Think You Know Boxing? Then Man Up and Take Our Hall of Fame Trivia Test

The common thread in this trivia test is that every person whose name appears has been named to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. There are 20 multiple-choice questions, each worth five points. A score of “60” or more is a passing grade. Achieve a score of “85” or higher, and move to the head of the class.

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Here we go:

1. This photojournalist took the iconic photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine, and has had his work displayed on more than 50 Sports Illustrated covers.

a. Bill Gallo

b. Neil Leifer

c. Lester Bromberg

d. Leroy Neiman

2. He won 184 fights during his storied career and scored 132 verified knockouts, the all-time high.

a. Abe Attell

b. Jack Britton

c. Sandy Saddler

d. Archie Moore

3. His signature win was a 15-round decision over 128-1-2 Sugar Ray Robinson at Earls Court Arena in London in 1951.

a. Wesley Ramey

b. Randy Turpin

c. Billy Graham

d. Jake LaMotta

4. He won three Olympic gold medals and retired undefeated as a pro.

a. Laszlo Papp

b. Duilio Loi

c.Marcel Thil

d. Eder Jofre

5. Which of the following were brothers?

a. Tom Sharkey and Jack Sharkey

b. Mike Gibbons and Tommy Gibbons c. Ike Williams and Holman Williams

d. Harold Johnson and Mark Johnson

6. He was portrayed by Paul Newman in the movie “Somebody Up There Likes Me.”

a. James J. Corbett

b. James J. Braddock

c. Barney Ross

d. Rocky Graziano

7. This bare-knuckle bruiser was the founding father of the Saratoga Racetrack, America’s oldest active thoroughbred track.

a. Barney Aaron

b. Bill Richmond

c. Arthur Chambers

d. John Morrissey

8. Match the fighter with his nickname.

a. Max Baer                       (1) Astoria Assassin

b. Paul Berlenbach          (2) Fargo Express

c. Billy Petrolle                 (3) Larramore  Larruper

d. Bud Taylor                    (4) Terre Haute Terror

9. Match these boxers with the city with which they are associated.

a. Fritzie Zivic and Charley Burley          (1) Cincinnati

b. Freddie Miller and Ezzard Charles     (2) New Orleans

3. Lou Tendler and Jeff Chandler            (3) Philadelphia

4. Pete Herman and Willie Pastrano       (4) Pittsburgh

10. Match these fighters with their real first name.

a. Flash Elorde                                             (1) Gabriel

b. Chiquita Gonzalez                                   (2) Ultiminio

c. Sugar Ramos                                             (3) Humberto

d.Chalky Wright                                           (4) Albert

11. Born Arnold Cream, he borrowed the name of a fighter from Barbados.

a. Jimmy Wilde

b. Curtis Cokes

c. Henry Armstrong

d. Jersey Joe Walcott

12. He had 33 of his first 47 fights in Honolulu.

a. Fidel LaBarba

b. Carl “Bobo” Olson

c. Danny “Little Red” Lopez

d. Mysterious Billy Smith

13. Match the boxer with his nickname.

a. Joe Brown                          (1) The Body Snatcher

b. Joe Gans                            (2) King of the Canebrakes

c. Young Stribling                 (3) Old Bones

d. Mike McCallum                (4) Old Master

14. Match the boxer with the state in which he was born.

a. Joe Louis                      (1) Alabama

b. Tiger Flowers              (2) Georgia

c. Joe Frazier                   (3) South Carolina

4. Thomas Hearns         (4) Tennessee

15. Which of these fighters was Filipino?

a. Cocoa Kid

b. Pancho Villa

c. Baby Arizmendi

d. Khaosai Galaxy

16. Which of these fighters WAS NOT Jewish?

a. Benny Leonard

b. Sammy Mandell

c. Jackie Fields

d. Barney Ross

17. A famous turn of the 20th century referee, his assignments included the 1897 Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight at Carson City, the 1899 Jeffries-Sharkey fight at Coney Island, and the 1906 Gans-Nelson fight at Goldfield

a. Richard K. Fox

b. Joe Humphries

c. George Siler

d. Stanley Christodoulou

18. Match these boxers with their nationality.

a. Antonio Cervantes             (1) Argentina

b. Eusebio Pedroza                (2) Columbia

c.  Pascual Perez                     (3) Panama

d. Alexis Arguello                   (4) Nicaragua

19. Which of these fighters WAS NOT born in Canada?

a. Tommy Burns

b. Sam Langford

c. Jimmy McLarnin

d. Lennox Lewis

20. Match these journalists with the newspaper with which they had a long affiliation.

a. Dave Anderson                     (1) New York Times

b. Jack Fiske                              (2) Newark Star-Ledger

c. Barney Nagler                       (3) San Francisco Chronicle

d. Jerry Izenberg                      (4) Daily Racing Form




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