Ray as well.

The greater Los Angeles area already had a taste of the show these past two weeks. It’s only the beginning. But is the rest of the world ready?

“We have a few things we have to fix but it has so much potential and puts me to the test.” said DJ Ray, whose real name is Ray Pelaez. “But if you are not having fun on radio why would somebody listen? They want to have fun as well.”

Tattoo promises it will be fun and likes the challenge and opportunity.

“I’m finally doing radio the way I always wanted to,” says Tattoo. “I have never been this happy doing radio.”

And don’t forget that cool factor.

A Few Facts:

 Anybody can download the app on their cell phone free of charge from any part of the world.

The show is broadcast live Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pacific Time

Interviews with special guests can also be seen on Golden Boy Boxing’s Facebook page or on RingTV.Live (the last hour of the show).

Sponsorship packages are available.

The radio show is broadcast from the Golden Boy Promotions headquarters in downtown L.A.

During fight cards the radio show will travel to destinations such as Las Vegas, New York City etc.

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